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Elon Musk, Inspiration or Jerk?

I do not often get the chance to write an opinion piece, so I am going to make the best of this opportunity as it’s been burning at me for awhile.

How to describe Elon Musk’s year so far? Musk so far has not had a good year. After calling a British diver a “pedo” on Twitter (due to his criticism toward Musk during the Thailand cave rescues), Musk is getting sued. After this, he returned to Twitter to threaten the removal of Tesla from the stock market. This ended with Musk being sued by the SEC which lead to him stepping down as chairman from Tesla, paying a $20 million fine and a Twitter “timeout” while Tesla monitors Musk and his activity on the social media platform.

These events happened over a two month period, and they are not the only thing that Musk has done that was stupid or questionable. The man donates money to both political parties for the heck of it, launches a Tesla car into space without any reason other than his own kicks, and started a company that was meant to help with Los Angeles traffic by creating “flamethrowers” just for the heck of it.

Now, there are reasons why Musk does these things. Launching a car into space shows how much potential SpaceX has, while donating money to both political parties serves to show how much influence that he can have in a more political scale. Lastly, creating “flamethrowers” seemed to simply be his method of showing that he can do whatever the “hell” he wants.

That reminds me of a certain someone who is currently sitting in the Oval Office. Yes, we know that you are rich, but you do not need to flash the money. Such actions only serve to make you look like a jerk. This is not sarcasm, nor is it Musk simply trying to be funny; these actions are trying to make yourself better than what you are.

I will admit that Musk has done a great job with SpaceX and PayPal (which he sold to Google). But that does not mean that I have to like the man. He is a person that has to show how much money that he has and does it in the worst ways possible. That is why I do not see him as an inspiration, I see him as a jerk.

Karma’s a bitch and so is that entitled prick

Dealing with entitled people is one of the most difficult tasks to take on. You have to deal with their sarcastic and demeaning remarks, judgemental looks, negative energy, and so on. Every time you’re in the same room with them, you have this overwhelming need to either run as far as you can or punch them right in their cocky face. But what do you think is the real reason behind their entitlement? Do you think it’s caused by a specific kind of upbringing or is it because of the people they surround themselves with? Or is it simply because they just suck as a person?

Just stop. Nobody likes you. Photo from memegenerator
Just stop. Nobody likes you. Photo from memegenerator

Let’s examine the typical entitled jerk. He starts out by walking around as if he owns the very ground he walks on. He thinks he has the right to treat those that are different or less fortune than him  in a disrespectful and condescending manner. He walks through your kitchen, eats all of your food, and feels like he has the right to simply because of who he is. He loves to take your car to go “hook up” with random people, using most of your gas, but feels no guilt because he’s entitled to everything you pay for and earn.

Now, as you can see, this might only be my situation but everyone knows that one guy, or girl for that matter, who loves to take and take but never gives back because he doesn’t think he needs to, because he’s him.

Now, how do you deal with this self-righteous, condescending, entitled human being? I have yet to discover how to handle this type of person without starting an argument or wanting to physically harm said person.

When you try to talk to him about the issues you have with him, he somehow makes it seem like it’s your fault, that you’re overreacting and the real problem here is you. He yells and loves to instigate, making it that much harder not to pick up the first thing you see and chuck it at his stupid face.

But in the end, you know that he’s the problem, he’s the one that needs the help, and he’s the one that deserves everything that’s coming to him and some time in the future, karma will do it’s job and you’ll have forgotten all about the guy who made your life hell for a long time. He’ll get what’s coming to him. Just you wait.