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5 Ways Miami, Florida is Very Different From Virginia

When I went to Miami I was expecting some things to be a little different from Virginia and my everyday life but I didn’t expect there to be so many large and significant differences between the two states, or even between one city and a whole state. Here are five major differences between Miami, Florida and Virginia as a whole.

  1. The sand is whiter and the ocean is clearer

The sand is so white which is very different from any of the beaches in Virginia. I’m from Virginia Beach and the sand there is still soft and pretty but it’s not nearly as white and thin as the sand that covers the Miami beaches. Also the water in Miami is a lot clearer than that of the beaches in Virginia. In Virginia the water is almost a murky color but in Miami the water is blue and very clear.

  1. The prices are jacked up

The prices for drinks at clubs and bars is almost ridiculous. At one club we went to, a single drink was 36 dollars, meaning that a double would’ve been somewhere around 60 dollars. That seems like I’m lying but I’m not the prices were really that high. Food and clothing were also this way, fortunately in Virginia the prices are not as bad as Miami.

3. The clubs are open 24 hours

“The sand is so white.”

People who live in Virginia are normally used to bars being closed around 2 am but in Miami that’s when everyone is just arriving at the bars. It’s crazy to think people in Miami leave their homes to go out at 2 am when people in Virginia are just getting home around this time. It was hard to adjust to the time change of getting home at 5 am and not waking up until 12 or 1 every day. That’s something I definitely couldn’t do as a lifestyle, every day occurrence.

  1. Drinks, Dinner, and a show all in one place

In Miami, they have hundreds of bars and clubs where you can get drinks, dinner, and a show and by show I mean dancing, sometimes naked, women. They are on every corner down in South Beach, Miami. It was crazy to see at first because I couldn’t believe this was allowed and a common occurrence down here. That’s something you wouldn’t see down on a boardwalk in Virginia Beach. It was definitely an experience I have never had before seeing all of the chaos down in South Beach.

  1. The open attitude everybody has

Everyone in Miami has a very open and out there mind set. Guys don’t mind walking up to you even if they’re a complete stranger and trying to ask for your phone number or to hang out. Not just guys are this way in Miami, all the girls are very open as well they don’t care if they don’t know you they’ll ask to hangout or what your plans are for the night or for a guy’s phone number without thinking twice about it.

Miami was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad I got the chance to go and have that as a memory for the rest of my life. I don’t think I would be able to ever live down there with all of the chaos and crazy lifestyles but it’s definitely a beautiful place to visit every now and then.

Thoughts About Florida

This past spring break I took a trip to Miami, Florida. I was expecting the water to be clearer and the sand to be whiter, which it was. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was everything else to be different than Virginia as well. Miami is a predominantly Spanish speaking community so whether you’re ordering food, walking along the beach and listening to the locals, or ordering an uber driver, everyone is speaking in Spanish. This isn’t a bad thing however if you don’t know how to speak or at least understand Spanish you could have a difficult time navigating around and getting what you need. Fortunately a couple of my friends who traveled with me spoke Spanish so we didn’t have a problem with that at all.

Another thing I noticed is a difference in the night life. Even when I’ve visited Northern Virginia I’ve never seen people party like I did in Miami. The nightclubs and bars are open until 5 in the morning and some of them never even close. It’s a crazy and hectic environment when you’re out at night but it’s definitely worth it. Everywhere we went I had so much fun and thought it was a totally different experience than just going out anywhere in Virginia.

Of course Miami is a place where tourists often visit so their prices are obviously higher due to this. However, I wasn’t expecting such a raise in prices on everything I was buying. Food, drinks, clothes, everything was so expensive I could hardly believe it. I remember the cheapest drink I saw was 18 dollars for a single, where as I’m used to 2 dollar doubles at Sharkey’s on Thursdays during happy hour. It was definitely a culture shock visiting Miami for those of us who live in Virginia but I think it was overall an amazing experience that I’ll never forget

Graphic by Katie Gibson
The  day and night life in Florida are very different than in Virginia. Graphic by Katie Gibson

RU Home for the Summer: Roanoke, Va.

I love Roanoke, but I can’t say it’s particularly interesting.

Roanoke is strange in that combines a dense population one normally associates with cities and a conspicuous lack of smog.

Roanoke isn’t the most beautiful place to live, but it’s not the ugliest. It’s not the least polluted, and it’s not the most polluted by any stretch of the imagination. Honestly, the appropriate word seems to be “boring.” You’re more likely to find a church than you are to find a decent bar or club to spend your weekends at, and while no one could call Roanoke a “sleepy” city, its energy cannot and will not rival metropolises like Chicago or Richmond. It’s a little middling — not an escape from anything, not a shot of adrenaline, just … normal. Boring. Continue reading RU Home for the Summer: Roanoke, Va.