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The Benefits of Movie Sundays

On Sunday, everyone seems to be lazy and struggling to get their homework and school assignments done for the upcoming week. Part of this is probably because of Saturday night but either way it can be hard to motivate yourself on Sunday. Another factor would be the idea of watching movies all day on Sundays. This is my favorite part of the weekend when it’s a Sunday and I can put on endless movies to relax and eventually get some work done. It’s definitely better than doing homework in silence or getting stressed out about what’s due and all the work you have to get done in one day.

It's Sunday! Break out the DVDs! Graphic from
It’s Sunday! Break out the DVDs! Graphic from Ryan Nallen

The benefit of movie Sundays is that you are going to be home all day so you have no excuse not to at least examine what you have to do for this next week approaching quicker than you prefer. This way you can determine how much time you need to spend actually working on everything in order to get it done and turned in on time. Sundays are also the day people realize they have procrastinated too much.

While watching movies all day there’s plenty of time to catch up on all of the work you’ve been putting off. If you don’t end up having homework it’s an even better movie Sunday. You can order food or make some and pick any movie or movies you want to watch and worry about nothing the entire day. This would be the ultimate movie Sunday however, because of being at school there’s probably going to be a little bit of homework involved.

I get excited about watching movies on Sundays with all of my friends and talking about what happened the whole weekend or reminiscing on what happened just the night before. It’s a nice bonding time with my close friends and we all enjoy ourselves with the food, the movies, the gossip, and even the homework. If you haven’t had a movie Sunday with your close friends at school,  it’s definitely something worth trying out.

Procrastination Consequences

Whether you’re taking 12 credit hours or 18, chances are you know what it’s like to get busy, stressed out, and put things off. If you have a test on Friday and it’s only Monday, do you really feel the need to start studying almost a whole week before the actual test? Probably not, and I don’t blame you because I’m the same way. I don’t know exactly why but I can’t bring myself to look at an assignment a week or two early and start to work on it.  Prioritizing plays a big role in procrastination.

If you prioritize, you know that you can efficiently put your assignments, tests dates, and due dates in order from how important they are to least important or which is closest or approaching fast. It can be easy to procrastinate and not think about something until the week or even a few days before it’s due. There are serious consequences to procrastinating and you might not even realize how much they are affecting you. It can be easy to say you will do it the next day or in a few hours and keep putting of your work or studying but you will end up regretting that decision in the long run when you are scrambling to get things done or cram your brain with information on the test you have in several hours.

Procrastinating can make you stress out about certain deadlines and when you spend all of your weekends barely looking at your schoolwork you can feel distant from it and a little caught off guard. When you procrastinate, you can sometimes underestimate the assignment or test and not study enough or not do the assignment with enough effort and research. This is a way that your grade will be brought down just by procrastinating. You can miss the deadline completely if you really aren’t paying attention and are unorganized. Procrastination is a serious matter that you need to control at some point in your life or you will always be half a step behind your workload.

Why your dog is your best friend


girl and dog
“Everyone has a best friend, mine just happens to walk on all fours and have fur all over.”

Everyone has a best friend, mine just happens to walk on all fours and have fur all over. Yes, my dog is one of my best friends. It sounds a little strange to say, but if you think about it it’s undeniably true.

When you want to be lazy one day and just lay around and do nothing, your dog is more than happy to keep you company. They will curl up next to you and snuggle while you binge-watch Netflix and they won’t leave your side all the unproductive daylong. What could you want more than a sweet furry friend to enjoy a good television series with?

Another thing your dog is great for is telling secrets to. If you have something you need to get off your chest or just say out loud to someone, your dog is the perfect one to tell. Not only will you feel better because you confided in someone you truly care about, but you know that it would never get out to anyone either. They may stare blankly at you while you tell them, but that’s okay because at least you got it out of your mind.

Sleeping is another thing dogs are overly willing to do. You’re pulling an all nighter and you can’t go to sleep until 2 am? Your dog will wait for you to be done and then cuddle on up in bed with you after you’ve studied for endless hours. You had a rough day and just want to go to sleep at 8 pm that night? Your dog’s already waiting in bed for you to join them.

My dog is my best friend because I can tell her anything, I can be lazy with her as many times a week as I want, and I’m comforted knowing I get to cuddle up at night with her by my side. She’s a loyal and loving best friend that I’m so thankful to have in my life.

Take out the trash!

If you’re a student at Radford it’s likely you have a roommate. Maybe you two get along, maybe you hate each other’s guts. You might feel like you’re in hell or maybe you’ll have a friendship better than you had with your imaginary friend Bob back in Kindergarten. Whatever the case you’re going to be living with somebody and you’ll have to appeal to their needs as well as yours. After all everyone has their own weird quirks. I, for example, can’t stand the smell of seafood and have to Febreeze the kitchen like I’m trying to hide the smell of a dead body. Nobody appreciates that, but people just have to learn to live with it. They deal with my issues and I deal with theirs, that’s when we have an ideal roommate relationship. Ideally, everyone would do their own dishes and pick up their own trash. Maybe you shouldn’t get loud and drunk every Tuesday night because you know someone you live with has an 8 am class the next day. We’d live happily ever after, only without the handsome prince.

“Well for starters I’ll tell you what not to do. Don’t lock yourself in your room and avoid these problems. They aren’t going to get better.” Photo of: Dylan Butler. Photo by: Danielle Johnson.
“Well for starters I’ll tell you what not to do. Don’t lock yourself in your room and avoid these problems. They aren’t going to get better.” Photo of: Dylan Butler. Photo by: Danielle Johnson.

What do you do if nobody is willing to cooperate? Maybe they consider cooperation to be “communist” or maybe they just plain don’t want to help with anything?What if you really want to make that fairy tale ending happen?

Well for starters I’ll tell you what not to do. Don’t lock yourself in your room and avoid these problems. They aren’t going to get better. For example, if your roommate never does the dishes and your solution is just to ignore it, the dishes are just going to keep piling up and your problems are never going to be fixed. Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. Also don’t try the passive aggressive approach, writing “take out the trash” on a piece of paper and hanging it on the fridge is just going to piss people off. Soon the lot of you will be at each other’s throats like an old married couple.

The solution is really simple; just talk to your roommates. If someone is on the TV when you wanted to watch Joel Osteen you probably should’ve told someone you wanted to watch it in advance and reserve the TV for yourself. You should also consider the fact that nobody you live with likely appreciates you blasting Joel Osteen in the living room. But you never know unless you talk about your issues with those you live with. Because when it comes down to it, you’re living with these people. You have to fix issues you have with each other together.

Things aren’t always perfect, and living with the same people and seeing them every day might eventually get to you. Now and then, you should just get out of the house. Maybe hang out with a friend somewhere else, or go out of town. But staying cooped up at home all day is going to inevitably get to you. You have to confront your problems at some point. So if you have a problem with your roommates, have a talk with them. Otherwise, things won’t change.


Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Participation awards

Remember when we were little and we would have competitions, and if we won there was always a big celebration, pat on the back or even an award you could take home? Or if you didn’t win, there would always be someone there to reassure you with a “you did your best” speech and that was it? This wasn’t the case for everyone, of course, because of the many educators or sports coaches who subscribe to the idea of giving participation awards to the losing party.

On paper, participation awards sound like a great idea. If we didn’t know any better, we would call it a nice thing.  It teaches our youth to accept their losses as they come and kids don’t feel so bad about themselves afterwards. On the other hand, it doesn’t leave our youth with enough incentive to try to win. Softening the losses with awards and congratulations for a good effort might not be as beneficial to them as it seems on paper. Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Participation awards