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Another Trump Tweet Debacle

Twitter can be a great resource for sharing news or entertainment with almost anyone. It seems like everyone has a Twitter account nowadays too. You can search for and find almost anyone who is even mildly famous on there, including, unfortunately, Donald Trump. Most everyone knows that Trump has a certain amount of Twitter infamy. He is known for short, poorly worded tweets that often attack people and are often posted at three in the morning when most people are conveniently not up to defend themselves. And Trump has made yet another mistake on Twitter yet again.

In the .gif, President Donald Trump’s golfball is edited to have hit Hillary Clinton in the back, causing her to fall over – Capture from Twitter

Trump retweeted a gif that makes it look like he is hitting Hilary Clinton with a golf ball. While the gif may be in poor taste, it is ultimately harmless. Unless, of course, you are the guy hitting Clinton in the video and also the president of United States. And you have also threatened (with federal investigation and jail time) the person you appear to be hitting. And in general, you are known for having a great dislike of that person and have said a number of “nasty” things about her. This man is supposed to be the president of our country, not a child incapable of any form of critical thinking.

Trump is our president, whether we like it or not, and therefore he is held to a higher standard. Arguably, the highest of standards. But here he is back at it again with petty, childish tweets against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, we have half the country of fire, literally, two massive hurricane relief efforts going on, and rising tension with North Korea. Forgive me if I feel like the president has better things to do than retaliate against someone who released a book recently criticizing him. This would not be quite as big of a deal if Trump was not known for going on Twitter rants against anyone he dislikes and obsessing about it. As president, his attention needs to be elsewhere, and this does not bode well.

Why Clinton will Win

I’m reminded of Ricegum every time that I’ve sat down to watch the presidential debates. For those of you who don’t know him, Bryan Le, best known as Rice Gum, is notorious for roasting people and their egos on YouTube. I don’t even feel the need to switch over to Crunchyroll or DramaFever with the way Hillary and Trump go at each other; so far they’ve been the best at keeping me entertained.

In less than 20 days, we’re to see a candidate emerge as the next President of the United States, and, no matter who it is, it’s sure to be historic to say the least. With the mass frustration of having to choose between “the lesser of two evils,” a good percent is leaning towards voting in Gary Johnson’s favor. But is that percentage enough?

This feeling
“Voting for a third-party member means throwing your vote away.”

See, blind trust like that can be a dangerous thing. In case you forgot, we’re not a democracy; we’re a republic. It aggravates me when politicians will refer to us as a democracy, but yet we have a two-party system built that is made to discourage third-party members from rising, and then we have two main candidates that honestly just represent the top one percent, all while spouting nothing but pretty words, or ugly words as well in Donald’s case.

I am a strong supporter of Jill Stein, but we’ve never before had a third-party member become President. And, again, as long as we have an electoral college in place, this nation may never see one. It is true that they’ve come so far in the race, but, in the end, voting for a third-party member means throwing your vote away. Face it. And, yes, Gary Johnson is a third-party member.

The two options that  that leaves us with are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The way I see it, with the amount of disapproval rating Trump’s got, there’s no stopping Clinton from winning the presidency–but that’s just my opinion. Happy voting!

Why women should vote for Bernie Sanders

Taylor Nguyen



The primary elections, which will decide the Democratic nominee for president, are only 4 and a half months away. Hillary Clinton still remains the frontrunner, even with the surge from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Among women, Clinton’s lead over Sanders is even bigger. But it shouldn’t be.

I’m not one of those people that are saying that Clinton is polling well among women simply because she is a woman. Female voters, for the most part, truly believe that Hillary Clinton will represent the female demographic the best. That’s the problem,

because the biggest champion of women’s issues is not Hillary Clinton, it’s Bernie Sanders.

Bernie supports Women. Graphic from Pinterest
Bernie supports Women. Graphic from Pinterest

Let’s start with the issues that Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders agree on:

  1. Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Clinton and Sanders have both consistently supported leaving a woman’s reproductive rights between a woman and her doctor, and both have received 100% ratings from NARAL Pro Choice America. They both have criticized republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood by 500 million dollars.

  1. Gender Pay Gap

Both candidates have expressed outrage at the fact that women make disproportionately less than their male counterparts. Sanders also voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act, an act that makes sure that pay discrepancies are based on job performance and credentials, rather than just gender.

  1. Family Leave

Sanders and Clinton are both staunch advocates for instituting paid family leave. Clinton stated that  “It’s outrageous that America is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t guarantee paid leave.” Sanders points out Scandinavian countries as examples of successful implementation for paid family leave.


Now let’s look at the issues that proves Bernie Sanders to be the optimal choice when it comes to women’s issues:

  1. Minimum Wage

This is an important issue. The majority of minimum wage workers are no longer teenagers, they’re adults. And a majority of those adults earning the minimum wage are women, many of them single mothers supporting their children. Sanders and Clinton both support raising the minimum wage, but Sanders supports raising it to 15 dollars an hour. That’s much higher than the historical high level in 1968 of $10.78 an hour (adjusted for inflation). This boost in pay will lift thousands of single mothers earning low wages out of poverty, enabling them to better provide for their families.

  1. Health Care

Both candidates have supported Obamacare, which has helped millions of women across this country. But Bernie Sanders doesn’t think the law goes far enough. As an alternative, he advocates for a single payer health care system, in which medical costs are publically financed and every American is covered. Hillary Clinton made it very clear in the first debate that she would not support a single payer system.

This is important, because even after the implementation of Obamacare, women have been discriminated in the hiring process simply because their health care costs are naturally more expensive than the health care costs of men. And if women do end up getting the job, they’re sometimes forced into taking a cut from their salaries in order to cover their medical benefits. This contributes to the gender pay gap.

Under a single payer system, medical costs would be covered by the government, which will lift the burden from businesses, and hiring decisions will be based on qualifications of the worker, not potential healthcare costs.


This presidential election is a very crucial one. Each party has a very different direction that they want to take this country, and within those parties are also candidates with differing views.

Democrats already know that they don’t want a Republican in the White House for the next four years. But it’s also important that Democrats elect a candidate that has the best interest of every American: Men, women, children, seniors, and every demographic. And after taking a look at both platforms of both candidates, the choice is clear.

When it comes to women’s issues, Bernie Sanders is the superior choice for the Democratic nomination for President of The United States.

Trump, Bernie, and a possible way out of the millennial dilemma

This has been a crazy summer for anyone who follows politics. Donald Trump has taken the GOP by storm, bad-mouthing his way to the top of the polls, despite never having a background in politics, and giving little to no solutions to the big problems at hand.

On the flip side, Bernie Sanders has given Hillary more than a run for her money for the Democratic primary, most recently overtaking her in Iowa. But he’s not your conventional politician either, accepting no money from big businesses, and throwing no punches toward his fellow candidates.

It’s a tale of two very different campaigns, but what they both have in common is that they’re both rejections of the political system as we see it. A few months ago, we were looking at another Bush vs. Clinton race. Now, there’s a very reasonable chance we could be looking at Trump vs. Sanders, which should rightfully terrify Washington.

Sanders is further left than any candidate in recent memory has been, and Trump is as far right as any of the other leading GOP candidates, although he talks just a bit louder. This is what the majority of the public wants. Liberals want more liberal, and conservatives want more conservative. They’re tired of politics as it is now, and know that Trump or Sanders is the only way to make that change happen.

bernie sandersSupporters of Trump praise him as the only candidate that speaks his mind, which they find to be a refreshing change of pace. The more insults he hurls, the more his poll numbers rise. People are so fed-up with liberal political correctness that they’re willing to take a leader who is inexperienced in leading a nation, simply because he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

This summer brought about another fascinating change to the political narrative in that millennials are now louder than they’ve ever been. This generation is coming out en masse for Bernie, or, at least, against Trump, which is nothing short of a political miracle. One of the biggest fears of the political science community is that millennials simply don’t care about politics. Maybe they feel let down by the Obama presidency, or maybe they really are as self-absorbed as everyone says they are, but all of that finally seems to be changing.

For the first time, in this election cycle, millennials outnumber baby boomers and have more potential than ever to decide this election. No matter what the result of the elections may be, the important takeaway is that millennials are actually campaigning on social media, and more importantly, registering to vote.

Let’s face it, Trump may win the primary, but he has no chance in the general election. Outside of the Republican party, he is vilified by everyone he’s insulted. If we have anything to thank Trump for, it’s for motivating millennials to get politically active. Thanks to Trump, maybe we can take our first steps to fixing our broken political system.

Disgraceful women

The month of March brings a few great things every year. These include St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, spring break, the first day of spring, warm weather, Daylight Savings Time and, my personal favorite, Women’s History Month.

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the achievements the women before us made and celebrate the rights we have because of their revolutionary actions. It is also a time for today’s women to think of new ways we can break through the still-existing glass ceiling and finally be seen as equals.

Unfortunately, some women are taking a step back instead of looking forward. Below is a list of women, or groups of them, who are a disgrace to our gender.

Cast of "The Bachelor." Photo by Creative Commons.

The entire cast of “The Bachelor”

So let me get this straight: you haven’t been able to find someone to settle down with, so you’re going to compete with 25 girls for one guy’s affection on national TV? They’re all sleeping with him at the same time and making sure everyone knows about it. It’s bad enough that women feel like they need to compete with each other for male attention, but to do so in front of a camera for the “prize” of being able to be his fiancee is just despicable, and not genuine. You shouldn’t have to wait to see if he gives you a rose or not to see if he actually cares about you or not. And at the end of the season when he’s complaining about “how hard it is to choose between them,” don’t buy into that BS; that’s just his way of saying he can’t decide who he’d rather bone for the next few months before the engagement falls apart.

Do you know which goddess Charlie is with now? Photo by Creative Commons.

Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses”

If you haven’t heard about them, then you’ve been living under a rock for the last three weeks. As Sheen’s stopped using drugs, he’s relied on the media to give him the high he so desperately needs, and his two live-in girlfriends haven’t minded sharing the spotlight. He calls them his “goddesses,” and they all sleep in the same room together. They also help raise his twin sons (at least they did until they were taken away from him a few weeks ago), which many have raised concern over. One was a porn star, the other was a bikini model turned graphic designer. The most pathetic part of all? When one of them left, he tweeted “We’re sad