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The Life of A College Dog

Iris, an Austrailian Shepherd/Catahoula Cur mix, just turned into a one-year-old pupper on January 25th, 2017. I adopted her at four weeks old. Since then, she has grown into a stunning, albeit sometimes vexing, addition to my family. Alongside her three kitten siblings, Iris is ready for anything. This is the journey of a college dog, week by week.

Iris lets me know she's ready to go.
Good morning!

Iris wakes me before the alarm, shoving her leash in my face, demanding to start the day. The screech of a whiny dog isn’t the most comforting thing to be woken up by, but it’s better than poop on the floor. Always stay positive!

Iris poses perfectly for a candid shot in front of Young Hall.
Iris poses perfectly for a shot in front of Young Hall.

Following her wait for mom, Iris goes for a walk around campus. The sun is shining, the breeze is careful, and Iris is feeling fresh. She runs around Moffett quad and then rests in front of Young Hall, which makes for a great candid shot.

Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ
Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ

If you don’t like barbecue, leave now. Iris doesn’t need that negativity in her life.

Iris's best friend accompanies us on our journey for quality BBQ.
Iris’s best friend accompanied us on our journey for quality BBQ.

After begging for a taste of our food, Iris and her BFF pose for a photo with a giant pig BBQ pit.

Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.
Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.

Fast forward past the disaster of having to tear her away from the smell of cooking food. We find ourselves at Falls Ridge nature preserve. I cannot stress to you the difficulties I faced while taking this photo. Picture yourself splashed by mud, almost trampled, and herded into the water to play. After running around for 20 minutes (no joke), she finally sat for a beautiful nature shot.

Falls Ridge features an 80-foot waterfall, varieties of plant and marine life, and great hammocking spots. So, you should visit. But wait, there’s more!

Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.
Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.

For the small price of one more minute of your day, you can see more cute pictures of my pupper!
Iris’s parents, being dumb college kids, forgot water and had to go to the gas station. We noticed Ellett Valley Nature Trail, secluded and small. Why the hell not, eh? Iris seemed to love the smells and environment.

BFF in hand, she's ready for dinner and a long nap.
BFF in hand, she’s ready for dinner and a long nap.

Perfect end to a perfect day. Let sleeping dogs lie!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

“Siri,” a rival appears

“Siri” is the witty, smart-mouthed voice controlled personal assistant that came with the iPhone 4S. The program has wowed users from the start. “Siri’s” popularity led to an outcry on the Android Market as Android OS users wanted their own version of “Siri”. A few days later the free app “Iris” was born.

Photo from Creative Commons.

“Iris” is “Siri” spelled backwards and its developers at Dextra did it intentionally. It took the developers at Dextra eight hours to create the Android version of “Siri.” According to their blog post on the process, it became more a competition between developers at the company after Narayan Babu laid the ground work creating a search engine that, when asked a question, could pull up an answer from the Internet.

It’s no surprise Dextra was able to piece together an Android OS version of “Siri.” The company has been working on machine learning as well as the other programming wizardry, which makes “Siri” and “Iris” what they are for over a year. The company is planning to release an app known as “Friday” later this year.

Photo from Creative Commons.

“Friday” uses many of the same principles that go behind “Siri.” The app is planned to record your daily events creating a journal of sorts. “Friday” would listen in on phone calls, check statuses, where users have been and look at their calendar. The app then when asked what users have done that day will be able to dictate back to you what important information it had gathered in the day and keep it recorded as a list of events, allowing users to check back at a later date.

“Friday” is why this Indian company so easily and readily produced “Iris.” Initially, “Iris” received great reviews, but as more users pick up the app it’s taxing the system, and bugs are beginning to show up. According to some users, the app is now slower after the latest update than it had originally been. Search results come back with not only witty responses like with “Siri” have been programmed into “Iris,” but strange and often incorrect results.

While “Iris” is the only Android version of “Siri” out there, its unlikely that it will be the last. “Iris” is also sure to face a legal battle over its name. While a witty stab at “Siri,” it is unlikely Apple will pass up the chance to sue the company. It will be interesting to see how “Iris” develops for its users in the coming months. If the app can survive the few initial bugs, it may become something more than a gimmicky rival to “Siri.”