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Missing the milestones

While away at school everyone misses loved ones at home. Some of those are parents and some are young kids. I’m missing two of my younger cousins who are growing up at home while I’m away at school.

I want to be there for all the events in their life and I try my best to be, but living far away and with all of my schoolwork it can get difficult. I don’t get to be there for every important moment anymore, like I was when I was in high school and they were a little younger.

Thinking of home. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Thinking of home. Graphic by Katie Gibson

I try to make it for big events like birthdays and holidays but sometimes missing the little things is what really matters the most. Losing teeth, breaking bones, or simply growing a few inches is what I miss the most about my little cousins when I’m not home. I miss hearing about their days at school or watching their soccer games on Saturday mornings. I know they can call me and tell me all about it but it just isn’t the same.

I never noticed how quickly time goes by, especially when you’re young. One of the first times I did notice how much I was really missing while I’m away was last year.

After the summer was over I went back to school leaving my little cousins, one who was 9 and still hadn’t lost any baby teeth and one who was 11 and was still short for her age. When I came back for Thanksgiving break the 9-year-old had lost 3 teeth and the 11-year-old had grown several significant inches.

In that moment, when they were giddily telling me these stories, I realized that I’d missed so much while I was gone in a short span of a few months.

I always try to call and keep in touch with my cousins as often as I can and they can but some things just aren’t the same. It’s hard being away from family and missing out on life events especially when it comes to little ones. I just look forward to the next time I can hear the excitement in their voices, see the sweetness in their eyes, and feel the love in their hugs.


RU Home for the Summer: Vermont

It’s no secret that most of the students who attend Radford University are from Virginia, or at least from the surrounding areas. Often when I tell people I’m from New England they stare at me curiously for a second, and then inquire as to why I don’t have a British accent. I give them a “You’re kidding me, right?” look before realizing they’re being serious, and walking away. And yes, this has really happened to me. Continue reading RU Home for the Summer: Vermont