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Interstitium: The New Human Organ

They say that we learn something new at least once a day. Well, that includes scientists, who found a new organ in the human body. And no, this is not a late April Fools joke.

The Interstitium is a very unique part of the body that is now an organ; photo from nbcnews.com

The Interstitium had been under scientist’s noses for years now since this “new” organ is already a part of our tissues in the body. Scientists had to examine the body in a new way to determine that the Interstitium was indeed a part of the human body.

In a study published in the journal “Scientific Reports,” the Interstitium is defined as a network of dense connective tissues and fluid-filled compartments. That would make the Interstitium, a full-fledged organ, a group of tissues with a unique structure that is performing a task (just like the heart or liver).

The human body is two-thirds water and most of the water contains cells. Much of the rest of the body contains fluid which is called “interstitial,” a Latin word combining “inter” or “between” and “sistere.”

The fluid and tissues connect to make the Interstitium which is found all throughout the body. You can find it below the skin and in the digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems.

The question that scientists have to figure out now is: Is the Interstitium an actual individual organ or is it a part of a system?

Along with that, the “new” organ could be particularly significant in diagnosing diseases like cancer and tracking them as well. This is because the Interstitial fluid is the source of lymph which dispatches white blood cells (they fight off disease) to wherever they are needed in the body. A panel of scientists in 2016 did report that the immune system could be key in finding very effective treatments for cancer.

Whether or not this organ is an “actual organ,” we could be going down the path towards finding a cure for cancer.

The Benefit of Hands on Learning

Hands-on learning is not the most common method of teaching at any school or through many courses.  When you come across that rare class that doesn’t even have desks in its “classroom”, it’s a refreshing experience. At first, it might seem uncomfortable because instead of sitting at a desk and taking notes while the professor talks for a majority of the class, you’re the one talking and interacting with your classmates and doing things you’ve never done or aren’t familiar with yet. Graphic from Shutterstock

It can be unsettling at first because doing something you aren’t used to doing can be difficult and somewhat awkward, especially if you have to do this around your classmates and professor watching you to see how you are doing and if you’re improving over the period of the course. Having a hands-on learning class is an experience that changes the way you think about school and learning.

Most people spend their college careers stressing over tests and papers but the students who are learning hands-on have to complete tasks such as filming something or putting together projects that are due at the end of the semester. They have room for errors just like other students, but with their error comes more attempts and eventually success because they have physically practiced certain tasks over and over again to perfect their habits.

Most of my classes do not have desks and we are standing up or working physically on what we would be doing after we graduate. It’s nice to be able to graduate and have confidence and knowledge in understanding exactly what you have to do for a certain job. The hands on learning in school helps you to go into the real world with a lot of experience that other people don’t have or won’t have as much of.  Hands-on learning is such a great way to give college students who are about to enter the real world a type of confidence that most recent graduates will not have.