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LGBT community deserves inalienable rights, too

“All mankind, being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.”- John Locke

The man quoted above was an English philosopher, who believed that all humans were born with natural rights, and that those rights can never be taken away. Today, we live in a world where these rights are being taken away, or treated as if they were never here at all. A huge national argument going on is the human rights of those who are a part of the LGBT community. It does not matter if “you were raised to believe a certain way, or if that isn’t what God intended.” Those people have to have equal rights to any other human. When I say their rights, I do not just mean their right to be married.

That's the story of America. Graphic from Tumblr
That’s the story of America. Graphic from Tumblr

Members of the LGBT community are being abused and violated of their constitutional rights. A few examples are the denial of employment, housing, or health care, loss of custody of children, execution by the state, and many more.

While some people may not morally agree with the lifestyle of the LGBT community, is it necessary to go to such extreme measures just to exclude them? People say they will go to hell, but is it our duty as human beings to dictate the lives of other people? What if gay men and women are in the military fighting for rights to live in this country? Would we still want them to be in hell? Would we still not respect them?

It wouldn’t matter because we probably wouldn’t know at all. In America, we are all about freedom, so when people finally get that freedom, we want it to be taken away? Is it about the freedom, or the moral views? Or is it more about what makes us feel comfortable? We don’t see people arguing about America being a free country as long as everyone is comfortable with the topic.

This is not because God wants it but because it will ease people back into that comfort. I am not saying that you must support this cause in any way, but I believe we need to be more educated of exactly all that is going on. Human rights should be everyone’s rights, no matter who we are.

What women really want from the government

Recently, a video came out that addressed the expectations women have of our government. A Fox News anchor in the video claimed that women want to be cared for by the government, much like they want to be cared for by their husbands, No, most women don’t want a husband to care for them. In 2015, many women are pursuing college degrees and putting the idea of having a family on hold. In 1990, the average age for women to get married was 23, and now that number has climbed to 27. Considering the average age for a woman to get married was 20 in 1960, it’s obvious that women are interested in things other than settling down.

Women are no longer going to college to get an “MRS” degree and are, instead, focusing on their own success.

Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope, a driven woman in government. Graphic from IMDb
Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, a driven woman in government. Graphic from IMDb

Many women are also becoming the breadwinners for their families. In return, that means there’s a greater numbers of stay-at-home dads. Many argue that men shouldn’t be stay-at-home dads because they’ll be emasculated. However, many stay-at-home dads have said that being home is a lot more difficult than they expected, and don’t feel inferior to their wives after their experiences

What these breadwinning, career pursuing women want from the government isn’t “to be taken care of.” In 2015, women aren’t damsels in distress who need a hero or a governing body to come swoop in and save the day. Women these days want to be respected and treated as equals.

What women want from the government is to be recognized and represented. The great thing about America is that we aren’t a country full of white, middle-aged men, as one would expect looking at the demographics of our government officials. Women outnumber men in the United States, yet aren’t as well-represented.

Many women want the government to recognize their medical rights. Although not all women agree, many women want abortion to be legal and recognized as a legitimate medical procedure. Many women also recognize that our healthcare is a huge issue in the US. Although healthcare has come a long way, there are many complications women face in receiving proper care.

More than anything, women want to be recognized as equal to men. Women are paid less than men, and are often refused positions simply because a man with equal qualifications also applied for the job. Because women are often unable to obtain a well-paying job, they’re also more likely to be uninsured or underinsured.

Women also want the ability to pursue their careers and a family — without having to choose between the two. Many women leave their jobs when they become pregnant because their employers don’t offer sufficient maternity leave or benefits.

Overall, women don’t expect to be taken care of by the government. We simply want to be seen as equal to men and have the ability to pursue a career as much as men can. Hopefully, in the near future, the government will take steps to ensure women and men all have the opportunities to pursue their dreams. The truth is, we Beyonce voters need to step up and make sure we choose candidates who are going to implement policies which will get us to more equal ground.

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