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A Need for More Emergency Phones

If you have ever been on Radford University’s campus for any lengthy amount of time then you have probably seen the emergency telephones with the blue lights scattered around campus. These phones are there for any student to use if they are in need of police assistance or if they feel unsafe walking around campus. These phones are there to help people whenever they need it. However, there are relatively few around campus and given that the size of Radford’s campus is not insignificant, we could use more of them.

emergency phone
“Adding more of the emergency phones could help make people feel safer and even work as a deterrent for anyone planning to assault someone.” Photo from: http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/campussafety/images/bluelighttall-420×420.JPG

While Radford University’s campus is on the smaller size for a college campus, it can still take a fair bit of time to traverse and there are many places around campus where emergency phones are not nearby/easily accessible. Adding more of the emergency phones could help make people feel safer and even work as a deterrent for anyone planning to assault someone. The phones provide a large enough light source so it is easier to see (and therefore makes it harder to sneak up on someone). Also, if a phone is nearby then a potential victim has a better chance of contacting the police and getting help. The more difficult it is for a potential perpetrator to attack someone, the less likely they are to attempt it.

One of Radford University’s top priorities should be the safety of their students and the university should always be trying to find better ways to improve that safety. While an increase in emergency phones might not completely stop all assaults from happening, it could certainly result in a lower risk of assault or sexual assault. Students are given a lot of freedom while they are away at college. Part of that freedom is being able to go wherever they want whenever they want, and that comes with a lot of inherent risk, especially for people who are out alone.

Being the one who has broken a thousand phones

Ever since my junior year of college when I purchased my first iPhone, it has been a constant struggle since to keep my phone intact and working. It sounds childish, as if I’m not taking care of my things, but iPhones are made to break. They’re some of the best looking phones and they work really well, but they can easily shatter with a slip of the hand.

Watching your shiny and glossy phone slip through your fingers and fall, almost as if in slow motion, to the hard surface is heartbreaking. It’s a terrible experience to go through, and the worst part of it all might be the aftermath when you have to pick up your phone and see the damage done. You anxiously and frantically pick up the phone to examine the front of its smooth glass screen.

Unfortunately, as you turn your phone around in your hand, your eyes hit the broken glass and you see little shards that are falling out already.


It's sad when we break our phones. Graphic from Flickr
It’s sad when we break our phones. Graphic from Flickr

Imagine this happening on a casual Wednesday afternoon, and then imagine it happening at least 2 or 3 times a year. So what, now you have a shattered phone, but at least it still works right? Wrong. As soon as your screen breaks, there is a whole list of problems that will follow closely behind it. Upgrades are basically nonexistent to you because you break your phone before you get a chance to upgrade to a nicer one. Your parents will also not let you waste the upgrade just to break another phone, so you’re out of luck!

It can be frustrating to be the one always with a shattered phone screen or the older version of every phone but hang in there! Most people break a phone at least once. Some people are more prone to shattering screens than others and if you’re one of them take caution with your phones you are not alone!