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Best Hotline Bling parodies


hotline bling
“Drake shocked his fans by whipping out his best “White dad at a party of teengers” dance moves.”

The internet exploded last week when hip hop sensation, Drake’s music video for his new track “Hotline Bling” dropped. Most people expected the music video to be the typical hip hop video- sexy with a bit of an edge. However, Drake shocked his fans by whipping out his best “White dad at a party of teengers” dance moves.

Of course, because the internet is what it is, people wasted absolutely no time creating hilarious parodies of the borderline ridiculous video. Here are a few of the best:

1) Degrassi parody

For those of you who don’t know, Drake broke into fame on the hit Canadian teen show, Degrassi. While on the show his character, Jimmy, was shot and left paralyzed by an angry classmate (Rick) who decided to shoot up the high school in order to get revenge on those who bullied him.

While the episode was very dramatic and emotional, someone decided to splice the footage of Rick raising his gun to shoot Jimmy and Drake dancing in his new video to illustrate how Drake’s moves could have saved his character all those years ago in the hallowed halls of Degrassi.

2) Drake dancing to pretty much everything

Put anything from television theme songs to hits from your favorite artists in the background of Drake’s dancing and then laugh. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

3) Drake catching them all

Drake’s funky dancing aids him in his journey to catch all the Pokémon.

4) Drake makes a pizza

This is how Drake makes pizza, apparently.

5) Drake plays Wii Tennis

Drake slays at Wii Tennis.

6) Drake kills a spider

Drake shows us the best way to annihilate spiders.

7) Drake gets his fiesta on

If you thought Drake’s dad dance moves were bad before, wait till you see them with salsa music.

8) Drake gets a strike in bowling

Dorky dancing before taking your turn at the bowling alley may pay off.

9) Drake does the Carlton

Drake gets down with the cheesiest dance of all time.

10) Drake does the Cha Cha Slide

In case you were missing high school dances, Drake takes you back by dancing the Cha Cha Slide.

There are thousands of vines out right now parodying the “Hotline Bling” music video. As long as you’re done with your homework and don’t mind getting sucked into hours worth of compilation videos, I strongly recommend you check them out if you need a laugh.


“Scream Queens” is TVs favorite Tuesday night show

If you haven’t seen “Scream Queens”, then what have you been doing with your life? It’s one of the best shows on TV to date. It’s been stated by the creator Ryan Murphy and many of the cast members that the show is a mix of “Scream and Heathers.”

If that doesn’t sound like the best mix of genres you have ever heard, I don’t know what is. The show is a perfect blend of scary, funny, and sexy and is a show of all genders and ages.

Are you watching "Scream Queens?" Graphic from BuzzFeed
Are you watching “Scream Queens?” Graphic from BuzzFeed

The cast is one of the most diverse casts on cable TV right now. They have actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, and many more.

The cast is full of people of all ages which is way it has connected to people of all ages, and is relatable in that aspect. People loved Lea Michele on “Glee”, as well as Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande from shows like “Victorious” and “Jonas” as well as heard them on the radio for their extensive music careers.

Nasim Pedrad, from SNL, is another actor on the long cast list of “Scream Queens.” She brings the comedy to the show while also bringing the audience from SNL over to “Scream Queens.” She is one of my favorite characters because of her dry humor and somewhat ditzy personality.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of “Glee”, “American Horror Story”, and now “Scream Queens” is one of the most brilliant writers in our generation.

His ability to create three shows that are so incredibly different in genre but all equally as impressive is something that is hard to come by nowadays. Not only is he brilliant when it comes to writing and producing, but his ability to cast amazing actors that seem as though they are the character is what really makes a good show. He brought over Emma Roberts, who started in season 3 of “American Horror Story”, and Lea Michele was the main character in “Glee”, recognizing their talent as versatile and utilizing that talent to create an amazing show.

If “Scream Queens” isn’t on your list of Tuesday night shows, then it should be now because you’re truly missing out. The writing, staging, and acting all combine to create a funny, scary, and entertaining show that everyone should be watching.

Five of the funniest TV series on Netflix Instant


All of the Arrested Development seasons are on Netflix. Graphic from Industrial Color
All of the Arrested Development seasons are on Netflix. Graphic from Industrial Color

There are two things in this world that are absolutely amazing: binging on Netflix and choking on tears of laughter. Thankfully, with Netflix’s abundant array of hilarious shows, you can do both the time. Now we’ve all seen the classics such as “How I Met Your Mother”, but here are a few shows that surprisingly few people have seen, but are laugh-out-loud hilarious.

1) “The League”

“The League” is about a group of friends who are in a fantasy football league together. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but the show revolves more around the characters’ hilarious antics than football. Word to the wise, this show is not one to watch with the parents.

2) “Arrested Development”

When the wealthy Bluth family finds themselves facing legal actions due to bad business practices, their estranged son, Michael, and his son, George Michael, return home to help their family. The show is crazy and delightfully awkward and will leave you in stitches. Starring big name stars such as Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Michael Cera it’s no wonder that this show has become a cult classic.

3) “Blue Mountain State”

College football? Insane parties? Boatloads of booze? What more could you want in this extremely raunchy comedy? “Blue Mountain State”, known to fans as simply “BMS” follows the lives of college football players and their booze ridden, drug filled misadventures. While the show is very funny and must see for all college students, this is another example of a show NOT to watch with your parents.

4) “Psych”

With the abundance of crime shows nowadays, it baffles me how many people have yet to watch “Psych”. The laugh-out-loud comedy follows Shawn Spencer, a man with super observation skills, who fakes being psychic in order to help the local police solve cases in the area. The show has crime, mystery, hilarious jokes, and romance. It’s the ultimate package.

5) “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

This Netflix original is extremely quirky, but also very funny. It revolves around a woman who was kidnapped as a teenager and kept in a bunker with three other women by a crazy pastor for over a decade. After being rescued, she moves to New York City to start her life over, but due to being held captive for so long, she is stuck in her teenage mentality and completely disconnected from the real world. Created by the remarkable Tina Fey, this show will not disappoint.

Be prepared to laugh, be prepared to binge-watch.


Another good comedian, another bad room

Comedian Ronnie Jordan came to perform on Feb. 19. He was able to please the majority of the crowd as he started the show by opening with a little jig and enjoyable observational humor, as well as self-deprecating humor aimed at his weight. As the show went on though he lost some momentum.

If only he got to perform in Preston. Image from Creative Commons.

This is no fault of his own because, yet again, he was placed on the Bonnie (Hurlburt Student Center) stage. As I stated in my previous article on Rob O’Reilly, comedy just doesn’t work well in forced settings like that. It’s too noisy of an area and it’s very difficult for people to pay attention when they are more focused on their food. Continue reading Another good comedian, another bad room

Weekly Time Wasters: Baboon torture and penny revenge

Hey guys, how’s life? I considered doing a Harlem Shake special this week, but I started watching videos of it and as much as I love the Shake, after about 10 crappy ones the music began to make me want to kill myself. It was a great fad with a terrible, emotion shattering 30 seconds of music. So I decided to scrap the idea and go with a regular show this week. If you would like to see some Harlem Shaking, check out the article on Radford University’s own attempt. It’s pretty fantastic. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Baboon torture and penny revenge

Radcentric: Ryan Waide’s magic show


Magician Ryan Waide comes on the show to talk about his magic prowess. Now although he wouldn’t call himself a professional magician, Waide has performed for many benefits (getting paid I might add) and has a wonderful extension of knowledge about his craft. A very funny interview that you should give a listen. Continue reading Radcentric: Ryan Waide’s magic show

The beginning of the end of “Community”

I want everyone to sit back, look around and remember where they are because we may be living in the last few months of one of the greatest cult shows of all time.

“Community” returned on Feb. 7 much to the joy of its small fan base, and the producers and show runners are making one last attempt to find an audience for their weirdtastic show. Continue reading The beginning of the end of “Community”

Weekly time wasters: Axis of nostalgia

I was shocked to find out that none of my roommates had ever heard of the Axis of Awesome. Then I thought that if they, being rather well rounded individuals, hadn’t heard of them maybe you, dear reader, might also be out of the loop. So without further ado here is the Axis of Awesome calling shenanigans on pop music. Continue reading Weekly time wasters: Axis of nostalgia

Hay Fever is here

Creative Commons

On family weekend, the play Hay Fever, written by British playwrite Noel Coward and directed by Jennifer Juul, premiered in the Pridemore Playhouse. Hay Fever is a comedy about a less than ordinary but well-off family living in 1925 who all invite guests the same weekend and don’t let each other know. Each character has their own quirks that only add to the tension within the household.

Simon is the sloppy son (Felix Birdie), Sorel is the sometimes explosive sister (Bussy Gower), Judith is the retired actress mother (Chandish Nester) and David Bliss is the novelist father (Austin Dolan). Together they make up a dysfunctional family, which is as theatrical as it gets. They all play on each others’ nerves while making their guests think they are completely crazy.

Sandy Tyrell (Axle Burtess) is the mother’s love interest, Myra Arundel (Lyndsay Halpin) is Simon’s love interest, Richard Greatham (Matt Provance) is Sorel’s love interest and Jackie Coryton (Sara Lewis) is the girl the father has invited over and they are all the unlucky guests at the mercy of the Bliss family.

Sandy is an admirer of Judith from her days on the stage. Myra is supposedly there for Simon, but it is later found out that she is there for other reasons. Richard is invited by Sorel who claims that she fancies him. Jackie was invited by David who said that he wanted to study her in a domestic environment. By the middle of play, none of the family members are interested in the person that they invited.

The mother seems to be trying to string Richard along as well as giving Sandy to Sorel, who thinks he is fun at the time, but has no intentions of becoming serious with him. While the father is trying to tempt Myra, who isn’t having any of it, Simon bursts into the living room telling everyone that he and Jackie are to be married.

By the next morning all of the guests are jumpy and paranoid. They run at the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs. Eventually they are all down for breakfast and agree to sneak away from the house and take off in Sandy’s car.

Between the family feuds and the guests making plans to sneak away, the play was a joy to watch. The British accents were perfect and all of the actors and actresses were in character without a flaw throughout the play. I would highly recommend going to see this in the upcoming performances.