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What to get your girlfriend for Christmas

Do you have trouble picking out the perfect present for your girlfriend? Does it make you nervous? Scared? Confused? Me too. Girls can be very hard to shop for, especially when they already have tons of clothes, jewelry, and things in general.

My girlfriend is very picking about presents and things she buys and she hates it when people buy her things that she doesn’t need. Does that sound familiar? It makes it so much harder to get her something good for Christmas. Here are some tips to get her the perfect Christmas present.

Just listen to your girlfriend! Photo from twoology
Just listen to your girlfriend! Photo from twoology


1. Listen

Believe it or not, if you listen to your girlfriend, she’ll most likely give you hints to what she wants, whether purposefully or not. You might be having a simple conversation when she brings up this thing she saw earlier today and she thought it was cute or pretty or just that she really liked it. She might drop more subtle, unconscious hints such as saying she really needs a new alarm clock or a new watch but doesn’t have the time to get one. Those are the subtle hints that you need to pick up on. Listening can really help when trying to figure out what to get her.

2. Pay Attention

Pay attention to what she likes to do. If she likes yoga, get her a new yoga mat. If she likes sports or music, get her tickets to a sporting event or a concert. Concert tickets are always a good idea. Nobody hates concerts. Does she like to hike or ride bikes? Does she like to draw or write? Then take her to a nice hiking trail, ride bikes up to a beautiful views, buy her a sketch pad or a journal. Most of the gifts or presents your girlfriend wants will be said within a month or two before Christmas. All you have to do is know your girlfriend, pay attention.

A girlfriend is a girlfriend. Photo from stephgrantphotography
A girlfriend is a girlfriend.
Photo from stephgrantphotography


These are the two tips for getting your girlfriend the perfect present. It really isn’t that hard. All you have to do is have a conversation with her and actually listen. A concept that is new to many but isn’t new to your girls. Be respectful and get her the gift she deserves.

What’s a better gift than stress relief?

With assignments, exams and projects piling up as the semester draws to a close, college students everywhere are finding themselves keenly aware of the toll daily stress can take. With the holiday season fast approaching, consider giving the gift of stress relief to yourself or a friend with these five affordable items.

Dr. Freud’s therapy ball – Available from Amazon for $7.95

Photo from Creative Commons.

A stress ball with a sense of humor, this black ball features a cartoon representation of Sigmund Freud surrounded with the words “Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball.” This is the perfect gift for any psychology major in your life, or anyone who knows a bit about psychoanalytic theory. If nothing else, this therapy ball is sure to produce a chuckle, and laughter is the best medicine.

Stress cupcake – Available from ThinkGeek for $4.99

Photo from Creative Commons.

ThinkGeek’s stress cupcake would enhance the desk of any stressed out dieter. This pink and blue creation is a unique take on the classic stress ball and makes an unforgettable gift. Who wouldn’t like to squeeze the heck out of a tiny cupcake with none of the mess?

WTF? Red office stock self-inking rubber stamp – Available from Amazon for $8.99

Photo from Creative Commons.

Receive poor feedback from a professor? Find something absurd in your mailbox? Know someone who actually has to fill out TPS reports? This self-inking stamp places a gratifying “WTF” in bold red letters on any paper. Say what you’re thinking by shouting it in ink, but be warned, professors may respond with a different negative red letter if you put this at the top of your assignments.

Bullshit button – Available from Amazon for $6.94

Photo from Creative Commons.

Is the WTF? stamp too subtle for you or your friend? Then try the bullshit button. Push this button and everyone around you will know how genuine you think someone or something is being. Let the world hear your frustration without ever opening your mouth. But be careful, your boss might not want to hear this when you’re asked to come in on Saturday.

Smart mass thinking putty – Available from ThinkGeek starting at $9.99

Photo from Creative Commons.

This putty is all the fun of traditional putties. Just stretch it around in your hands to burn off some stress. But this comes in 10 excellent varieties, including magnetic black hole putty for a slightly higher price of $12.99. Science is awesome with this great gift and will amuse anyone on your shopping list, including yourself!