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Trump’s Transgender Ban

Once again, Donald Trump is trying to ban transgender people from serving in the military. Trump has recently signed a memo that would ban transgender people who have undergone, or are requesting, a gender transition. His previous ban was blocked by federal judges, but Trump is making another attempt, though this one is trying to limit only certain transgender people in an attempt to make it pass. The new ban also allows transgender people to be banned if they have experienced gender dysphoria. Essentially, the new ban would ban virtually all transgender people, or at least a vast majority.

Needless to say, this is vastly unfair and blatantly transphobic. The gender of an individual has no impact on their ability to serve in the military. Frankly, whether or not a person is transgender should be inconsequential to their ability and potential. There is no legitimate reason that transgender people cannot serve in the military; this ban is nothing more than a hateful and pandering gesture on Trump’s part. What good does it do to ban people from serving their country? Why deny them their own agency?

Trump and his ban disrespect transgender people’s very existence because the ban suggests that their presence somehow has a negative impact on people. It does not consider what they do and how they act, just that they are transgender, and that is somehow wrong, according to Trump and his ban. Trump seems to believe that transgender individuals will cause a distraction among the military because of their gender dysphoria and they will not be able to “stand ready.” This coming from the man who is, frankly, a walking disaster and a constant distraction from the real issues with his many scandals and numerous Twitter rants.


Photo from Splinter News

The changing ways of drone technology

Drone technology has greatly expanded over the last few years, and it’s no longer only being used for conventional military purposes. Many people have heard of drones but have no idea what they are or how they work. The answers to those questions might surprise you.

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From our perspective: All service members deserve protection

The Pentagon announced that an additional 1% of military jobs will be open to women within a few months, though most combat career fields will remain off-limits.

While we think this is a step in the right direction, some of America’s public figures argued against it. Continue reading From our perspective: All service members deserve protection

Bipedal robot to test biohazard gear

Photo from Creative Commons.

Petman is a 6-foot-tall bipedal robot with features eerily similar to the T-800 Terminator chassis. This futuristic robot is developed for the military, though its purpose is not as sinister as its appearance would lead observers to conclude. The robot is to take part in improving the testing of bio-hazard suits.

Petman is developed by Boston Dynamics. This is the same company that developed two robotic camel prototypes for the Army to use in the desert. These camel-like robots are designed to adapt to sandy terrain preventing them from becoming bogged down where normal wheeled vehicles would be made useless. While these robots were recently completed, they have not made it into the field yet. What made the camel robots known as BigDog and AlphaDog so impressive besides their off-road capabilities was the range of motion these robots had.

Petman builds off its predecessors’ range of motion in a big way. Petman is being hailed for its extremely human-like movement. This movement has allowed Petman to do push-ups, run on a treadmill and do any number of human-like exercises. The robot even has the ability to stabilize itself when pushed off balance.

This is all vital for Petman’s mission to test out bio-hazard gear. The full range of motion will allow the robot to put the bio-hazard equipment through a strenuous workout and push the life saving suits to the extreme. This allows researchers in the military to create better, form fitting equipment that will allow soldiers in the field to maintain their full range of movement while still being protected from biological weapons.

Petman may not be a one-shot robot, but it has the potential to be used for a series of other jobs. The robot’s human-like frame would allow it to move into hazardous situations in buildings designed for humans with ease. Petman could be the future of firefighting or emergency response to nuclear reactors when there’s an issue that makes the situation too harmful for even the best-trained emergency responder. Enjoy the video below of Petman going through some robot calisthenics.