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Limbaugh’s commentary on Williams’ death & credible news sources

A couple of weeks ago, we lost a legend. Robin Williams was found dead in his home, due to an apparent suicide. Scrolling through Facebook and various other forms of media, it was easy to see that his loss affected everyone in some shape or form. I’ll openly admit, to ugly-crying a few times watching tribute videos.

But, of course, in the sea of praise for Williams, there were also many negative voices. One of those voices belonged to the infamous Rush Limbaugh. In one segment of his radio show, Limbaugh began by reading a question from one of his listeners that asked, “what are the politics in Robin Williams’ death? Limbaugh began to explain that Williams’ death was somehow connected to the “general unhappiness of the left.”

“I was, however, very shocked that Limbaugh would be so trashy and distasteful as to tie a suicide to politics.”

Even though I’m definitely a left-winger, I wasn’t terribly offended by Limbaugh’s comments about how “miserable” the left is. After all, Limbaugh is a right-winger; he doesn’t know my level of happiness. I was, however, very shocked that Limbaugh would be so trashy and distasteful as to tie a suicide to politics. It’s especially offensive that Limbaugh would attack someone who was so very loved and brought nothing but joy to his audience just days after their death. No matter what your political preference is, there’re certain things that should be left unsaid. Suicide has nothing to do with politics. Williams lived a great life, but he was ill. He died of depression, not his political standpoint.

Limbaugh wasn’t only offensive in saying this, but he was also making a very far reach. What makes him think that he can tie two very different things together? Limbaugh has proven over and over again that he isn’t a credible source, though many would argue differently. His opinion is his opinion, but with logic so blurry, I can’t help but wonder how this man was given a platform. With so many talented young professionals looking for jobs, why do we allow this guy to have any platform?

A few people may agree with Limbaugh, which is sad. But why do we continue to give people such as him, or Bill O’Reilly for that matter, a platform? People like Limbaugh and O’Reilly make these far reaches just for the shock factor. But it seems that people believe them just because they have a platform. No matter how big of a platform they have, they may very well have no credibility or anything that makes them qualified whatsoever. The fact that Limbaugh isn’t categorized as a satirist is shocking to me. We need to stop making these people famous, and start looking into what makes a real, credible news source.

Call of Stossel: Modern class warfare

There’s a wide range of disagreement among the media about the severity or even the existence of inequality in the U.S. When the Occupy Wall St. movement took the media by storm, everyone either loved their message or hated it. Though no policy ever changed as a result, it got the people talking about the one percent of the population who owns a majority of the public wealth. Continue reading Call of Stossel: Modern class warfare

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Celebrity news

Justin Bieber is a punk. We’ve known that for a while, but the media goes out of their way to make sure we don’t forget it. The latest video to surface is a recording of Bieber’s deposition in which he responded to questions rudely. It quickly hopped to the top of Facebook’s trending tab, with tons of comments pointing out his outrageous arrogance. Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Celebrity news

Talk to your doctor if you suffer from Obama derangement syndrome

I’ve started closely following Fox News on Facebook to gather data for my monthly outrage timeline. A big side effect is suffering through the comment threads of every post. I laugh, I cry, I feel pity for people who don’t deserve it. It’s an emotional roller coaster every time. Continue reading Talk to your doctor if you suffer from Obama derangement syndrome

February Outrage-O-Meter: Defense cuts and anti-gay bills, oh my!

With all of the unrest in Ukraine and Venezuela, a lot of the less partisan news organizations turned their eyes offshore, leaving MSNBC and Fox News to fight over scraps at the bottom of the barrel. For the sake of this timeline, I’m sticking strictly to outrageous events here on the homefront — which makes for a very quiet February on the national scale. Continue reading February Outrage-O-Meter: Defense cuts and anti-gay bills, oh my!

January Outrage-o-meter: Richard Sherman and Chris Christie stir the pot

From Duck Dynasty to Chick-Fil-A, being offended has become a national pastime. It’s much easier to shut our eyes and plug our ears than it is to face the problems being brought up. So I present to you the first part of Whim’s 2014 outrage timeline where we’ll document every event that caused someone, somewhere, to overreact and do an analysis of who overreacted, and whether it was justifiable.
Continue reading January Outrage-o-meter: Richard Sherman and Chris Christie stir the pot

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Black Santa

Something strange is brewing when I side with Fox News on anything. I don’t think I could’ve bashed them any harder this semester if I tried, but I can’t get behind the latest Fox News blunder that’s been picked up and exploited by the liberal media.

Megyn Kelly stirred up a massive controversy when she tried to poke fun at an essay that called out the traditional depiction of Santa as a ‘fat old white man,’ arguing that this depiction made the writer feel ashamed as a child and the character should be changed to a penguin. Kelly then rebutted that it isn’t racially insensitive to depict Santa as white, since that’s just the way it’s been since his commercial origins.

In response, every liberal Facebook page I’ve ever liked went on an angry rant spree and was sharing pictures of black Santas captioned, “Share this photo of black Santa because it pisses off Megyn Kelly.” It was off to the races with another case of liberal outrage.

How does skin color play a part in Christmas tradition? Image courtesy of MSNBC.

We can’t have nice things because we’re stuck in the old mentality that white people are the only ones that can be racist. I hate myself for sticking up for Fox News, but can we address the fact that the writer also called Santa ‘melanin deficient?’ Isn’t it racist to say that white people are lacking melanin? When did it become common to assume that only white people can be racially insensitive? Does a race need to have endured centuries of slavery to earn the right to be racist?

The fact of the matter is that Megyn Kelly isn’t wrong. It isn’t racially insensitive to have a white Santa. What this tells me is that political correctness has become so severe that it’s now racist to have white characters. The fact that Megyn Kelly was called racist for saying that Santa and Jesus are white is absurd (although I do take some issue with the factually incorrect white Jesus).

I can’t stress enough how wrong liberals are on the issue of political correctness. I would say we’re being white knights, but that would be racist by today’s standards. Of course racism is wrong, and I think there’s so much more we should be doing to ensure the empowerment of minorities. Why does that have to mean we need to make white people feel bad for being white?

We need to stop looking for outrage where there’s none to be found. We need to make an effort to encourage racial sensitivity where it’s actually a problem. If a melanin deficient Santa makes you feel ashamed, maybe you’re the one who’s racist. If you want to make an ad that features a black Santa or a penguin Santa, you can do it. If you want to make a spinoff of your favorite show where the main character is of a different race, you can do it. Someone created the idea of Santa and envisioned him as a jolly old white man who drives a sleigh with reindeer and delivers presents to every good kid’s house. You can’t take away someone else’s vision of a character. We need to let go of this ridiculous high horse that is political correctness so that maybe — just maybe — we can have nice things.

Memoirs from the front lines of the War on Christmas

Captain’s report: Nov. 30th, 2013. War. War never changes. It’s been five long years since the start of the War on Christmas; Lord Obama says we’ll finish it this year for sure. If it hadn’t been for Fox News catching wind of our plan so early on, we could’ve ended it before anyone knew what hit them. Damn you, Eric Bolling. Damn you to Hell. Obama be praised. Continue reading Memoirs from the front lines of the War on Christmas

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Being Liberal

I always make a great effort to show that I’m not just another liberal sheep spewing back what MSNBC tells me to think. Don’t get me wrong, I think Rachel Maddow is a fantastic human being — but I’d be lying if I said everything was fine and dandy within the Democratic party. To finish off the semester with a bang, it’s about time I took a shot at my own and maybe slapped a little sense into somebody out there. Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Being Liberal

From Our Perspective: St. Albans & Obamacare

Does St. Albans exploit mental illness? Photo by Stephen Furtado.

After going through a huge list of names, we finally settled on a name for our staff chat podcast. Throw down your balloons and confetti, and welcome the return of From Our Perspective with a new twist.

In this episode, we discuss the idea that St. Albans exploits mental illness for a Halloween scare, and we debate multiple angles of rhetoric concerning the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading From Our Perspective: St. Albans & Obamacare

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Fox News

Looking back through several of my older articles, I always seem to use Fox News as the butt of my jokes. I’m unapologetic about my disgust towards their style of “reporting.” It’s about time I put it to rest once and for all.

Fox News pundit Anna Kooiman recently decided to take on a story about Obama funding a museum of Muslim culture with his own money. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Actually, I would argue that’s rather noble of him, because that can’t be cheap. She asserts that the money would actually be paid by the RNC, but never went on to explain how or why. It seems like a bizarre story already, but preposterous enough to get the highly Republican fan base up in arms.

Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Fox News

Sick of atheists?

If I could write an article every time a Fox News pundit says something that grinds my gears, I would have enough material to write a book. I’d like to think I’m pretty good about controlling myself on the off chance I happen to catch a bit of Fox News. This video surfaced recently of Fox News pundit Dana Perino saying she’s sick of hearing about atheists trying to remove “under God” from the pledge of Allegiance, and that if they don’t like it, they don’t have to live here.

Continue reading Sick of atheists?

Ted Cruz and the great bladderbuster of 2013

Ted Cruz recently popped onto the political radar as a Tea Party presidential hopeful. He seems to know just the right words to get conservatives behind him because he has absorbed all of the media focus. His recent 21-hour speech to block Obamacare certainly didn’t hurt his odds either.

Continue reading Ted Cruz and the great bladderbuster of 2013

The battle of Fox News vs the White House

A free press is paramount to a thriving democracy; this much is true. Censorship in the media cannot and will not stand as long as people look beyond political posturing. However, just because a government does not outright outlaw contrary opinions, they can still move forward with comments that create a chilling effect. This seems to be the case in the onslaught of verbal warfare between the president