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How To Use Lessons From Sports In Everyday Life

Growing up as an athlete, I learned a lot of things  differently than other kids. I played soccer with a team and my teammates were like my family. I thought of them all as my sisters and was very close with each of them. We traveled away every weekend together to go play 3 or 4 games in a weekend and be exhausted by Sunday but it was worth all the effort.

We had the same group of coaches throughout our years playing together as well. They instilled certain values in us in different ways than most kids learn these values. For example, leadership was the biggest value I took away from my soccer experience. I was captain for 6 years straight and with that came a lot of responsibility and decision making. I had to tell my teammates what we were going to wear every night for practice, traveling outfits for driving to games and jersey colors for games.

Incorporate sport lessons in other aspects of your life. Graphic from Scroll Online
Incorporate sport lessons in other aspects of your life. Graphic from Scroll Online

I also was very vocal on the field with my teammates letting them know when they were doing a good job and what we needed to improve on as a team. One year, when my team wasn’t doing as well as we had all hoped, I started to become very negative and I didn’t realize it until my coaches told me to lighten up and stay positive and optimistic. That was another lesson I learned–to stay positive, even when things aren’t going your way.

Staying positive has gotten me through so many things in my life that I didn’t think I would be able to get over or to see something turning out for the better for myself. Whenever I’m having a terrible day or struggling with schoolwork or something else in my life, I just think back to all of those times I was on the soccer field with my teammates, my family, and my coaches on the sidelines watching me and expecting me to be positive like they had shown me and taught me.

I’m so thankful I learned not just these two but many valuable lessons from playing soccer and other sports as well. I think it helped me grow up quicker and become a better and more positive person and equipped me to deal with hard times in my life.

The life lessons inside “Friends”

Friends was an influence to many. Graphic from Huffington Post
“Friends” was an influence to many. Graphic from Huffington Post

“Friends” is a timeless television show that many people have enjoyed for years now. If you’ve never seen “Friends”, it is about six people that are a group of friends, and the episodes focus on things that happen to everyday people but make them hilariously funny.

There’s Joey, who’s the one that lacks a little common sense but is a sweetheart. There’s Phoebe, who’s a little quirky and tells it like it is no matter what. There’s Monica, who loves to cook, is a clean freak, and likes to be the mom of the friend group. There’s Chandler, who’s awkward and clumsy but tells the best jokes through the entire series. There’s Ross, who’s Monica’s brother and is a dorky paleontologist who’s a good guy to everyone. And last, but not least, Rachel, who’s the one who was cut off from her parents and worked her way up to a dream job that she’s very dedicated to.

One thing that all the friends have in common is that they’re all great friends to one another. They have their moments of insanity and breakdowns, but all in all they’re good people and all they really care at the end of the day is each other’s happiness.

The show goes through events that happen to everyday people like you and me, but the show makes it funny so that it’s relatable for anyone. I’ve learned a lot from simply watching “Friends”, such as if something awkward happens it’s better to just laugh it off.

If you and your friend get in an argument, it isn’t the end of the world and you two will make up and move on from it stronger than before. When you’re going through a tough time in your life, you will always have your good friends to pick you up and carry you along the way until you can stand on your own again.