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The Other Side of Last Minute Food Orders

It is late and you just finished that last minute homework assignment or that essay that’s due tomorrow. You check the time and realize there is just enough time to either order from your favorite pizza place or Chinese place or run up to the nearest fast food restaurant and grab a late night meal. You pick up the phone and place your order or you fast walk to your car and hurry to that fast food place, thinking how lucky you are to get your order in just before the restaurant closes for the night. Meanwhile, the employees there are wondering what they did to deserve this. That is because those last minute orders can ruin a lot of hard work and force the employees to stay much longer than they want to.

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All places that serve food have to clean up and prepare their place of business for the next day each and every night. This takes a lot of time and effort and usually has to be done in between food orders and/or deliveries that the employees have to make. Because the big, not so secret, secret of working in the food industry is that the employees there do not get any time set aside for them to clean the store up. They are expected to have the store clean or mostly clean by the time the store closes. If they have any time allotted afterward, it is usually only about thirty minutes. Anyone who has worked in food service can tell you that is not nearly enough time.

The way to get around that is to clean during operating hours. And while they know not to completely shut everything down until the store is closed, those last minute orders can create a big mess and cause the employees to reuse already cleaned equipment that they were not expecting or planning on using again that evening. No one wants to have to stay an extra hour because you decided to come in at the last minute or order food two minutes before close. This is not to say you cannot order from them or order late. Just do not do it five or ten minutes before the store closes down and undo a lot of work of the employees.

Top 5 Foods to Eat with Ranch

Ranch is an essential when I’m eating any type of food. It goes with almost anything if you’re willing to try it. I didn’t even like ranch that much until I came to college. I would eat it on salads or with carrot sticks but never let it touch my pizza or chicken. Now I find myself attempting to drench any of my food in it. Here are five foods I love to eat with ranch that are well worth the try.

  1. Pizza

Eating ranch with pizza may sound a little strange if you’ve never tried it, but I can assure you it’s worth at least trying. I first started only dipping my crust in it but now I have to have it to eat my whole pizza slice with and now can’t imagine eating pizza without ranch.

“I first started only dipping my crust in it.”
  1. Pizza rolls

Very similar to pizza, pizza rolls are also one of the best foods to eat with ranch. Again, if you’ve never given the pizza-ranch relationship a try, it might seem weird or gross to you. However, I can’t even eat pizza rolls without ranch now or it tastes too dry and a lot different from what I’m now used to.

  1. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are another great food that pairs well with ranch. Whether you dip every bite you take of your wing or just occasionally dip it to take away some of the heat, it’s a great addition to eating wings and in my opinion way better than bleu cheese dipping sauce!

  1. Waffle Fries

This is a recent one that I’ve been eating with ranch. I went to Chick-Fil-A and they accidentally gave me ranch instead of honey mustard. So I decided to branch out and try it anyway. I actually really enjoyed eating my waffles fries with ranch and now continue to ask for ranch at Chick-Fil-A solely for my fries. It’s worth a try!

  1. Fried Pickles

Whether you order fried pickles at a restaurant or you decide to make some at home, they’re even more delicious if you dip them in ranch. Fried pickles can be slightly dry so pairing them with ranch gives it the moisture they need and still allows you to taste the actual fried pickle!

Pizza palooza part 2: too fast, too saucy

I consider myself to be something of a pizza connoisseur. I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of the perfect combination of dough, cheese and sauce. I grew up in a small town with 500 people and seven pizza restaurants. I have forgotten more about pizza than you know about anything. I love pizza more than I’ll ever love a living human being. Because of my unconditional love for this delicacy, I’m committed to finding the perfect slice here in Radford. Continue reading Pizza palooza part 2: too fast, too saucy

The Best Of Radford results are in!

You guys voted, and the results are in! These places are the best in Radford. Thank you to everyone that participated and took our surveys.

Best of the city of Radford:

Best Pizza: Benny’s
Best Chinese: Lin’s House
Best Happy Hour: Sharkey’s
Best Place to Take Your Parents: River City Grill
Best Date Night spot: a tie between Bisset Park and the River Company
Best Sushi: Sushi Village
Best New Business: Crumb & Get It
Best Breakfast: River City Grill
Best Dessert: Crumb & Get It
Best Burger: Cookout
Best Hangout spot: Bisset Park
Best Italian: Sal’s or Sal Jr.’s
Best Tattoos and Piercings: Black Diamond
Best Salon: University Tanning
Best Late Night Food: Cookout

Best of Radford University:

Best Annual Event: Quadfest
Best Place to Study: Young
Best Place to Park: Nowhere
Best Club/Organization: RUNSA (RU Nursing Students’ Association)
Best Spot Outside: Any quad
Best Quad: Moffett
Best College: College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
Best Place to Eat:: The New River Grille House (Muse)
Best Campus Building: COBE

Take our “Best of Radford” surveys!

It’s that time of year again when Whim hosts the “Best of Radford” surveys, and polls students to find out what’s the best of the best. Tell us what you think about where you go to school! This survey will help us guide incoming freshman to the best pizza or best on-campus spot to study. Help us out! Take these surveys and see the results published next week!

Tell us what you think of Radford University here. Got an issue with parking? Think you know the best spot outside to hang out? Do you live in the best quad? Let us know!

Also tell us what you think about Radford City here. Where’s the best place to take your parents? Where can you get the best late night food or the best chinese? Have you had the best burger in Radford? We want to know your opinion!

Curious about last year’s results? Check them out!

Bad Date Brad: Part two

“So,” he said with a smirk, “What do you want to know about me?” I was completely taken aback. How do you answer a question like that? I wanted to say, “Nothing, thanks for the coffee, bye.”

I realized my mouth had been hanging open for nearly a minute. I had to think of something to say before he took my stunned silence as flattery.

Graphic by Katie Gibson.
Graphic by Katie Gibson.

“Oh,uh, I don’t know. Tell me something interesting about yourself,” I said.

He took a large breath as if he were about to recite a speech and replied, Continue reading Bad Date Brad: Part two

Weekly time wasters: The full circle and an interview or two

They say that given enough time any given style will come back into fashion. As I learned this week that can also apply to music as well as fashion. The last thing I think of when I think of the Charleston is Daft Punk, but that’s what the internet is here for. I think I need to learn some new dance moves. Continue reading Weekly time wasters: The full circle and an interview or two