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7 Reasons you should drop what you’re doing and join Student Media

1.) It’s a resume-builder

Many students, especially journalism ones, seem to assume that the portfolio they made in class is sufficient when it comes time to search for a job after college. This is not true in any sense. Hiring Managers look for someone who has shown initiative and has real experience, not someone whose only writing samples were birthed in Newswriting 101. Working for Student Media can give you these greatly needed samples.

judging you


2.) You get real life experience.

The hierarchy of Student Media is set to mimic the hierarchy of a real newspaper. You’ll have an Editor-in-Chief and a few other Editors above you to bug if you have any questions. There are real-life scenarios reenacted on the daily too, like the one where some random person sets the dumpster on fire outside the student media building, forcing you to choose who to call … the Assistant Director for Student Media or the ghost busters?

to being alive

3.) Any and all majors are accepted.

Two of the best Editors-in-Chief I’ve ever met were a chemistry major and an education major. Everyone is welcome in Student Media. (Even Grad students!)

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4.) You have a guaranteed quiet place to work when the library is full.

Okay, so maybe it’s not guaranteed to be quiet at all hours, but it is an uncrowded space with a Mac lab and a printer.

win win

5.) You have nights you’ll never forget

If you haven’t been present while Highlander Rolls were accidently delivered to the Student Media office on your birthday, then you haven’t lived! The family atmosphere of Student Media fosters great relationships and a real sense of belonging.


6.) You have opportunities to advance.

When you start a job, are you the type of person who is constantly looking for advancement opportunities? Well look no further— Student Media is the right place for you! Within your college career, you can easily start from the bottom as a writer and end up here as Editor-in-Chief.

I know what i want

7.) You can write to tell the truth… Or just have fun

One thing that few people realize when they’re considering becoming involved with Student Media is the variety of jobs available. If you’re a good artist, we are always looking for artwork to showcase. If photography is more your shtick, we need photographers too. Each publication has its own writing style, too. Do you like writing short stories and/or poems? You belong with Exit 109, our literary magazine. Have you always wanted to write a listicle with the hope that it will go viral? Whim’s your oyster, my friend. Of course, for the Luke Danes of the world, seething articles about how dumb people can be are always accepted as well.

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Christmas album hits and misses

People have mixed feelings about Christmas music, but most of us can agree that when it’s done right it’s very enjoyable to listen to, no matter what religion you are. Here’s your guide to knowing which Christmas albums to put on your list and which ones to avoid this holiday season.

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Fall T.V. preview

Photo from Creative Commons

Some shows began last week and most begin this week. Some are starting fresh while others are returning. We can’t wait to see all the characters that we missed over the summer break, but we are also ready for the new people who will come into our lives via TV.

One of the new shows coming out is “S*** my Dad Says”. It stars William Shatner and Jonathon Sadowski. This show is a comedy based on a Twitter feed where a man repeated all the non-PC things his dad would say. It is also a book. From what I can tell, “S*** my Dad Says” will have funny quips, but not an awesome storyline backing it up. There’s only so much story that can be derived from one liners of someone’s dad. It premieres Sept. 23 and airs on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

“The Event” is the new drama that’s got everyone talking. What exactly is the event? We’ve sat through commercials all summer telling us bad things that happened, but they weren’t the event. All we know about this show is that the president finds out about a prison run by the CIA and a once perfectly happy man pulls a gun on a plane taking off from Miami. An event happens that could change the course of mankind, but so little is known about this show that it is hard to tell if it would be worth watching. It sounds like a show where something big happens in the pilot and the rest of the series is spent explaining what and how it happened. It airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

CBS decided to bring back one of its old cop dramas from the ’70s. “Hawaii Five-O” has been revived with the same basic setup as before, but with minor changes. It follows an elite police task force that has immunity and authority to clean up Hawaii by any means possible. The question with this show: will it be better or worse than the original? The original aired from 1968-80, making it a fairly long-running drama. CBS hopes to bring back that success when it airs on Mondays at 10 p.m.

“My Generation” is ABC’s new hope for the fall season. It follows a group of high school graduates ten years after graduation. This show will be fun to see how their lives changed and if real life is anything like what they thought it would be in high school. “My Generation” airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

These are just a few of the new shows from a longer list including “Mike and Molly,” “Undercovers,” Hellcats,” “Outsourced” and some that you can find on your own. Now, what have our old favorites been up to?

“The Big Bang Theory” moved to Thursdays, and with that move comes changes for our favorite nerds. Last season left off with Raj and Howard blackmailing Sheldon into meeting a woman they found for him on an Internet dating website. They surprisingly hit it off and left us wondering if Sheldon would end up with a girlfriend this season. As for Leonard and Penny, their relationship might have ended, but hopefully they can still be friends. “The Big Bang Theory” airs on CBS on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

We were all fearful and sad for our favorite singers as they lost at nationals, but thankfully Sue decided to let the “Glee” kids have another year to be a club. Emma is dating her dentist instead of Will, and Quinn had her baby who was adopted by Shelby, Rachel’s mom. This year will have more great songs for our iPods and a Britney Spears-inspired episode. “Glee” airs on Fox on Tuesdays at 8 p.m..

“Grey’s Anatomy” had a fearful ending last year when a gunman went on a shooting spree in Seattle Grace-Mercy West. The gunman was grieving the loss of a loved one who he thought McDreamy killed. He shot McDreamy, but luckily he survived. Meredith miscarried her baby and Percy and Reed were killed. The news on the premiere is that there is a wedding, but whose? It will be revealed on Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

There are so many shows out there, but these are just a few popular ones and some newbies to get your TiVo filled. While the premieres might have passed, it’s never too late to catch up on shows using the Internet.