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Hay Fever is here

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On family weekend, the play Hay Fever, written by British playwrite Noel Coward and directed by Jennifer Juul, premiered in the Pridemore Playhouse. Hay Fever is a comedy about a less than ordinary but well-off family living in 1925 who all invite guests the same weekend and don’t let each other know. Each character has their own quirks that only add to the tension within the household.

Simon is the sloppy son (Felix Birdie), Sorel is the sometimes explosive sister (Bussy Gower), Judith is the retired actress mother (Chandish Nester) and David Bliss is the novelist father (Austin Dolan). Together they make up a dysfunctional family, which is as theatrical as it gets. They all play on each others’ nerves while making their guests think they are completely crazy.

Sandy Tyrell (Axle Burtess) is the mother’s love interest, Myra Arundel (Lyndsay Halpin) is Simon’s love interest, Richard Greatham (Matt Provance) is Sorel’s love interest and Jackie Coryton (Sara Lewis) is the girl the father has invited over and they are all the unlucky guests at the mercy of the Bliss family.

Sandy is an admirer of Judith from her days on the stage. Myra is supposedly there for Simon, but it is later found out that she is there for other reasons. Richard is invited by Sorel who claims that she fancies him. Jackie was invited by David who said that he wanted to study her in a domestic environment. By the middle of play, none of the family members are interested in the person that they invited.

The mother seems to be trying to string Richard along as well as giving Sandy to Sorel, who thinks he is fun at the time, but has no intentions of becoming serious with him. While the father is trying to tempt Myra, who isn’t having any of it, Simon bursts into the living room telling everyone that he and Jackie are to be married.

By the next morning all of the guests are jumpy and paranoid. They run at the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs. Eventually they are all down for breakfast and agree to sneak away from the house and take off in Sandy’s car.

Between the family feuds and the guests making plans to sneak away, the play was a joy to watch. The British accents were perfect and all of the actors and actresses were in character without a flaw throughout the play. I would highly recommend going to see this in the upcoming performances.

Fun entertainment for family weekend

On Friday, Oct. 1, families will descend upon Radford University. It’s been about a month since the start of school, and parents are anxious to see what their hard-earned money has been up to while their darlings have been away. Instead of taking your parents to that party spot you like to frequent, check out one of the entertaining shows happening around campus.

Each year for family weekend, the School of Dance and Theatre puts on a dance show and a theatre production. “Fall Dance Fest” is on Thursday at 8 p.m. and has showings throughout the weekend, including Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. The show will contain four dances. The ballet piece is a selection from “The Nutcracker,” which will be performed in its entirety in December, presented by Inessa Plekhanova. Deborah McLaughlin and Danah Bella will each have a modern piece in the show. The evening will also contain a jazz piece choreographed by newcomer Bob Boross.

Junior Caitie Potosnak can be seen in two pieces: the ballet piece and Danah’s piece. She likes the differences between the two because the ballet piece is “pretty” and the modern piece is “very hard with a lot of movement.” It will be presented in the Bondurant Auditorium of Preston Hall.

“People should come see [“Fall Dance Fest”] because there is a lot of talent in the dance department, and a lot of people don’t experience dance so they should come see how hard we work,” Potosnak said.

The theatre department will present “Hay Fever” this year, a comedy by playwright Noel Coward. This comedy surrounds the Bliss family, whose realities are sometimes mixed with more fiction than necessary. They entertain house guests one weekend and the guests don’t know what to suspect of the larger-than-life personalities of the Blisses. They eventually are driven from the house due to extreme comfort brought on by the hosts. Performances are on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 2 and 8 p.m., Oct. 3 at 2 p.m., Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. and Oct. 7, 8 and 9 at 8 p.m.

Amidst the School of Dance and Theatre productions, let’s not forget the Highlander Festival events. The annual Highlander Festival parade will begin at 11 a.m., followed by traditional Scottish games executed on Moffett Quad throughout the day. At noon on Saturday, dogs will display their talents in front of the Bonnie. This event is sponsored by the Department of Student Activities.

The sky will light up in Reed/Curie Hall for the Planetarium exhibit at 1 p.m. The planetarium was built in 1970 and is equipped with reclining seats to make the stargazing more enjoyable.

The hard workers in the Interior Design and Fashion department will display their talents with a Fall Fashion Show at 4 p.m. on Saturday in the Bonnie Hurlburt Auditorium.

Preston Hall will have the magic in it when Craig Karges presents his magic show at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Karges combines magic with psychology to perform tricks that you won’t believe. Referred to as “the extraordinist,” Karges is an award-winning magician.

The Bonnie will play “How to Train your Dragon” in addition to all the family weekend festivities. RU’s productions allow students to see a part of the school they might not have realized even existed around campus. Not only can you experience magic and dog shows from non-students, you can enjoy the talent of your fellow peers and maybe learn something. All of these events are free with the exception of “How to Train your Dragon,” which is a dollar with a student ID. Some events do require tickets, which are free with a student’s ID and can be picked up in the Bonnie for the “Fall Dance Fest” and in Porterfield Hall for “Hay Fever.”