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The 24th annual international banquet

The 24th International Banquet was held in Muse on April 18. The doors opened at 5:30 p.m. The event was put on by the Radford community: both students, faculty, and locals. It was sponsored by the International Student Affairs Council of SCA and The International Education Center. The Beans and Rice charity was selected this year for the banquet. A donation box was located in the main entrance. Also, there was a place for donations of nonperishable food items by the ticket table.

The beginning of the event was just for people to find a table and socialize with their preset salads and beverages. Each table was also set with bouquets of fake flowers in glass vases, surrounded by picture frames. The frames displayed a world disaster-like a wild fire or flood-along with a picture and a table number.

The columns in the dining room were decorated with colored paper and famously influential people from around the world, like Malala Yousafzai and some information or a quote about them. There were also colored balloons bobbing around the room and tied to chairs. Half of the attendees were dressed business casual, while some chose to be very formal with a suit and tie or dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans.

The MCs of the night: Sarah Rainey, Suliaman James, Kieran Robert spoke on a small stage centered in the room. They announced all of the performances and called each table, three at a time, to serve themselves at the international-themed buffet. The menu featured foods from Japan, Cameroon, Scotland, Haiti, and more.

There were also many vegetarian options and all food had it’s ingredients labeled specifically. Whether those labels decided to stay on or fall off was another story.

The buffet also included several different types of bread in all manners of shapes and sizes. The desserts included taro coconut, cranahan, chocolate trifle, and baklava.

The performances began with a Colombian and Venezuelan dance by three young women in the appropriate more traditional dancing skirts. The next performance was Catriona Scott, a foreign exchange student from Scotland. The night also featured RU HYPE, clogging, and singing. It was very much like an international talent show.

All Things Asian Cool

On Saturday Nov. 8 the Asian Pop Culture Club and Korean American Student Association (formerly the Korean Student Association) collaborated to create an fun and informative event for RU students. This RU After Dark event was aptly named All Things Asian Cool and consisted of activities originating from several Asian countries.

Other than delicious foods (which included vegetable fried rice, beef and broccoli, egg rolls, and so on), the evening included a trivia game involving interesting facts of all 48 Asian countries where prizes were given to each person who answered a question correctly. We learned that Japan has a cannibalistic themed restaurant, that the Philippines are comprised of 7,107 islands, and that the K-pop group Super Junior is the greatest gift to God’s green earth.

For those who weren’t dancing to the infectious beats of Sistar and Gangnam Style, fan painting was a great way to enjoy the night. Several Chinese students chose to show off their penmanship while others decided to take a more traditional approach through floral and nature-inspired themes. Some participants also chose to decorate Indian flutes that were available and whose natural wooden template provided a great contrast to the glitter paint available.

henna tattoo 2
“Another favorite of the night had to be the henna station where the long-lasting temporary tattoos were available.”

A crowd favorite was the jewelry making station which had beads, elastic, and charms with Chinese characters available. However, those who opted for this activity were forced to put up with the few and frustrated suckers that tried their hands at origami. Another favorite of the night had to be the henna station where the long-lasting temporary tattoos were available. This table was full all night as attendees queued up for a litter artistic flourish for their Asian Cool outfits.

And if the diverse arts and crafts weren’t enough to entertain you, an intense few rounds of musical chairs dominated the attention of an audience too shy to get in on the action. Competitors fought — with butts and chair rattling — for prizes that included wireless speakers and stuffed pandas.

Of course, the highlight of the night was watching the talented members of both hosting clubs rock out to their favorite songs. Dancers practiced long and hard this semester to showcase their abilities, including both clubs presidents, Ama Kyei (APC) and Noella Kim (KASA).

If you missed out, hopefully you’ll be able to see these clubs perform some more great moves and enjoy the amazing food at the annual International Banquet held each spring.

Zombie Prom: A dead dance?

On Oct. 25, hordes of the costumed undead descended to the basement banquet hall in Muse for one of Radford University’s most time-honored Halloween traditions: the annual Zombie Prom. “Hordes” may be a bit of an exaggeration; in fact, many attendees (most of whom were self-described Zombie Prom veterans) remarked on the event’s shrunken size compared to years past. Continue reading Zombie Prom: A dead dance?

Give me some ear plugs

Photo by Jenny Krashin.

If you or if anyone you know lives in Muse, I’m sure you’ve heard about the trains. Yes, the trains that go by at all hours of the night while we’re trying to sleep, in the morning when we’re trying to sleep in and at random times during the day.

I understand that people need to transport certain things, and trains may be the easiest way to do so, but isn’t there a quieter way to do this? For the most part, students in Muse don’t sleep as far I can tell from the people above me banging around at all hours. But if we do want to go to sleep there is a loud, obnoxious train keeping us from doing so.

Last year my room overlooked the train tracks. All the RA’s said, “By the second week you will get used to it, you won’t even hear it anymore.” I call bullshit. I heard those trains all year up until the day I moved out. This year I’m on the opposite side; they aren’t as loud, but they are still a nuisance. If you ever hear that screeching in the middle of the night that sounds like a mix between an animal dying and nails on a chalkboard, that would be the train stopping. Of course it takes about ten minutes for it to stop, and on top of that it’s honking the entire time. Do we really need 30 honks to tell us that the train is there? We can hear it already!

Maybe, just maybe, Radford could talk to the train station about not running trains all night. I mean, I think ending the trains at midnight and starting again at 7 or 8 a.m. would be a reasonable request. Students need some time away from the constant noise of the trains. As I’m writing this, there’s one screeching down the track. Either get them to change the times or give us some freakin’ ear plugs.

A day in the life of a resident assistant

10 a.m.

Will’s iHome begins to sound on a normal Thursday morning, so he rolls over and presses his snooze button. This battle to wake up usually continues until he finally hops up out of his bed at 10:30 am, knowing that he has class at 11 and needs to take a shower. Will Robitaille is a Resident Assistant on the fifth floor of Muse Hall. He is finishing up his sophomore year here at Radford University and is pursuing his bachelors in criminal justice. Fresh out of the shower at 10:40 and his residents are already being rowdy, a typical Thursday. The whole hall is ready for the weekend to start. Will throws on a pair of dark green shorts and a gray t-shirt as he grabs his books and jets out the door. On his way to the elevator, Will quiets down his residents in hopes of a peaceful weekend.

12:30 p.m.

Will is out of his first class of the day, so he heads to his favorite and most convenient lunch spot, the New River Grill, aka Muse Dining Hall. After a tasty meal and a scoop of coffee ice cream he’s off to his room to check out the day’s current events on his laptop and enjoy a little bit of down time.

1:45 p.m.

Will gathers his books and prepares to make his way over to Powell Hall for his last class of the day, but before he can leave he hears a knock on his door: a resident forgot their key; typical. He hurries down to the office, grabs the resident’s key and unlocks their door, warning them that the next time they need to be let in they may not be so lucky to find him. Now he’s in a hurry. He bounds down the stairs and out the front door, the whole time checking his watch constantly to make sure he won’t be late to class.

3:30 p.m.

Out of class and ready to relax for a while, Will lays down on his couch with a book. He begins to read, but finds himself dozing. Finally, he gives in and decides to take a nap.

5 p.m.

Will wakes to his phone ringing. His girlfriend is out of class for the day and is calling to see what he’s up to. They make plans to have dinner in about an hour and Will gets up and puts on his shoes. Hoping to gain a little bit of energy from the sunny weather and the hustle of campus, Will heads outside for a walk. On his way out he hears two of his female residents laughing hysterically and he decides to investigate, but it’s just girls being girls gossiping about their weekend plans.

Will thinks over his experience so far as an RA: ” Sometimes it can be difficult to balance my school work and the job [RA] while still leaving some time to myself. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t,” he laughs lightly. “Really though, I know some people who have huge issues with burnout because they don’t know how to schedule some time into their day to just relax.”

7:15 p.m.

Stomach full and happy, Will and his girlfriend make their way back to her room for a little bit before he must depart back to muse for his duty.

“We usually end up at Dalton for dinner, there’s bound to be something we can both or all (depending on who joins up for dinner) agree on food-wise. Some days it’s the only time I get with my friends and my girlfriend. Thursdays, for instance, are usually pretty busy. Today was abnormally chill.”

8:30 p.m.

Will is on duty in Muse starting at 8 p.m. and ending at 12 a.m.

“Duty isn’t that bad, it’s really good time to get homework done seeing as there isn’t really anything else we can do. We can’t sleep, and we can’t go anywhere, so it leaves little to choose from in the way of activities. We also have to be visible in the building in case there is a problem and our residents need us for something.”

11 p.m.

The staff in Muse take shifts down at the front desk in the lobby, and Will tends to take the last one.

“It’s like a backwards fashion show. Everyone walks in a huge mess! I love Thursdays because people come back from parties stumbling around trying to look sober, but it’s so obvious that they’re not, so I tend to mess around with them a little bit for fun. It’s always harmless though, and they usually end up laughing with me.”

12:30 a.m.

Will returns to his room, tired from the day but not quite ready to go to bed. Call of Duty time!

“I know that face. My girlfriend hates it too, but it’s guy time! Time for a little bromancing in the world of Xbox. We joke around and catch up with each other on stuff. It may seem like it’s just a video game, but it’s more like hanging out without actually hanging out,” he chuckles. “I yell a lot in the game, and some nights we get really obscene, but it’s definitely what I need at the end of the day. A good laugh will make any issues you have vanish.”

2 a.m.

“I’m such a night owl,” he says of himself. “That’s why I always make sure I make time for a nap, because I know I’m not going to get to bed early no matter how hard I try.”

It’s true, Will does a final sweep of his hall checking to make sure he isn’t going to be woken up by a cranky resident complaining that someones music is too loud at 3 a.m. He then returns to his room, drinks a big cup of water and hits the sack.

“Some days I go to bed clutching my pillow thanking God the day is over, and some days I fall asleep laughing at the day’s events, but I love my job, and I’m so lucky for the experience I’m gaining for whatever the future has for me.”

Cover and story photos from Anna Sacks