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Misconceptions of feminism

Famous feminist, Gloria Steinem, proving women don't need a man to be successful in life. Photo from Pinterest
Famous feminist, Gloria Steinem, proving women don’t need a man to be successful in life. Photo from Pinterest

There are way too many misconceptions about feminism. Most people think that feminism means that women hate men, that want women to rule the world and for men to be our sex toys, that women want to grow all their body hair out and never shower, and the list really does go on and on.

However, that isn’t what feminism is about at all. Feminism, by definition, means “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” This means that feminists want equality between both genders, not one gender being the supreme gender. Here are the most common misconceptions about feminism.


  1. Feminists hate men


That simply isn’t true. Most people who belief this think that because the word “fem” is in the definition, that it means it’s a belief for women, and that women think men should be lesser than them. Anti-feminists think that feminists hate men because they are confused about the definition.

They think because feminists want equality, that it means we hate men and the power they’ve had since the beginning of time. That also proves that anti-feminists most likely need a refresher course on what equality means. Feminists don’t hate men. They want equality between both genders. Its simple as that.

  1. All feminists are lesbians

Well, I’m sure some feminists are lesbians but it’s not a requirement for the belief. This thought goes back to the idea that feminists hate men and we want all of them to become extinct. If you’re a lesbian, who needs men right? Wrong. Being a feminist doesn’t having anything to do with gender or sexuality. Men can be feminists! Surprise! Who would have thought that men can also want equality between both genders? Why would being a lesbian have anything to do with wanting men and women to be equal in every sense of the word? I have no idea. Once again, if you take time to look up the definition, you wouldn’t be struggling with these misconceptions.

  1. All feminists burn their bras and insists on growing out their body hair

Once again, these misconceptions are not true. Some feminists have done these things, however, it starts in the basis of women believing the should be able to do whatever they want without society telling them how to live their lives. Women have been told how to act since the beginning of time, how they should look and how they should be when around men, which is the origin of feminism and why feminists want equality between both genders.

Feminism isn’t a difficult concept to understand. If anti-feminists took the time they spend bashing feminism and creating misconceptions to look up the actual definition and research, maybe all the drama and incorrect representation would stop.

Misconceptions about love

Love can mean so many things to so many people. It has a different definition for every situation. It can mean “I care about you, deeply” or “You are my one and only” or even “You are my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

However, many people think love is the almighty power, that it can heal a broken heart and cure all pain in the world. This is a misconception. Love isn’t suppose to complete you or fill the void of self-loathing. It isn’t suppose to tell you your worth or how you value yourself.

Love is suppose to be something extra to enhance your life, not be the sole reason for your happiness. It allows you to share your life with another person, to tell them about the success you are having or even the hardship you are dealing with. Love should be the icing on the cake, not the ingredients.

One of the most common things I hear among my friends is “why can’t someone just love me? Everything would be so much better if I had someone to love me.”

First of all, one person cannot be the solution to all of life’s problems. Why would the love of somebody else make everything in life better? I feel as though if you need to love and affection of someone else to make you happy, then you are lacking in self-love and need to take a step back and find the strength in you to love yourself.

No one should feel like they need to depend on someone else to feel love because who knows how long that person will be in your life and when they’re gone, what will you be left with?

"[Y]ou don’t need to find your other half because you aren’t a half to begin with." Image from someecards.com
“[Y]ou don’t need to find your other half because you aren’t a half to begin with.” Image from someecards.com
Another phrase I hear frequently from my friends is “I want to find my other half, someone to complete me.” What I have to say to this is, you don’t need to find your other half because you aren’t a half to begin with. You are a whole person who can depend on yourself and love yourself. You are a complete person. You are not broken. There is nothing wrong with wanting another person to share your life with, to come home to and love with all that you are. But making another person your sole person in life and the only reason you can find your self-worth isn’t healthy.

Self-love should come first before you find another person to share your love with. There needs to be enough to go around.

Love can be life-changing, miraculous, and beautiful all at the same time. It can make you a better person, a happier person, but love should come from everywhere, not from one single person. Remember who you are and what you stand for before allowing yourself to share that with someone else.

What smoking means today

Smoking hasn’t always had a huge stigma in society. It use to be something everyone did. In the office, the bars, in restaurants, everywhere really. It was something that everyone just did, regardless if they wanted to or not.

Back in the 1950s, smoking was at an all time high because it was cool and cheap. Actors like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn were never seen on screen without a cigarette in their hands or mouths.

Everyone was influenced by famous people in the 1950s and 1960s and because smoking cigarettes was cheap, cool, and socially acceptable, everyone did it.

Nowadays, however, smoking is much more controversial and stigmatized. Most people think smoking is disgusting, a habit that will kill you the second a cigarette hits your lips.

I think this change occurred because more medical information was released about cigarettes, telling consumers that cigarettes can cause cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and many more effects. However, what most people don’t seem to take into account are the effects of that alcohol can have as well.

People like to lecture smokers how on they can kill you, but don’t take a second to step back and look at themselves and the bad habits they have. Cigarettes may have more short-term effects, but alcohol can kill you in the long term.

Smoking, since the 1950s, has also become much more expensive. In the 1950s, a pack of cigarettes cost 25 cents. Today, on average, a pack of cigarettes cost $5.25.

No wonder people don’t smoke as much anymore;it’s way too expensive.

People rather spend that $5.25 on the dollar menu at McDonald’s, killing their arteries and increasing their risk for heart disease, than buy a pack of cigarettes. See what I did there?

Just because cigarettes are more direct with their health risks doesn’t mean that fast food or alcohol is any better for you. Fast food is a silent killers in a way, since they don’t tell their consumers out right what the effects of their products can have.

Simply because cigarette companies are legally bound to tell their consumers about the effects, people think cigarettes are the killer of all things when in fact they are just honest with their side effects.

1950s cigarette packaging Photo from Vintageadbrowser
1950s cigarette packaging
Photo from Vintageadbrowser

The stigma around cigarette smokers is mostly judgement and false opinions on those who smoke. People think that smokers are scary, rude, disgusting, and many other negative adjectives when that simply isn’t true for everyone.

Everybody smokes for different reasons whether it be to handle stress, anxiety, depression, or whatever reason, and this is personal to the smoker. People judge too quickly and don’t think about the reasons behind the actions of people. Think before you judge someone and get rid of the stigma. It is unnecessary and simply unjust.

Do you always have a Plan B?

It’s funny how people don’t understand what others go through. People don’t want to understand. I find it so odd when a guy looks at a girl and says, “You forgot to take your birth control? How could you forget something like that?” before getting pissed off and walking away. He’s not the one doing something to prevent pregnancy and the girl is the one doing something that he also wants. Continue reading Do you always have a Plan B?