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From Our Perspective: Mike Anderson’s prison layaway special

An interview with Mike Anderson.
An interview with Mike Anderson. Image from CBS.

A man by the name of Mike Anderson is finally being sentenced to jail, 13 years after his initial crime of armed robbery, due to a clerical error on the part of the corrections system. Since then, he has lived an upstanding life, had four kids and started his own construction company. Continue reading From Our Perspective: Mike Anderson’s prison layaway special

Contemporary tyranny

A report issued by the Open Society Justice Initiative revealed that more than 50 countries have participated in a program where the CIA sends suspected terrorist subjects to other countries to be interrogated and sometimes tortured. Some of these suspects reportedly ended up at CIA “black sites,” which are secret prisons operated by the CIA in foreign countries. There’s even an account of a suspected terrorist being held aboard a Navy ship for over two months. In total more than 130 specific suspects have been interrogated through this process known as “rendition.”

I’m torn between the principle of the matter and my gut reaction. The utilitarian in me can appreciate the pressing need to obtain information to prevent another terrorist attack. Torturing one to save hundreds is easy math. However, after considering the implications of these actions, I conclude that abducting/exporting suspected terrorists to far away countries like Kazakhstan, Romania or Zimbabwe to torture them is not a good thing for our country or our world. Continue reading Contemporary tyranny

Black History Month? C’est la vie

This is the world we live in; one that demonstrates a great deal of hatred and prejudice towards people of diversity. This may include bias toward or against one’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation. One of many things that is supposed to alleviate the constant tension is Black History Month. Black History Month was started in 1976, and is observed in the United States in February. How can a country so rich in culture and variety actually be the host to a month separated from the others, honoring only one ethnicity? Continue reading Black History Month? C’est la vie