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Dealing with Death: A Reflection

After losing someone our minds go into overdrive, analyzing every moment ever spent with them, grieving over the bad times, and cherishing the great memories. It seems hard not to blow things out of proportion. If only you had one more day, one more moment, one more chance to say the things you should have always said—knowing that you could’ve been there more than you were is a feeling that could haunt someone for the rest of their lives.

Nothing feels right after suddenly losing someone—wondering if there was something you could’ve done, going through the motions of a normal day, knowing that someone is gone. Having that unavoidable pit feeling in your stomach… no amount of talking or crying can make this feeling go away.

On October 4, 2015, K.j. Bettner was taken from his friends and family too soon. K.j. was someone who was known for his bigger-than-life smile, making this loss even more tragic. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be sitting here trying to write an article about losing K.j., but two years later, here I am.

“K.j. was someone who was known for his bigger-than-life smile…” – Photo from Annie Schroeder

I can remember the day of his service like it was yesterday, with friends and family gathered in front of the church in the middle of our hometown. It was a hot and sunny Sunday in October. Our close friends were piled into hard wooden church pews and sat in silence for a long time, thinking of the right thing to say to one another. It was during this service that reality hit: we were not invincible. I remember how hot the sun felt coming in through the glass stained windows on our tear-soaked cheeks, and the looks that the adults were giving us, thinking that we were all too young to be experiencing something like this.

Two years later, my friends and I have all learned a lot about ourselves. I think many people deal with death by wanting to be alone, but every year when October 4th rolls around I can’t help but to want to be back in my hometown, surrounded by the world that K.j. knew and loved.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Every year around the anniversary of his death, we all try to come together and talk about memories spent with our dear friend. This might be the only time of the year we get to see some of our friends, with our crazy college schedules. Sometimes it gets pretty emotional, and sometimes it’s just relieving to be surrounded by people who know exactly what you’re going through. The only silver lining to this story is the bond that has been created in grieving the death of our lost friend.

Make sure that you reach out to friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. Pay attention to people when they speak. Always take the chance to see an old friend when you can. Tie up loose ends and resolve any conflicts. Take the time to reflect on who you are.

When a friend passes, take a piece of how they lived and turn it into your own. Keep a support system that couldn’t be beat, and truly enjoy each day on this earth as if it is your last.


In loving memory of Kevin John Bettner. October 19, 1995 – October 4, 2015

The truth behind The Gallows

Haunted Houses are not what they used to be. Instead of old-fashioned jump scares and innocent unchained chain saws casually brought very close to your face, haunted houses are now full of derogatory name calling, references to rape, and physical abuse.

I was excited to attend The Gallows, but unfortunately I was left disappointed and upset.

I went to The Gallows Saturday night, and was filled with excitement and nervousness of what as to come. I saw Beetlejuice, a guy with a huge bald head and a never ending smile and two sets of teeth, and Mr. E who always loves to tell the truth.

These characters are always fun because they walk around while you’re waiting to go inside, hyping up the atmosphere. They are always fun to talk to and are usually respectful and simply funny.

The Gallows also had a side show full of crazy acts who swallow swords and staple dollar bills to their chests. The people outside the house are nice and just want you to have a good time. Inside the house, however, is a different story.

Are you going to the Gallows? Graphic from Fear The Gallows
Are you going to the Gallows? Graphic from Fear The Gallows

You enter into a corn field. This part isn’t too scary. There are a few jump scares here and there, but it isn’t too bad. However, once you enter the school bus, it’s begins to get uncomfortable.

I enter the bus behind my girlfriend and was met with strobe lights and a man wearing a bandana standing on top of the seats. He turned around and a sadistic smile appeared on his face.

He jumped toward us and put his face right next to mine, breathing heavily and sniffing my hair. He moved behind me and shoved me so hard that I ran into my girlfriend in front of me and then fell to the floor. I was so shocked at this action that I sat down and tried to hide my embarrassment. We left the bus and made our way out of the cornfield to the house.

I was so afraid of what was going to happen next if this is already how it begun.

We entered the haunted house with a hard kick to our hands and butts. As I was shaking my hand of the pain, this large man in a butcher’s apron began taking above his array of human meats on the table, specifically looking at my lower region and stated “and I’ve got some good pussy meat.”

I felt extremely violated and wanted to leave immediately. He kept touching us on our way out. These types of interactions continued throughout the entire haunted house. We saw scenes of rape, more than once, and derogatory terms being thrown at us every 5 seconds.

I can’t tell you enough how uncomfortable and angry I felt walking through that house. I wanted it to end the second it started.

The Gallows, obviously, isn’t for everybody. Some people might enjoy what I experienced, feeling as though it’s scary and funny.

I, however, felt upset and empty afterward. I would never go through it again. There needs to be improvements and reevaluations on what crosses the line between haunted houses and torture chambers.

Everything you need to know about American Horror Story: Hotel

It’s almost that magical time of year again when Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk release yet another long awaited season of “American Horror Story”. If you’re anything like me, you’re a little nervous for this season because it revolves around newcomer, Lady Gaga’s, character rather than Jessica Lange who usually plays a lead role. Never fear, however, because here is what you need to know before the premiere on Wednesday October 7th.

1) Taissa Farmiga will NOT be in this season.

Yes, it’s a huge bummer. I really thought she would come back for this one since it’s been an every other year type deal for her since season one. However, she has other filming commitments so while we will be missing her on the 7th, we will hopefully be seeing her soon in her upcoming projects.

American Horror Story kicks off their fifth season with "Hotel."
American Horror Story kicks off their fifth season with “Hotel.” Graphic from Pop Matters

2) Jessica Lange WILL be in this season.

When Lange, the usual star of the show announced that she would not be returning for season five, our hearts were understandably crushed. However, one of the show’s creators, Ryan Murphy, has confirmed that while Lange will not be playing a huge role, she will make an appearance. At least we can wean ourselves off of her.

3) Darren Criss WILL be in this season.

Darren Criss rose to fame after starring in Ryan Murphy’s hit show “Glee” (although I fell in love with him while watchingA Very Potter Musical” way back before his “Glee” days) and now after some vague Instagram remarks, it is apparent that Criss will be making an appearance on American Horror Story: Hotel.

4) Max Greenfield WILL be in this season.

Yes, Schmidt from “New Girl” is checking into the Hotel. Let’s all pray that he doesn’t die, although knowing Murphy and Falchuk, he probably will.

5) Evan Peters will be playing a serial killer.

Yes, you read that right. Sure, he shot up his high school in season one, but he ended up being a reformed bad boy. In all the other seasons, he played pretty moral characters. This season, we’re going to see a different side to him.

6) The plot may include something about the story of Elisa Lam.

If you don’t remember, Elisa Lam was a 21 year old Canadian tourist, who back in 2013 was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles when she died. She went missing and was found days later in a water tank on top of the Cecil during an inspection after guests complained about low water pressure and funny tasting water. Bizarre and incredibly creepy security camera footage captured Lam acting very strange in the elevator as she presumably rode up to her death. She appeared to be interacting with an invisible being. The autopsy report showed no drugs in her system, making this video even more disturbing as it could never be explained.

The hotel had been the temporary home of a few serial killers and many people who believe in the supernatural say that one of their spirits killed Lam. Many fans of American Horror Story are expecting the new season to touch on this case ever since Ryan Murphy dropped hints that the show would cover famous Los Angeles hotel deaths from over the years.

7) Ryan Murphy says this may be the most disturbing season yet.

If you’re like me and you hate blood, you might want to sit this one out. Not wanting to miss out on a great season, I just plan on watching this one through my fingers as usual.

If you want a taste of what’s to come, check out the opening credits and this first look, released a few days ago.

Recent changes on Netflix

Whenever fall or any cold, rainy day hits, I binge-watch Netflix. I barely watch TV anymore. Our generation is obsessed with Netflix. The month of September has passed, and with the upcoming month of October, Netflix is making a lot of changes. Here’s where to find out what’s coming and going in Netflix this month.

Maybe you should actually watch Netflix and Chill before your favorite shows leave. Graphic from Know Your Meme
Maybe you should actually watch Netflix and Chill before your favorite shows leave. Graphic from Know Your Meme

Whenever Netflix adds some more movies or TV shows, they always decide to take something out, leaving us with bittersweet feelings. We want the new shows, but we don’t want to lose the old ones. I believe that it’s important for the Netflix industry to do this every so often because they don’t want the audience to get bored of the same content and we always want new movies or TV shows to watch.

Some highlights from this article that the CW network fans should be excited for are additions of many favorites like “iZombie” Season 1, “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, “Jane the Virgin”, “Arrow” Season 3, as well as the new series, “The Flash” Season 1.

Netflix is definitely better in the fall are because of all the horror movies that are added to its library. Many horror and/or thrilling movies are being added this month including: “Boogie nights”, “Curse of Chucky”, “The Devil at 4 O’clock”, “The Nightmare and even a favorite TV show”, “The American Horror Story: Freak Show”. Unfortunately some movies like “The Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Devil’s Reject”, and “The Exorcist” are being removed, so viewers might want to watch them before they’re gone.

Along with new content that Netflix brings, unfortunately many are leaving this month. Some others that we are saying goodbye to include: “Ella Enchanted”, “The Braxton Family Values”, “Saturday Night Live” and many more.

But not to worry, because more is coming until October 31st, so we will survive this fall, binge-watching our favorite site, Netflix.

Radford Diaries– a day in the life of someone who survived the flooded campus

Dear Diary,

All of last week, the sky rained down on students. Once I woke up for my 8 am class on Tuesday, I went outside without an umbrella or rain jacket. As soon as I took a step outdoors, I stepped on a deep puddle. I ran back upstairs to my room and grabbed my umbrella and my rain jacket; the necessities that you’ll need to survive this aggressive storm.

Walking to class was everyone’s worst nightmare, the entire campus was a big puddle. I was angry the whole day not understanding why the campus wasn’t closed and that I had to walk to get to class.

It was so surprising that some classes weren’t canceled, because parking lot Z and FF were closed since they were flooded. That was a huge problem for many freshmen or other students who parked there.

In addition, many roads were closed so students or faculty who commute had problems getting to campus or going back home. problems getting to campus or lot zgoing back home.

The basements of Russell and Stuart were flooded. Nobody told me that Radford experiences this kind of weather at orientation, but thankfully I had my rain boots available.

We’re expecting hurricane Joaquin, and I’m hoping that the campus will be closed, and praying we won’t lose power.

Also, next time it storms like this, everyone will be prepared and not walk outside in their sandals and shorts. I saw that happening a lot and I think it’s crazy.

A few good things that came out of this storm are that I stayed in my dorm all night and I finished a lot of my assignments and didn’t procrastinate as much as I normally do, and I have a reason to stay inside and get extra sleep.

Hope everyone stays safe and dry as we overcome this chaotic weather change!

“Fairytale Nightmares” gives Radford a scare

This October the abandoned sanatorium on the hill is turning your favorite fairy tales against you.

My family and I went just to see if it was worth the visit. An extensive haunted house full of crazy characters was ready to scare the pants off of us for just ten dollars. Continue reading “Fairytale Nightmares” gives Radford a scare

Pink is the new plaid

In the fall, the leaves turn orange, yellow, red and brown, but Radford University is turning pink.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and people all over the world can be seen wearing pink in honor of the friends and family who have been affected by the disease.

There are various RU organizations that are working to raise money and awareness in support of the cause.

The department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism took part by selling sunglasses in the Bonnie Plaza as well as holding two recreational events called “Tug-for-Tatas” in Moffett Quad, while the Lacrosse Club sold pink shoe laces in the Bonnie Plaza and donated all proceeds to breast cancer awareness and research.

Photo by Brian Hollingsworth.

The Eta Nu Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at RU presented the 10th annual Beatrice Covington Walk for Breast Cancer on Oct. 15 to raise funds for the ZTA Foundation, benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. All proceeds went toward the advancement of breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. Last year the event made over $4,500 and hosted over 300 participants who walked at Bisset Park with the ZTA sisters in honor of sisters affected by breast cancer.

This year there have been three races for the cure in Virginia, one is held annually in Roanoke. The other two were held in Virginia Beach and Richmond. Each race donates 75% of its proceeds to their local breast cancer awareness fund and the other 25% to the national Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Heinz.

The NFL is honoring breast cancer awareness by sporting pink gloves, ribbons, towels and sneakers all month. The founder and CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure, Nancy G. Brinker, tossed the coin at the Cowboys vs. Lions game at Cowboys Stadium on Oct. 2.

Later, a public service announcement on breast cancer and the importance of mammograms was aired featuring “Wheel of Fortune” host Vanna White. The next day “Jeopardy!” featured a “pink ribbon clue” in place of its signature daily double in order to spread support and awareness. Ford Automotive and Jennifer Aniston partnered on Oct. 11 to design a “Warriors For The Cure” T-shirt and the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

All eBay users also have the option of donating one dollar to the cause through the website. Over 100 retail stores and corporate sponsors have also joined in with their support.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has deemed Oct. 30 “Action Out Loud Day.” Supporters are encouraged to call or write their senators, governors, assembly members and council members to let them know how important they think it is for all women to have access to mammograms and funding for the best research.

October baseball, who will prevail?

Well it’s that time again! The NFL season is four games in, the NHL season is underway, and soon the NBA season will be too. There’s also less recognized sports, such as Major League Soccer. The WNBA is also currently in the midst of their final series. October has got to be the busiest month for the athletic world, and there’s one sport that the country eyes the most: baseball. The battle is on between the best teams in MLB to decide who will travel to the World Series. This year should include some tough matches between some pretty tough teams.

First let’s look at the American League, which makes up three of the teams competing in the playoffs this year. Surely this come as no surprise. We have the New York Yankees, who finished their regular season with the best record in MLB, 103/59. Right behind the Yankees we have the Boston Red Sox, who finished with the same record they did last year, 95/67. The third team competing in the playoffs is the L.A. Angels, who hold the second best record in the majors, 97/65. Finally, the fourth team competing in the American league is the Minnesota Twins, who won their one-game playoff for first place against the Detroit Tigers, 6-5 in extra innings, to secure their spot in the playoffs this year. The Twins fell 1-0 last year in a one-game playoff against the Chicago White Sox, and will surely be looking to prove themselves this year now that they’ve been granted a second chance. The Twins, however, are the only team in the major leagues who are traveling to the playoffs with less than 90 wins.

So our matches in the American league will pit the Red Sox against the Angels and the Twins against the Yankees. The New York Yankees have been pretty dominant so far this year, hitting home runs in nearly every game they’ve played. They have some pretty hot players. Unless the Twins really step up their game, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to overcome the Yankees, especially when New York will have the home field advantage. Our other contest pits the Red Sox against the Angels. It is the fifth time in a row that the Red Sox have been to the playoffs. The Red Sox are 12-1 against the Angels in the post-season and defeated the Angels 3 games to 1 last year, even though the Angels finished their season last year with the best record in MLB, 100 wins and 62 losses. The Red Sox have a history of being pretty dominant over the Angels in the off-season, but this match will surely be a tough one. Boston is looking to maintain their record, and the Angels are looking for some payback. It’s a matchup you won’t want to miss.

Now we turn to the National League, and unlike the American League, the National League is much less predictable. However, there are several familiar teams in the playoffs this year. The L.A. Dodgers for one, who have had quite a commanding season this year with the help of Manny Ramierez, who used to play for the Red Sox last year until they traded him. The Dodgers this year finished 95/67, which is the best record in the National League. Right behind the Dodgers are last year’s world champion, the Philadelphia Phillies, who finished their season this year with a record of 93/ 69. Then there’s the Colorodo Rockies, who finished this year 92/70, and we all remember what happened to the Rockies back in 2007, who fell 4 games to 0 to the Red Sox in the world series. They may be coming into the playoffs this year with something to prove. Finally, we have the St. Louis Cardinals, who finished their season with a record of 91/71.

So, while this is an educated guess. The World Series this year seems to favor the Yankees and the Dodgers. New York has been pretty dominant for most of the year and holds the best record in the major league. They’ll also be granted the home field advantage all the way through the playoffs. That’s usually something that a good team doesn’t let go to waste. As for the Dodgers, well, they do have a pretty good hitter. Ramierez has over 500 home runs and they’ve held the best record in the National League all year long. They also stunned everyone last year when they defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-0 in the opening round of the playoffs before they fell to the eventual world champion, Philidelphia. So they could very well be coming into the playoffs this year to pick up where they left off and carry it all the way. Who will be the team to prevail in the 2009 World Series? The stakes are high, and every team is in it for their own reasons. Let the madness of October baseball begin!

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