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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Hitler hyperbole

President Obama has had an awful time trying to get anything done in Washington. Legislators spend less time legislating and more time blocking Obamacare, while the media makes it look like he’s the worst president in history. It seems as if Obama has faced adversity at every turn. Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Hitler hyperbole

Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Welcome back to another kick a$$ edition of the Time Wasters. This week we have sad truths and one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Unfortunately, this will publish after the great festival that is Quadfest, so my original idea of a special drinking edition is sadly not going to happen. In lieu of this I found ninjas, which are almost as cool. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Is the Tea Party really something America needs?

Recently the popular Tea Party has grown larger and larger. With more members hating the current administration, a question of its necessity for America is in order. I guess to answer such a question, one must first look at the reasoning for having such protests. So far the only thing I have gotten out of the entire Tea Party movement is the fact that Americans are at a state of severe desperation. With a devastating high unemployment rate and the economy in a near purgatory-like situation, it is obvious why so many of us are gathering together to collectively shout out our pure rage.

Desperate and fearful people make excellent sheep; that is something all of us should keep in mind. What that means is that today, people are in fear of a failing America so they are looking for anyone who might have the answers to their troubles. So along come individuals such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many other conservatives who give us a name we should be mad at, aka the government. They say that it