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Presents that should be at the top of your Christmas list

Yeah, yeah, yeah for Christmas we should all be asking for peace on Earth, but let’s pretend for one second that it’s not taboo to admit that you want material things under the tree come December 25th. As a college student, everyone is always asking me the dreaded question, “What do you want for Christmas?” The truth is, it’s hard to think of wish list items sometimes so if you’re grandmother is pressing you for answers, here are some ideas for your Christmas list.

Get your Christmas list ready. Graphic from People
Get your Christmas list ready. Graphic from People

1) Spring break money

There’s no better gift than an ever lasting memory right? If your plan is to take off for somewhere tropical come March, consider asking for “spring break money”. Grandparents like to give it because they know what it’s going to, plus it will take the pressure off when it comes to saving every cent for break.

2) Christmas lights (fairy lights)

A new trend in apartment décor, Christmas lights will liven up any room and set a peaceful atmosphere. Plus as the Christmas season wanes on they get cheaper.

3) Ikea gift card

You’re in college now. If you don’t get excited over cheap furniture, cool lighting, and lingonberry juice then what kind of adult are you? Ikea is like Disney World for 20 somethings. Decorate your apartment, eat some Swedish meatballs, and carry home a box of delicious lingonberry concentrate all on a family member’s dime this holiday season.

4) Costco Membership

Once again, this is a gift that would seem horribly boring ten years ago, but nowadays Costco is the promise land. You need 200 Pizza Bagel Bites. You’re a busy person. Plus if you’re hungry, tasting stations equal free lunch.

5) A Slushie Maker

Slushie makers will be there for yo as you pull those dreadful all-nighters studying for finals. They also are great at parties. The most versatile thing you could ever own.

6) Vintage Popcorn Popper

Yeah you could use microwavable bags, but popcorn kernels are cheaper and the whole process is better for you. Plus you can play with a million flavors. There are whole recipe books on how to make new and delicious kinds of popcorn. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Still ask for world peace though. We do need that.

Five TV shows that have the best music

What makes a good TV show? Awesome characters? An intriguing plot? Cliffhanger season endings? To me, it’s the music that makes a show. Music is so important to set the emotional tones and to be honest, great music makes me love a show ten times more than I would if the show’s creators had questionable music taste. Here are television shows that have some of the best music of all time (in no particular order):

How I Met Your Mother contains great music to get into. Graphic from Series Addict
How I Met Your Mother contains great music to get into. Graphic from Series Addict

1) “How I Met Your Mother” (Available on Netflix Instant)

In my humble opinion, “How I Met Your Mother” has the best of everything in TV show history, including amazing music. “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic,Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect” by The Decemberists, “Waiting for An Invitation” by Benji Hughes– all of these amazing songs made appearances on this show plus a million more. We’re talking nine seasons of pure musical genius.

2) “Gossip Girl” (Available on Netflix Instant)

For some strange reason, people think “Gossip Girl” is lame. I don’t understand that mentality. It has sex, scandals, and terrific music– what more could you want? Featuring songs like,Photograph” by Air, “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack, and “Signs” by Bloc Party, the show has introduced me to a lot of obscure bands that I may not have listened to otherwise.

3) “Vampire Diaries” (Available on Netflix Instant)

This is one instance where every time the show puts out a new soundtrack, I just buy it because I know it’s going to be great. I love the dark, edgy songs that they play (thanks to the show being about vampires). Check out “Bloodstream” by Stateless, “Down” by Jason Walker, and Digital Daggers’ cover of the Tears For Fears song, “Head Over Heels”.

4) “Degrassi”

Degrassi has some of the best music in television history. It has some pretty terrible songs as well, but mostly the creators were really on it when choosing the soundtrack. The show introduced me to “Model Homes” by In-Flight Safety, “Straightjacket” by Stef Lang, and “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars (a Canadian indie band that became my favorite band because I heard this amazing song on “Degrassi”). Bonus: I don’t usually like songs written exclusively for TV shows, but the “Degrassi” original song,Here Today” by Flashing Midnight (a fictional band) is really, really good. Also, never forget that “Degrassi” gave us Drake.

5) “American Horror Story” (Available on Netflix Instant)

I love “American Horror Story,” 50% for the show and 50% for the music. The music is really, really awesome. It’s dark and twisted and haunting and it just stays with you, like the plots and the characters do. Some of my favorite songs from the show include, “For Everything A Reason” by Carina Round, “Flickers” by Son Lux, and “Harsh Realm” by Widowspeak.

If you’re interested in finding more amazing music from these shows, you can find whole playlists that usually include at least 90% of what is played on the show, on either YouTube or Spotify.

Highlanders Anonymous: Time management

Q:  “Do you have any tips on how to manage your time?”

A:  Every Radford University student, with a different agenda and responsibilities to uphold, has to come up with their own ways of managing their time.

Try to avoid ending up so stressed out like this person. Graphic by Steve Furtado.

To help manage your time, here are some tips that we at Whim recommend and can be applied to everyone, no matter your agenda. Continue reading Highlanders Anonymous: Time management

Time management

Lists never really work out in college. You learn this very difficult lesson as a freshman, hopefully within your first semester. Every morning you would wake up, look at the demands you had previously written for yourself in order to get through the day, and go about your life. If everything goes well you will complete every goal that you have made for yourself that day. Does this ever actually happen? No.

It seems that as a student new things pop up every day, sometimes every hour, and if you