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Samsung Cancels Chinese Launch of Galaxy Fold

Samsung was looking to hit a home run with the introduction of the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that is foldable. However, the first people to get the phone have had some of the worst experiences that anyone has experienced with similar devices.

As a result of this, Samsung has reportedly postponed the Chinese launch of its forthcoming Galaxy Fold smartphone, according to SamMobile. They reported that the issue wasn’t due to problems with the phone itself but due to the lack of a venue.

This also has resulted in the cancellation of planned events in Hong Kong and Shanghai that were set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. This news came from Richard Lai’s Twitter. Lai is the editor in chief for Engadget Chinese.

As of press time, Samsung has not made an official report explaining why the cancellations happened, and they have not said if they plan on rescheduling the phone’s release.

This comes after numerous reports from various tech journalists and big names who found the devices they had to review ended up breaking after a couple of days. Some of the issues ranged from the hinge or screen breaking and some curious users removed the protective covering from the screen, which resulted in the phone breaking.

Samsung did release a statement on those reports, saying that it “will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.” However, all reports have indicated that they still plan on moving forward with the US launch date of April 26th, which is this Friday.

Samsung has a lot riding on this first-generation device. The $1,980 phone is the highest-profile foldable phone to hit the market, and reports that the devices are breaking after just a couple of days of use is potentially a huge setback.


Photo from Android Central

Systems Outage with Wells Fargo Services

Our money is very important to us in today’s society.  Of course without it, you won’t be able to buy your needs and any wants that you can afford for the week.  However, some people got worried when their hard earned money wasn’t showing up on their accounts.

Customers with Wells Fargo were unable to access their money on their accounts just this past Thursday and even as recent as Friday it was reported that customers were still having troubles and they were unable to access their accounts and direct deposits.

Wells Fargo released a statement that said that the issue was contained by their data center that the ATMs were working and most online and mobile services were back up and operating.

Because of the issue, Wells Fargo extend their hours for most of their branches by one hour for Friday and Saturday.

However, the issues that are still going on are serious ones like mortgage issues which are affecting closing on houses which could affect the futures of many.

Another issue which is the most common one is customers not being able to access their money which worried business owners and others as people’s paychecks could had been delayed due to the issue.

As of press time, some of the issues are lingering as some customers are planning on switching bank providers as soon as they are able to access their accounts, they will be switching to another bank. This won’t affect the fourth largest bank in the world right now but it could affect their future if they are not careful.

It is going to be an interesting few days to see how many customers leave Wells Fargo due to this debacle.

Gender Studies for Scientists

Radford University, like hundreds of other universities across the country, offers courses in Women and Gender Studies. I grew up in a highly scientific conservative household that taught me to see courses on those subjects as silly and useless, which is an opinion held by a lot of scientists today. My parents were both college educated, in chemistry and computer science, and raised their six children to work towards a college education, preferably in the sciences.

It was natural for me to gravitate to the more ‘hard’ sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology. I never questioned why these more male-dominated fields were considered ‘hard’ and why female-dominated fields like psychology and sociology were ‘soft’ sciences. It’s certainly not to do with difficulty.

I’m taking my first gender studies class this semester, my last semester before graduating with a degree in geology. With each week, I learn more and more about the ways my gender affects the way I study in my field and the way my peers treat me. These ways range from the gender pay gap that will affect me while I pay back my student loans to the motherhood penalty that will make getting a job in geology with children difficult.

Every woman you talk to in male-dominated sciences can tell you stories about being talked down to by male peers and instructors or by being spoken over in debates. I’ve experienced these things here at Radford. Once a male chemistry professor told me that he didn’t like having women in the lab because they were a distraction to the male students, effectively telling me and all the other girls in the class that our education didn’t matter as much as our male peers.


The Numbers behind the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII is officially set for February 4 between the AFC Champions, the New England Patriots and the NFC Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles however it’s not all about football but it’s all about the commercials.

Official Super Bowl Logo, photo from nfl.com
Official Super Bowl Logo, photo from nfl.com

While the die-hard football fans will be ignoring the commercials, the common fan or that one person who enjoys the $5 million (yes, they cost that much and more.) commercials. Here’s the behind the numbers on the commercials and the “Big Game” itself.

$7.7 million and Gone in 30 Seconds

This year’s cost for a 30 second commercial in the Super Bowl this year is $7.7 million dollars. To put that figure in retrospect, The average player in the NBA barely makes over $5 million a yearwhile the average players in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS make less than that amount in a year. If your company wants a minute long commercial, prepare to add another $5 million to the original amount for a grand total of $10 million. Now that’s a lot of dough but the amount of viewers watching the Super Bowl, it’s all worth it

The World is Watching

The 1st Super Bowl in 1967 had over 51 million viewers and it has only grown since.  Last year’s Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons had an average of 111.3 million viewers while a grand total of 172 million Americans watched the game at one point. That’s more Americans that watch the game than Americans who had voted in the 2016 election (137.5 million).

FOOD… and partying 

We all love food right? Well just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl has a case to being a holiday. During last year’s Super Bowl festivities, it was projected that Americans would eat 1.33 billion Chicken Wings, and spend $1.2 billion on beer and alcohol ( for fans to celebrate their team’s win or to drown out their emotions after their team loses). Domino’s last year sold 11 million slices of pizza and they said the Super Bowl is their 3rd-busiest day of the year (only behind Halloween and New Year’s Eve). Now that’s a lot of food and dough (PIZZA DOUGH).

“Sick Day”

The most important number here is over 16 million. That’s how many estimated people who are going to miss work the day after the Super Bowl.  That doesn’t even count how many students would missing from school (from Pre-K to College.)  Just last year, Heinz, the ketchup makers gave their salaried workers the day off following the Big Game, noting that the U.S. would lose over $1 billion in “productivity losses.” Maybe one day, we will see the day after the Super Bowl added as a national holiday but until then, don’t miss class just because of one game.

There are so many numbers behind the Super Bowl that the game itself over shadows everything in your life. On February 4th just like many, I will be watching the big game and to the two teams, may the best team win.






Social Class Unawareness

It is not something we think about often. In fact, we almost never consider it in any real seriousness, not unless it is a direct issue for us. I’m talking about our social class and more specifically our financial status. Most of the people who go to Radford University can be considered fairly well off. Not (necessarily) rich or wealthy but obviously they have the means to go to a university. Not everyone is in quite that position, some manage to get by entirely on scholarships and those people should be applauded and congratulated for their hard work and dedication. The effort and work they put into maintaining those scholarships and grants is amazing. Nonetheless, many of us come from a middle class background and typically did not have to worry about how much money we or our family had. But that is not the case for a lot of people.

Photo from LinkedIn.com

We are usually unaware of our own finical situation and of the situations of others, especially those without as much money as us. We tend to just assume most people are in the same boat as us, unless they show blatantly obvious signs of wealth or poverty. It is easy to assume that the person sitting next to you in class has a car like you or a game system or the newest (or one of the recent) cellphones. While this way of thinking does not necessarily make you a bad person, it is important to stop and consider the fact that other people are not as well off as you.

You should not feel bad for being well off (financially speaking). It is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. It is a good thing and you should be happy about. But instead think about how that waitress might need that tip at the end of your meal or how the pizza delivery driver could use a few extra dollars to help cover the cost of gas. Take a little bit of time and consider what type of situation someone else might be in.

Are Summer Jobs Realistic Anymore?

With the school year winding down and summer break almost upon us, a lot of students are starting to make plans for their summers. Some have vacations, some will simply be going home for the summer, and many will be looking for a summer job. College and life, in general, are expensive and we could all use a little extra cash in our pocket. People have been doing this for years, so it is no big deal, right? Not exactly.

starbucks worker
“Most businesses are not looking for part-time summer help anymore; most places want someone who is willing to work part-time year-round.” Photo from: http://cdn.thesimpledollar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/starbucks-barista.jpg

The world is changing and progressing rapidly and things aren’t the same as they were 20, 10, or even five years ago. Most businesses are not looking for part-time summer help anymore; most places want someone who is willing to work part-time year-round, at the very least. And working year-round is not a very plausible option for most college students. First of all, most college students go home for the summer which is usually not very close to college. It can be two hours away, four hours away, or six or eight hours away. So even if a college student wanted to, the idea of having a year round job is not a possibility. And with that option gone, the job opportunities dwindle. Most places of business do not want to hire someone only to replace them after three months; that is just bad business.

If a college student lives near their college campus and does stay in the same area year-round, they will still run into similar problems. While it is not impossible to keep a job and go to college at the same time (plenty of college students do exactly that), it is difficult and not something that everyone can do. Any college student can tell you that college is hard and that it takes a lot of time and effort; many have to spend the vast majority of their time working on school work. It is not uncommon for them to have very little spare time left and it’s hard to work at a job when you only have a few spare hours. College is intensive, and the whole point of summer break is to give you an actual break, not spend it begging for a job that you’ll likely have to quit in a few months.

High School Lunches Need Improvement

Many of us remember what our high school lunches were like, and they are probably not fond memories. Many school lunches were rather lackluster and little more than a small sandwich, a carton of milk, and a sub-par side. With the recent budget proposal by Donald Trump that would cut funding to many food programs quite a few rely on, a drastic improvement to school lunch programs is needed.

school lunch
“The portions are also often small, so even if the food itself has not gone bad, students are still hungry after they have finished their lunch.” Photo from: http://mybrownbaby.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/school-lunch.jpg

There needs to be a good balance between lunches that are healthy and lunches that have plenty of food. Often times, the food available to high school students is clearly not fresh; buns are stale, fruits have those tell-tale soft spots, and milk is expired. The portions are also often small, so even if the food itself has not gone bad, students are still hungry after they have finished their lunch. Many high schools are known to reuse leftover food for the sake of cutting costs, which leads to the bigger issue that schools face: lack of funding.

It is not uncommon to hear about a high school having trouble with getting sufficient funding for all sections of the school. Since public schools receive their funding from the government, they often have to spend a specific amount of the funding on a specific department within their school. For example, the athletic department is often known for getting the lion’s share of the funding for a variety of reasons. Sports teams are a big crowd pleaser and they draw good publicity for the school and the school systems, ergo they receive more funding than most. While the athletic department of a school shouldn’t be underfunded, a portion of the excessive amount of money it receives could go to the school lunch program to help provide fresh food for the entire student body. Students deserve fresh fruit, fresh meat, and larger portions. This is a program that benefits all of the students, not just a specific subset of them. Thus, it deserves more funding, especially given that soon many students will be receiving less food thanks to federal budget cuts.

Is the Renovation Needed Now?

“Maybe the university should focus more on maintaining what is already here rather than advancing one area and leaving another lacking.” Photo from: http://i1.wp.com/www.andassoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/WhittHall.png?fit=476%2C305

Anyone who has been on Radford’s campus has seen the various renovations that have been happening across the campus. Whitt Hall has been under reconstruction for the entirety of this academic year, and the old apartments that used to be home to several humanities departments are long gone and are being replaced with a new parking lot. Just this year, the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building, or CHuBS, opened up after several years of construction. Several of the dorms in Moffett Quad were reopened after renovations last academic year. In fact, it seems like as soon as one construction project is finished, a new one begins. All of these new improvements are very nice and provide great facilities for both students and staff, but is all of it really necessary right now?

There’s no arguing that many of the new renovations and additions to Radford campus are needed; many of these buildings are very old and are in desperate need of an upgrade. But the real question is whether or not these renovations are the best option right now. After all, there have been instances of various departments around campus lacking in funding and supplies. So far, none of these instances have been a real issue, but maybe the university should focus more on maintaining what is already here rather than advancing one area and leaving another lacking. This is not to be ungrateful for the new facilities that we have (they are very nice and very helpful) but more so for the idea of spreading the help around and making sure every department gets what they need first before we spend more money. Not to mention that sometimes all of the construction going on can cause a bit of trouble for students as it often closes off pathways people typically use.

How Much Will That College Degree Actually Help?

Nowadays it is pretty normal and almost expected for people to go to college. It is just what is done, and those who either go straight into the workforce or the military are the outliers (not that there is anything wrong with that). This is a pretty significant change from the generation of most college student’s parents. It used to be that you could go straight into the workforce without worrying about college; in fact, most people did and got along fine. However, it seems that everyone needs a college degree to get any job beyond basic retail or the fast food industry. But does a degree really help?

Almost any medium or high-level job requires at least a basic four-year degree to even be considered, which is a large part of the problem. A bachelor’s degree has become the new status quo, and it is the minimum requirement. Going to a basic four-year college is no longer enough to stand out. It’s expected that you have at least that much if you are even going to consider applying for a job. This has made finding a job, stable employment, and most importantly financial security much more difficult. This is extremely concerning for most college students because of the massive debt that they rack up just to get those four-year degrees.

job app
“Many employers want several years worth of work experience as a minimum requirement. It is extremely hard to get work experience when you are in college.” Photo from: http://allthatglitterspawn.com

Another issue is that for most starting positions, many employers want several years worth of work experience as a minimum requirement. It is extremely hard to get work experience when you are in college. Any college student will tell you that they are already extremely busy with their school work. Many will tell you that they aren’t able to have a job and still manage their school workload. And yet, we are expected, at a minimum, to have this work experience along with our four-year degree straight out of college.

A college degree is always a good thing to have, but recently it seems like students have to go above and beyond just to stand a chance. You either have to pursue even higher levels of education (and rack up more debt) or somehow manage to work at least a part-time job within your field of study while juggling an ever-increasing workload from school, which is not easy (and in fact a quite daunting) task.

Money jar

You can make your jar fun and pretty too! Photo from blog.quizzle.com

Over the past year or so, I’ve realized how important money is. I don’t mean that in the superficial “money buys happiness and being rich is all that matters” kind of way. I mean that having money is truly the only way to survive. Money buys food, shelter, clothes, and education. Without those four necessary things, we as humans can’t survive. However, despite the basic needs for survival, money also buys things that differentiate surviving from living. Anyone can survive, but not everyone truly lives.

Money can’t buy happiness, that I agree with. However, money can help. I consider living to be defined as experiencing new things, enjoying what life has to offer, and doing these things with people you love. Money can purchase concert tickets, amusement park tickets, gas for road trips, plane tickets that allow you to explore the world. Without money, you’re left with what your hometown has to offer, the same movie theaters and outlet malls that you’ve been accustomed to your entire life. I wouldn’t consider continuing to go to those places as experiencing or learning new things. Although money can encourage living, you have to work hard and save up to be able to experience what the world has to offer.

Money jars are pretty self explanatory. I’m sure you’ve seen them on tumblr, pinterest, and maybe even instagram. Money jars are jars that contain money that you’ve saved up. When you receive your paycheck or whatever type of money you receive from working, you can take a fraction of your earnings and place it into the jar. I’m choosing to put 20 dollars every month into the jar. By doing this, eventually, you’ll have enough money saved up to be able to travel, to buy tickets to wherever or whomever you want to see. This method allows you to continue to pay rent, buy food, or other responsibilities you might have to survive, while also saving up so you can live. Because what is surviving without living?

By having a physical object to look at, containing money that you have worked hard for, it allows you to see the bigger picture, to see why you work those long hours, working yourself to the bone. It gives you a reminder of why you work and do the things you do. Money jars are a physical reminder of the fun experiences the life has in store for you. It reminds you to never give up because living is more important than simply surviving.

5 ways to lose all your money

When it comes to money, I’m the worst at knowing what’s best. I want to spend every cent I have on things that I know I don’t need, or things that I need to survive but could potentially purchase cheaper alternatives. Even though I don’t make a lot of money, the money I do make never stays in my bank account long enough to gain interest or to gain more than 50 dollars at one time. Here are the 5 reasons I never have any money:

Don't waste your money on daily McDonald's trips. Graphic from JP Koning
Don’t waste your money on daily McDonald’s trips. Graphic from JP Koning

1. Food

Food is my worst enemy when it comes to spending all of my money. When I’m hungry, I have to eat as soon as possible, or I might explode with rage. I become the definition of “hangry” and, as you know, there is only one cure. My go-to when I’m dying of hunger is McDonald’s. I began eating McDonald’s when I was probably 4 or 5, and I’ve never looked back. However, McDonald’s can be pretty expensive when you’re not eating from the dollar menu, which of course, I usually don’t, unless I’m scrounging for change in my car. For some reason, I think eating at home is the worst idea ever and refuse to do it, until I’m out of money and crying on my couch eating Ramen. What I should be doing is only eating out once or twice a week, while eating at home the other 5 days, but that will never happen. My addiction to McDonald’s is too far gone. Save yourselves.

2. Gas

Gas is so expensive. I will never get over having to spend 25 to 30 dollars on gas every four days. My car literally eats my money and then poops it out over the course of a few days, then has the audacity to ask for more. Stupid car. Being a commuter and having to drive to and from Radford, from Blacksburg, multiple times a day, obviously doesn’t save any gas. In the long run, I’m sure it’s cheaper than living on campus, but my debit card sure feels sad and lonely at the end of the day.

3. Cigarettes

You don’t need to tell me how to save money with this one. I get it.

4. Significant Other

Relationships can be expensive, especially when expensive to me means more than 15 dollars. But your significant other deserves to have money spent on them, to have new things, but only every now and then. If you’re struggling with money like I am, then things like food, rent, gas, and other essentials tend to have a higher priority on the list. Just don’t forget about them. Nice things every once in awhile are good, but keep it to a minimum.

5. Clothes

Buying clothes can be a tricky situation. When you actually need clothes, it makes sense that you would go to a store, and buy your clothes. However, when you convince yourself that you need clothes, that you genuinely need new jeans or shirts, even though you really don’t, that’s when money and spending choices need to be questioned.

The bottom line here is spend your money wisely. If you can, save as much as possible so you can have it when you really need it. Try not to buy things you don’t need or spend money when you could eat or use things you already have.
Okay, time to get McDonald’s.

Radford University will eliminate tuition fees for the next three years

For the next three years, Radford University has decided to eliminate all tuition fees for all students! They realized the tuition was way too expensive, and students who want to attend here but can’t because of money issues should be able to, no matter what. They received enough complaints from students and parents, making it the easiest decision they’ve ever made. They’re also going make one day a week free food day, where all food on campus will be giving away free food to anyone and everyone!

Ever since Trump came to the campus, and the new president has been chosen, Radford has really tightened up on their beliefs and values, and how they want to affect their student population. The new president has come out, publically, as a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the first thing he wanted to do to prove that was to make college free, and food on campus somewhat free. The president of RU knows what it’s like to be a broke college student, to not be able to afford food everyday or even afford college at all. So that’s why he has made college free for three years, and he intends on continuing free college as long as students continue to apply and keep up their grades.

Ever since RU’s new president announces his support of Bernie Sanders, all of social media has been raging, in happiness of course. One student was so ecstatic, she tweeted Bernie Sanders and he tweeted back! He told her that he would love to come to Radford University and clean up what Donald Trump left behind. This was the best news I’ve heard all year, to hear Bernie Sanders speak to the Radford campus will be an even I never forget. I can’t wait to write an article on the rally and the amount of peace and happiness it will bring.

This last week has been the most exciting week of my life. To hear college will be free, one day a week on campus food will be free, and Bernie Sanders is coming to speak at RU, it’s literally the best news I could ever hear. I don’t know how this year will get any better!
April Fool’s bitches. This article is entirely satire.

New “Reactions” to Facebook

Some of us spend countless hours on Facebook while simply scrolling through our timelines. We stop to read posts, shared witty articles, and even leave a “like” or comment on statuses.

The future of Facebook is nigh folks, and it’s looking more enchanting than ever.

Facebook's new Reactions. Graphic from adweek.com
Facebook’s new Reactions. Graphic from adweek.com

Facebook will soon be releasing a new way to connect with friends’ posts and statuses, called Reactions. Soon users will be able to be “angry” and “sad”, or shout “yay” or “wow” — you’ll even be able to finally “love” a comment, photo or video posted on the social media giant.

The social media site is hoping these additional Reactions will boost the amount of time spent on Facebook, and more people will share their thoughts more at regular intervals during the day.

Facebook began testing the wide range of new expressions last October in Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Japan and Colombia.

Facebook will soon roll out a wider range of reactions to posted items than “like.”

Soon its users will be able to be “angry” and “sad,” or shout “yay” or “wow” — or simply “love” a comment, photo or video posted on the social media site.

On Wednesday January 31, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, our lord and creator, said ”We want people to be able to share all of the things that are meaningful to them, not just the things that are happy and that people are going to like when they see it”. He added that the release of the new expressions will come “pretty soon.”

Additionally on Wednesday, Facebook released its earnings report. The company reported that during the last three months of 2015, Facebook brought in $5.8 billion — a growth of 52%. Making $1.6 billion in profit — an increase of 123% from 2014.

Facebook is now making more money off it’s users than ever before. There are now 1.59 billion people who use the site each month. Facebook makes more than $13 per user, a 50% increase from the $9 they made per person in 2014.

Other changes made to the site, like live video and collages, more tailored notifications, the ability to hide your exs and a more powerful search tool, keep people on the site for longer, and allows Facebook to learn more about its users — using advertising to target people much more effectively.

Facebook may be making more money off of us, but they are giving much more back to us in return. The new Reactions added to the site will generate so much more money, and may mean a huge increase in Facebook’s earnings report of 2016.

Main Street Night Life–One Student’s Opinion

At bigger schools and universities, the students normally go out on the weekends. They have a main street that’s lively with people, bars, restaurants, and small music venues. However, when people come to visit Radford they ask what bars we go to or where they are, if it’s a long walk to them, et cetera.

What they don’t know is, we only have two or three “bars”, if you can even define them as such, that people will venture to and actually have fun at.


The bar scene in Radford is definitely not like the bigger university. Graphic from Brightest Young Things
The bar scene in Radford is definitely not like the bigger universities. Graphic from Brightest Young Things

BT’s is the closest and is within manageable walking distance. There’s Sharkey’s, which is further, but you can still walk there without much trouble. The last bar is Macado’s, which you would probably want to drive to since it’s sort of out of the way of everything else happening on the weekends.

So, I would definitely say that Radford does not have a bar scene or a street specifically for students on the weekend.

Although we do have a main street that has a decent amount of shops, no one bothers to remember the names of them, let alone visits them. What would be beneficial to our students, our community, and our school would be to renovate our main street and start to build a nightlife scene.

Students would be excited about the new bars, they would make a lot of money off of the students especially on the weekends, and it would give Radford something that it doesn’t have yet. Radford is already growing significantly, and has big plans for the next several years on expanding.

This would bring in a lot of wanted and needed revenue and give students another option for the weekends. It could also make it safer for students if there were police down there to help deal with traffic and helping students walk across the streets. Radford would thrive off of a main street nightlife and I see it happening sometime in our school’s future!


What smoking means today

Smoking hasn’t always had a huge stigma in society. It use to be something everyone did. In the office, the bars, in restaurants, everywhere really. It was something that everyone just did, regardless if they wanted to or not.

Back in the 1950s, smoking was at an all time high because it was cool and cheap. Actors like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn were never seen on screen without a cigarette in their hands or mouths.

Everyone was influenced by famous people in the 1950s and 1960s and because smoking cigarettes was cheap, cool, and socially acceptable, everyone did it.

Nowadays, however, smoking is much more controversial and stigmatized. Most people think smoking is disgusting, a habit that will kill you the second a cigarette hits your lips.

I think this change occurred because more medical information was released about cigarettes, telling consumers that cigarettes can cause cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and many more effects. However, what most people don’t seem to take into account are the effects of that alcohol can have as well.

People like to lecture smokers how on they can kill you, but don’t take a second to step back and look at themselves and the bad habits they have. Cigarettes may have more short-term effects, but alcohol can kill you in the long term.

Smoking, since the 1950s, has also become much more expensive. In the 1950s, a pack of cigarettes cost 25 cents. Today, on average, a pack of cigarettes cost $5.25.

No wonder people don’t smoke as much anymore;it’s way too expensive.

People rather spend that $5.25 on the dollar menu at McDonald’s, killing their arteries and increasing their risk for heart disease, than buy a pack of cigarettes. See what I did there?

Just because cigarettes are more direct with their health risks doesn’t mean that fast food or alcohol is any better for you. Fast food is a silent killers in a way, since they don’t tell their consumers out right what the effects of their products can have.

Simply because cigarette companies are legally bound to tell their consumers about the effects, people think cigarettes are the killer of all things when in fact they are just honest with their side effects.

1950s cigarette packaging Photo from Vintageadbrowser
1950s cigarette packaging
Photo from Vintageadbrowser

The stigma around cigarette smokers is mostly judgement and false opinions on those who smoke. People think that smokers are scary, rude, disgusting, and many other negative adjectives when that simply isn’t true for everyone.

Everybody smokes for different reasons whether it be to handle stress, anxiety, depression, or whatever reason, and this is personal to the smoker. People judge too quickly and don’t think about the reasons behind the actions of people. Think before you judge someone and get rid of the stigma. It is unnecessary and simply unjust.

Better safe than sorry

Everyone gets excited when they feel like they are finally where they want to be financially. Your bank account looks good and you feel confident, so whatever it is you’ve had your eye on you go out and buy.

You tell yourself you have enough money and that this may be the only time you will be able to buy that expensive dress you saw last week or the pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Your friends all ask you out to lunch a couple times a week and you say yes because you want that delicious food from that fancy restaurant. You deserve to eat at that fancy restaurant and you think your bank account can take a few hits.

Just when you spend money, it seems you lose money from other places. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Just when you can afford to spend money, it seems you lose money from other places. Graphic by Katie Gibson

What you don’t know is that next week your car will get towed because you didn’t see the “no parking” sign. The following week your washing machine will break and you will have to pay to have it fixed or buy a whole new one.

Your bank account will take a couple hard losses in the next couple weeks and after you spent a lot of your money on clothes and food you don’t know how you will pay for all of these incidents and still have money left over for groceries and necessities. This is where the dreaded yet true concept better safe than sorry comes in.

Everyone has heard the saying and probably doesn’t think much of it. I didn’t give it a second thought until I ran into similar problems and was stuck in a rut after I blew the majority of my money on food and things I wanted but didn’t need. Try to restrain from things you want and spend money only on the things you need in your life.

Groceries, toiletries, rent, and books for school; these are necessities and what you should be spending your money on.

The rest of the time you should try to save your money as frequently as you can just in case something comes up and you need the extra in your bank account!

The pros to having a swipe all 4 years of college

When you’re a freshman in college one of your requirements is to have a meal plan.  You live in the dorms and you can’t really cook anything besides popcorn and ramen noodles. So, your swipe is your gold key to all the food places on campus.

As a freshman, you’ll probably have the biggest meal plan that has a lot of money so you can have enough to get you through both semesters.

Photo By: Danielle Byrd

However, when you get to be older, some people just stop buying a meal plan because they live in an apartment or house where they can make dinner every night. Sophomores might have a less expensive meal plan, but often still have one because they are not sure what it’ll be like in their apartment or house.  They don’t know whether or not they will or can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.  When you get to be a junior or senior, though, it seems as if having a meal plan isn’t worth the money anymore. I, however, think that it’s worth it and is beneficial to anyone who wants to purchase one.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive plan, there are pretty cheap ones and then there are the more expensive ones most commonly used by freshman. I am a junior and I have a block meal plan so I get 65 swipes per semester. I use my swipe constantly throughout the week. Whether I use it to get coffee after my early classes or get lunch on the way home from the gym, I get a lot of use out of it. It’s convenient for when I am in a rush or just want food from on campus.  If I don’t have time to make dinner I can just grab something from on campus, already made. Having a meal plan throughout college has helped me survive until my next home cooked meal with my family.


Why you should invest in a Scentsy


For those of you who don’t know what a Scentsy is, it’s wax warmer that is magical, wonderful, and totally worth the money. They aren’t sold in stores but they have a website that you can visit and purchase what you need from their consultants. (https://scentsy.com) Basically, instead of having an online ordering system, they have consultants throughout the country to sell to people around them. It’s really easy and just like ordering online but you get it from a person who’s near your area. You don’t have to directly contact the person, Scentsy does that for you and you will have your scents or warmer sent to you within the week.


“They have a huge selection of scented waxes and even sections like holiday scents, summer scents, classic scents, and so on.” Photo By: Sydney Crawson

Once on the website, you can buy anything from an actual warmer to different waxes to warmer covers. The warmers range wide in price from $30-$60 so if you don’t want to spend a lot you don’t have to but if you want to, and can, that’s available for you also. The warmers come in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. They even have a nightlight version of the warmer you can plug into a wall outlet!

The fun part starts when you get to pick out which waxes you want to put in your Scentsy dish. They have a huge selection of scented waxes and even sections like holiday scents, summer scents, classic scents, and so on. The waxes are only $5 and they are re-usable! All you have to do is heat up the wax in your dish and then when it becomes a liquid you dump it back into its plastic shell and wipe out any excess wax still stuck to your dish. Then you can put whatever other scent you want and keep re-using them as many times as you wish!

Scentsy’s are cute, fun, and mess free. They won’t burn your apartment down if you leave them on by accident. They smell stronger than candles too. Scentsy’s are a great investment and will bring joy and great scents to your humble abode.