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Come to RU’s next Club Fair!

A lot of students look forward to Radford University’s club fair, a semiannual campus event that occurs at the start of each semester featuring  on-campus organizations that invite the student body, new and old, to participate and enrich their social and academic lives in college.

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From our perspective: Flamboyant and free

To those hermits who don’t follow the local or national news, Radford University has been the host of a damning incident involving jackasses messing with one of our own.

Jordyn Addison, 21, is a junior at RU. Last semester when Addison drove home for spring break, his car was vandalized with of homophobic slurs. These slurs read “fag” and “die.” As the semester progressed, Addison’s car was attacked again, but this time on our campus! The second time his car was vandalized, his tires were slit. On the third, his windshield was smashed in. Again, this was on our own campus, and we at Whim are appalled. Continue reading From our perspective: Flamboyant and free