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Apple Has Officially Released the Fix for FaceTime Group Bug

A few weeks ago, a 14-year-old kid was able to find a bug that sent Apple into a panic and led to them shutting down an important function for any Apple product.

Just last Thursday, Apple released an update for their iOS software, which patched the FaceTime Group function after a bug was found that allowed people to eavesdrop on any conversation even if the call wasn’t answered.

This came after a 14-year-old, of all people, discovered the bug. Apple did acknowledge the finding and apologized about the issue, which resulted in a temporary shutdown of the function until the release of a patch.

Of course, this isn’t the first or last issue that Apple has dealt with over the years. Remember when all Apple users got a new U2 album for free on their products? Yeah, the backlash was so bad that it lead to Apple releasing a patch that allowed users to delete the unwanted music from their playlists.

How about the worst of the worst when Apple admitted to slowing down older phones so people would have to eventually buy another phone? Apple would have been better off if they just declared it an urban legend. This problem has led to many lawsuits that are still being fought in federal courts to this day.

The good news for Apple here is that no one (well, at least not yet) is planning on launching any lawsuits against the multi-billion dollar company for this bug and hopefully for them, the bug has been squished.



Won’t be giving the middle finger to the new iOS update

Last week Apple released its iOS 9.1 update, marking the first major update to the iOS 9 operating system.

Even though the most exciting update for me was the new emojis, the iOS 9.1 update also introduces many new updates that can be hard-to-find or easily overlooked.

iOS 9.1 is turning out to be a rather major bug-fixing exercise. Including bug fixes for a number of issues that iOS users have been experiencing. And as with most iOS updates, it enhances performance and introduces important security fixes.


The first notable feature includes support for Unicode 7 and 8, introducing a range of 184 more emojis to choose from.

These emojis include the taco, burrito, middle finger, Vulcan Salute, and the unicorn head.

A few of the new emojis released in iOS 9. Graphic from Wired.


Apple has also updated the News app that it launched in the US recently, and also announced that this will now go live in numerous other territories – bringing Apple News to the UK and Australia.

Live Photos

iOS 9.1 includes an update for Live Photos – a brand new feature included with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus – which can now sense when the iPhone is raised or lowered to refrain from recording unnecessary movements. This also cuts down issues related to blurry videos.


iOS 9.1 improves Apple Maps significantly, mainly based on superior data and better search results. Public transport is also included in the iOS 9.1 version of Apple Maps.

Battery Life

Apple has promised that iOS 9.1 will deliver battery life improvements.


New wallpapers of Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and a desert landscape.

A glimpse at the new iOS 9.1 wallpapers. Graphic from Scoopnest.

Aside from these changes, iOS 9.1 includes new features and compatibility updates for upcoming Apple products like the fourth-generation Apple TV and the iPad Pro. The new Apple TV requires iOS 9.1 to be set up using an iOS device.

The update also introduces a new Messages option in the Settings app that is designed to allow users to disable photos for contacts.

From layout issues and stability in the user interface, to updating apps and better multi-tasking, this fourth update to iOS 9 is doing its best to cure a lot of the problems that users have found on the platform.

iOS 7: Like putting new makeup on a dated scarlet woman

The software that runs the lives of iPhone users, iOS, just got a much-needed makeover. The seventh revision of the revolutionary software was released on Sept. 18 with a new palette of colors. It’s a massive overhaul in terms of the user interface and this renovation has turned out to be more intuitive than ever before.

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