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Gearbox Announces the Next Entry of Borderlands

After a long few years, Gearbox, the gaming company known for its Borderlands series, finally decided that in order to get back on track, it is time for the third game.

This news has been long-anticipated by fans, but it is now official: the third Borderlands game is coming out soon, according to Gearbox. After months of rumors, hints, and teases, the game was officially announced on Friday. There is no word on platforms (Xbox and PlayStation will be assumed here) or a release date, but it has been suggested by 2K Games, the publisher, that it will be out within this coming fiscal year, which will be next April.

This is the fourth entry in the critically and commercially successful loot-shooting Borderlands series, after the first two games and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which came out in 2014.

Borderlands 3 looks very similar to the three previous games, which were very popular and liked by critics and gamers.

This news, which is great for Gearbox, comes after a few difficult years for the independent studio located in Frisco, Texas. They have dealt with two high-profile games that were poorly received due to their graphics. Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was released in 2013, became infamous after a pre-released demo exposed the game for graphics that were flashy and fake compared to the real game’s. In 2016, an attempt to appeal to the fans of the hero shooters, but that game flopped just as hard as the Aliens game.

Now, the company will hope to win new fans as well as bring back old fans with a new entry to its most successful series to date.

However, for right now, fans will have to wait for more news, and according to Gearbox, there will be more to reveal to fans on April 3.


Reports Unclear about the Radford Attempted Robbery

At the early hour of 3:55 a.m. on Saturday, January 28th, an attempted robbery took place on Grove Avenue. Indisputable facts about this incident are as follows: two men were approached on Grove Avenue by two other men wielding an unidentified object. The two suspects demanded money, but luckily, no property was taken and no one was injured. One suspect is described as male, brown in complexion, aged 20-24, approximately 5’8 to 5’10 with a slender to average build. This suspect was last seen by the victims wearing jeans and a dark hoodie. The second suspect is described as a male, also brown in complexion, aged 20-24, approximately 5’10 with dark hair, slender to average build and possibly facial hair. The two robbers immediately ran away on foot after demanding money, traveling west on Grove Avenue, per the victims.

A bunch of police cars are parked on University Village parking lot where two suspects are being held.
“At the early hour of 3:55 a.m. on Saturday, January 28th, an attempted robbery took place on Grove Avenue.” Photo from: onebyonesafehaven.org

Now you have information all news sources agree on. Let’s discuss the fuzzy details. According to an email sent by Radford University Police Department, both men are brown in complexion and displayed an unknown object. The second suspect is described as wearing a tan hoodie during the robbery. The attempted robbery was said to have occurred on 1100 Grove Avenue. However, many local news outlets disagree on these details. An ‘official’ statement from the Radford City Police Department stated the men were Hispanic. Just so we’re clear, brown in complexion does not translate to Hispanic. The previously unidentified object has turned into an unmistakable firearm. The second suspect is written as wearing a gray hoodie or a white t-shirt and dark pants. While I understand the mild confusion, tan and gray are distinct colors that should be reported correctly. The location in the City Police statement was less specific, stating the attempted robbery took place on the intersection of Tyler Avenue and Grove Avenue. However, 1100 Grove Avenue is on the intersection of Grove and 1st Avenue.

The Radford Police Department are investigating the incident and no further comments will be made. If you have any information, call Radford Police Department at 540-731-3624.

Being Informed Of What’s Going On In The World

These days it seems like less and less people know what’s going on in our country let alone our world. Especially, and it pains me to say, millennials. Whether it’s the constant new shows popping up on Netflix, too much school work, or partying, it just seems like less millennials know what’s going on.

Some people that are of age aren’t even registered to vote, which I simply can’t understand. When I asked some of my peers why they weren’t registered to vote when I found out they responded that they just didn’t care. How can someone not care about their world? Their future, their kid’s futures, and grand-kid’s futures are going to depend on what’s happening right now and in our lifetime.

“I watch the news every morning and not just one news channel but multiple ones.”

I can’t imagine not voting; especially in a presidential election, but in the other elections too. I want a say in who’s leading my country and what’s going on in my country. I have a friend who constantly complains about the presidential candidates and what’s going on with them and our country and when I asked if he had voted he said no. I don’t think complaining is going to change what he doesn’t like about our country or the people running for office. I do think that him registering to vote and actually getting out there and voting  is going to do more than just complaining about it.

I watch the news every morning and not just one news channel but multiple ones because I want to be informed about everything from all perspectives and not just bias from one news channel. I’m not saying every millennial needs to watch the news every morning, even though it would be very beneficial and very informative, but whenever you have time switch on a news channel even if it’s while you’re doing something else. Glance at the news whenever you can, register to vote, and actually get out and vote because it does make a difference and it’s always a good thing to be informed with what’s going on in your country and in the world in general.

The new “News” app On the iPhone

Apple recently released a new software update, which made a few minor changes to our familiar iPhones. For one, the text font is different and it is possible to switch between apps a lot easier now. However, the big change that I noticed was the new app added to our phones: the news app. At first I didn’t think about using this app but I decided to snoop around and see what it was ad I’m glad I did. The news app lets you select anything you can think of (food, traveling, every-day life, etc.) and personalize it to news appyour liking.

When you open the app it shows an endless amount of articles about the stuff you were interested in. It provides a list of articles about recipes, traveling, sports games, political news, animal news, and so much more. Anything you could want to know about is right there in an app instead of Google searching and different news updates.

The app has seasonal options, too, such as fall food ideas or Halloween costume ideas that you can go back and delete off your news feed when the season passes. This is something very useful and convenient that has been added to our already intelligent and capable phones.

I use the app to get easy recipes, look at movie reviews, catch up on celebrity gossip, and get my daily dose of real world news. The app is a great addition to the iPhone that many people will get a lot of use out daily. This app could be for any age because it lets you customize what you want to read about. The app could let a middle-aged man read the political news but also let his 16-year-old daughter read about the celebrity gossip.

Overall, the new “news” app has proved itself worthy in I’m sure not only my book!

What makes a good journalist?

Journalists have gotten a bad reputation in recent years. We’re accused of lying and working for corporations or political figures in order to protect their name and cover up the truth. But what makes someone a “good” journalist?

Last year, I had to interview Gina Cavallaro, a journalist who had worked in Afghanistan and witnessed horrible and amazing things. One thing Gina told me was to, “always be a steward of the truth.” In other words, always make the truth the most important thing when you’re writing.

A lot of journalists have sold themselves out and try not to step on anyone’s toes. But stepping on toes is our job! People aren’t going to like us when we expose them, but it’s our right to. Although “freedom of the press” has been manipulated, as journalists, we need to step forward and present what we find to be true rather than holding back as we try not to piss anyone off.

“But what makes someone a “good” journalist?”

The truth can screw over a lot of people, and I can guarantee that some journalists have been paid to keep their mouths shut. I can understand why someone would do this, because a journalist’s pay isn’t enough to make dreams come true or miracles happen. But what I hope for, for not only myself, but for other future journalists is that we can all have the opportunity to reveal the truth, no matter the risk.

Cavallaro risked her life in order to cover the war in Afghanistan, and many other journalists and correspondents have as well. Why are so many journalists willing to put their lives on the line over seas, but not here? It’s our job to let Americans know what’s going on around the world, but most importantly what’s going on here on our own soil.

In the news, there are tons of vague segments that don’t tell the nitty-gritty details because people want quick snippets that aren’t going to take up too much time. But consumers need to also take it upon themselves to listen and be present when the truth does come out, so that they can be informed.

It can be impossible to define a “good” journalist. When analyzing journalists and their work, we need to put the truth as the forefront of our analysis. We must ask ourselves: what truths does a journalist expose, and how important are those truths in their reporting?

This article will change everything you know about HuffPo

There’s no denying that Facebook has permanently changed the dynamic of marketing. Any marketing director for any business knows that they cannot thrive without a strong social media presence. This could be great for selling products, but what if the product is professional journalism?

Huffington Post always delivers top-notch cat videos, which is why it’s hard to criticize it over the fact that it always delivers cat videos. The problem with Huffington Post is that they have a brilliant marketing strategy, pandering to a society that has an increasing aversion to knowledge. Using clickbait headlines and breaking from objectivity, Huffington Post played all of their cards right to draw in exactly the crowd they want.

There’s no problem with entertainment journalism. That’s what we do at Whim every day. Frankly, with the integration of Facebook, you need to have an entertainment aspect or you won’t be able to keep an audience. However, you have to make the distinction between what qualifies as news and what doesn’t.

“Do you like doing things a certain way? Huffington Post says you’re wrong for doing so. They post a ridiculous amount of articles about why a certain way of thinking is wrong.”

What doesn’t work is glossing over the beheading of an American journalist at the hands of ISIS in favor of posting numerous times about why looking at leaked nude photos of celebrities constitutes rape. It’s essentially selling out journalism for more clicks. It’s expected from Buzzfeed or Upworthy, but not from Huffington Post.

It’d be nice if that was the end of Huffington Post’s crimes against journalism, but it isn’t. They go the extra mile and hire the most hyperbolic examples of left-wing lunatics and give them a forum to shred the liberal ideology. I believe feminism is a great thing, yet when Huffington Post writers tackle the subject, it makes me temporarily revert back to the “make me a sammich” days of my middle school career. Their feminist articles go out of their way to make men seem like the worst thing on the planet, while women cheating can be written off as the man’s fault for failing to satisfy his woman.

Do you like doing things a certain way? Huffington Post says you’re wrong for doing so. They post a ridiculous amount of articles about why a certain way of thinking is wrong. More often than not, it’s about why society isn’t politically correct enough, but every now and then an interesting article pops up telling me that I’ve been eating cookies wrong this whole time and I can’t resist the click.

Then there’s the overwhelming number of seemingly pointless sections. One would wonder how they bother to keep them maintained, but it helps to explain the quality of their content. Sections like politics, world news, crime, or tech make sense to have in any publication. I’ll even admit to subscribing to their weird news section just to see what outrageous things happen in the world. Is there really a need for a section on divorce that can’t be lumped in with a less specific section? Or what about the sideboob section, which at the moment of writing this article features an article of Jennifer Lawrence flashing a sideboob at a film festival? I understand different writers can have different opinions, but it seems extremely hypocritical for a publication to leave that featured while blasting people for searching for the nude photos.

Huffington Post can be a powerful news organization like the Washington Post, or they can be a great entertainment publication like Buzzfeed, but currently they’re trying to be both and it’ll never work. They can sacrifice their journalistic morals for more subscribers, but they have to stop pretending like they’re still interested in being the news.

Journalism’s Justification

Journalism is defined as, “Writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, journalism is a collection of facts, “without an attempt at interpretation.” This means that a reporter should simply state the facts of a given situation or circumstance without assumption, opinion or any form of prejudice or partiality. Said reporter would merely read into a camera what news was written on the teleprompter, and the information written on the teleprompter would be utterly transparent.

USA Today is one of the more reliable news sources. Photo from Creative Commons.

For those of you thinking, “Well, duh, that’s how it’s always been,” I’m going to have to stop you right there. Journalism has traveled far from its initial presentation. It’s fallen into every hole, stumbled over every rock and tumbled down countless cliffs of ethical systems and professional dignity along the way. What was once considered a noble career has turned into a 24-hour gossip engine. Continue reading Journalism’s Justification