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5 badass anthems every girl needs in her life

Adele is releasing her first album in 4 years on November 20th. She’s given the world an amazing preview with her song, “Hello.” The song has taken over the radio, YouTube, and even vine with funny, short parodies of the song. The song pulls at the heart strings as Adele sings of a past lover. A running internet joke is that “Adele has the kind of music that makes you miss a stranger you saw on public transportation 7 years ago.”

While I love Adele and routinely belt out her heart-felt ballads in the shower, I’m a little bit tired of sad love songs. If you’re anything like me and need songs that celebrate your independent, badass side I would highly recommend the following feminine tunes:

1.) Ex’s and Oh’s- Elle King

This fun Indy-rocker song is perfect for dancing around your room using a brush as a microphone or even for singing in the shower. The song is different from other lady-ballads because it’s from the perspective of a girl who knows she’s powerful and even a little promiscuous, in a good way. This is one of my favorite songs to jam out to in the car and it makes me want to wear 6-inch heels and do my best catwalk down the street.

“There are definitely some feminist undertones in her music.”

2.) High By the Beach- Lana Del Rey

Pretty much every song by Lana Del Rey is a feminine dream come true. Although Lana doesn’t like to associate herself with feminism and often plays off the idea of the damsel in distress, many of her songs are really empowering. High By the Beach strongly embraces independence from a lover. In the song she sings about not needing her lovers money to get what she wants. I feel that many modern girls can relate to this because we’re expected, based on traditional gender roles, to depend on a husband to be the bread-winner.

Although Lana doesn’t want to be associated with this new wave of feminism, there are definitely some feminist undertones in her music.

3. Here- Alessia Cara

This jazzy song is a great mixture of new and old. The jazz-ish instrumentals mixed with lyrics very raw like Tove Lo‘s music make for a classy but badass feeling. This song is perfect for the anti-social independent girl. Talking about the drag that can be the club scene, Alessia Cara sings of her annoyance with being hit on at the club and her desire for a more intimate kick-back with her friends. She describes the crowded club with loud, trashy music and her negative attitude for those things.

This song is great for any girl who has ever found herself at a crowded party saying, “why didn’t I stay home?”

4. Gasoline- Halsey

This song is perfect for the badass babe who needs to explore the darker corners of her mind. Halsey reminds me of a darker Taylor Swift who’s very in touch with her crazy. While T-Swift’s girly songs may be fun, her over-optimism in her songs can get old for the girl who is no delicate flower. Halsey explores the dark side of society in this song while using dubstep-style instrumentals.

5. Gods and Monsters- Lana Del Rey 

As I said before, Lana doesn’t like to associate herself with feminism, but this song is very sexually empowering. Lana seems to describe herself as this innocent doe-eyed girl exploring her sexuality. This song follows her dreamy-style melodies while exploring a darker side of herself. In my opinion, Lana is describing herself as someone who is seen as an “angel” in a crowd of demons and chooses to dance with both the outer demons and her own inner demons. Jessica Lange, who is the epitome of all that is feminine grace as an older woman, covered this song for an episode of American Horror Story. Both versions are beautiful in their own way but Lange definitely brought out the ruggedness and desire of the lyrics.

Feminine power-ballads are few and far between in my opinion. Although there are plenty of female artists out there, there are few whose music reaches into the innermost depths of my soul. I hope after listening to these songs, you’ll feel some type of relief if you, too, needed some music to strengthen your inner goddess.

Code Orange release I Am King

Code Orange new album cover. Graphic from Mind Equals Blown
Code Orange new album cover. Graphic from Mind Equals Blown

Code Orange, formerly Code Orange Kids, released I Am King on Sept. 2. This highly anticipated sophomore album is almost like the weird cousin no one in the family talks about compared to their 2012 release Love is Love//Return to Dust. The hardcore punk band’s sound bordered on metalcore when they were still a part of the underground scene. Now, it seems like they’ve grown a lot as a band and their sound has grown as well.

Their first album was heavy, abrasive, and almost violent. If anything, I Am King pushes this to the extreme. As drummer Jami Morgan described it, “A lot of the heavier parts are heavier and sometimes more obvious. A lot of the odd parts are weirder and a little more anti-social.” Of course, I’ll always love a good female hardcore vocalist and Reba Meyers skillfully takes up the mantle. With the harsh vocal combination of Meyers, Morgan and third vocalist/guitarist Eric Balderose, as well as sporadic guitar distortion and alarmingly heavy bass, this album is a good investment for a hardcore fan.

Unfortunately for those who aren’t as interested in the scene, this album can’t supply you with much. The tonal aggression is understandably not for everyone. The experimental combination of dreamy ambience and elegantly jarring guitar riffs are an acquired taste. In the end, despite being somewhat unusual, it’s a remarkably good album for such a young, ambitious band.

Favorite Tracks: “Slowburn”, “Starve”, and “Mercy”

Album Rating: 3.5/5