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Getting Back Into The Swing of Things After Spring Break

Everyone looks forward to spring break, whether they have a trip planned or they’re just headed home for the week. It’s nice to look forward to something and it’s a good way to motivate yourself to keep working hard on your schoolwork. Everyone needs the week break we get in early March but no one wants to return to our regular lives and normal routines.

A good way to get back into your normal swing of things is to be on top of the work you have due the first two weeks back. Make sure you’ve written down every deadline for every assignment, paper, and test and that you get a jumpstart on working on those as soon as you get back to school from break. No one wants to do this but if you do, it will be a smoother transition back into your school life and hectic schedule.

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“Everyone needs the week break we get in early March.”

Another way to get back into your routine is to keep making to-do lists so you don’t forget what you have due each day and week. This will also help you figure out what you can put off doing and what you need to get done by the end of that specific day. This way, whether you’re still reminiscing about spring break and wishing you were back there instead of in the library, you can still daydream while getting your assignments done.

Nobody likes the transition from break to work, but everybody has to do it anyways. If you remember to get a jumpstart on all of your work due in the first couple of weeks back it’s sure to help you back into normal life. Also, if you remember to keep a checklist of what you need to get done each day it will help with what you have to do every day and what you can do every day. Good luck getting back into your routine!

Why A Planner Will Help You More Thank You Think

Most people probably think having a planner is useless. Something that is a waste of money and only grade school kids would need. We have phones and notebooks; why not just use those instead of a whole separate thing to keep track of? Let me tell you why a planner is something you should invest in.

I never really used a planner until last year. I would always buy one but would only write big test dates in it, or never write in it, or lose it. Yes, sad to admit, I was a planner neglecter. I’ve never been the most organized but not messy and chaotic either. I got my stuff done and missed a few deadlines here and there, nothing serious or detrimental to my grades.

Photo courtesy of http://theendinmind.net/i-am-a-planner/
Photo courtesy of http://theendinmind.net/i-am-a-planner/

When I was shopping for my back to school supplies, yes even college kids need to go back to school shopping, of course I grabbed a planner instinctively. What I didn’t know was that this year my planner would be my savior. After my freshman year, I started to get into my classes I had to complete for my major. I was swimming in deadlines, test dates, and drop box submissions. Early that semester I knew my year was about to be hectic and disorganized like I have never experienced before. I decided to whip out my planner and put it to use, at least for the first week or so until I get used to my new and busy schedule.

It’s been over a year and I still have my planner. Except now it is covered in hundreds of different colored inks and scribbles all throughout the pages. I have used my planner every day I have had school for over a year. If I didn’t have my planner I would be lost and have no idea when certain assignments are due or when I have that next big test coming up. I am thankful I became a planner lover and will never go another day of college without one.

Has D2L made life easier?

In the fall of 2011 Radford University implemented Desire2Learn, a new class management learning suite, and got rid of its old class management program WebCT. D2L boasted more effective management and communication abilities as well as more reliable compatibility and ease of use.

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