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To Sell Your Soul- Part 1

Demon deals are perfectly ordinary. Sure they’re a terrible idea, but an ordinary one. And despite the fact that they’re illegal, and despite the fact that demons aren’t trustworthy, and despite the fact that making a deal will guarantee you a spot in hell, people are constantly making them. And, in the especially stupid cases, breaking them. People think they can get away with it by moving away, either to a Haven or a big city, as if hiding behind a barrier or getting lost in a crowd could actually stop a demon. Slow them down a bit maybe, but never stop them, not when they had humans to act as debt collectors.

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“Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

To anyone who has read one of my previous articles, you know how much of a Sam Raimi fanboy I am. On April 5, the remake of the 1981 cult classic “Evil Dead” was released and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. This comparison may have some slight spoilers, but nothing so detrimental that it will ruin the film. Continue reading “Evil Dead” vs “Evil Dead”: Remake or original?

“Sinister”: A different kind of horror

This year has been a great year for horror films. We’ve been getting fantastic movies like “The Cabin in the Woods,” “The Woman in Black,” “The Possession” and “The Innkeepers” just to name a few. Now the new movie “Sinister” is getting some attention, as it was able to beat “Taken 2″ and the Oscar-worthy “Argo” in the box office. This film is not only crushing the box office, but is also getting some relatively good reviews in the process. Continue reading “Sinister”: A different kind of horror