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The Deal With Participation Trophies

"If you had fun, you won!" - Photo from 4Tests Blog
“If you had fun, you won!” – Photo from 4Tests Blog

We have heard all about them; everyone knows what they are. Participation trophies have become almost infamous for everyone in our current generation and in the older generations. The funny thing about them is that almost no one seems to like them. People in our generation were constantly told about them and received them during most events, especially in sports. The older generation thinks that this creates a problem because it removes any form of competition from our lives and it coddles us by giving us the idea that no one can have their feelings hurt.

The thing is, no one from our generation, the millennials, ever asked for them. There was no big push for them. It is the older generation that gave them to us and decided to make them a part of our lives. There was never a group of children or preteens that wanted participation trophies, but enough of the older generation thought we needed them.

The irony is that our generation does not want them anyway. It cheapens our effort and shows that it does not matter what we do. They make our accomplishments meaningless and make people wonder why they should bother trying if they get the same thing without all of the effort. Yet, it is the older generation that constantly complains that we need them. But ultimately, the real question becomes why in the world this even became an issue. It seems like the whole thing became a scapegoat for the sake of finding another thing to complain about. It is almost like the older generations hold something of a grudge against the younger generation.