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Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

How many ninjas could you take on at once? Have you ever marveled at the destructive glory of a nail gun? Do you know how Dr. Evil got his start? There questions answered and a special musical guest to boot on this week’s Time Wasters. You know, with the weather now I should be telling you to read no further and go play outside. I won’t do this because, well, I want you see these clips but after you’re done reading this go enjoy spring.

What is the difference between a good prank and theater? Less than you would think as it turns out. What if Seth Rogan turned into a werewolf in your taxi?

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Weekly time wasters – Lights, scares, Star Wars 7

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your last set of weekly time wasters for the semester. Use them wisely, as you’ll need an excuse to procrastinate on studying for finals and any other important tasks ahead of you! You’re welcome in advance.  Continue reading Weekly time wasters – Lights, scares, Star Wars 7

Senior Pranks, How We Leave Our Marks

Surely you must remember them, clever ideas thought up by seniors, mainly in high school, but sometimes in college. What makes a good senior prank? They’ll always make the faculty mad, but part of commiting a senior prank is that nobody knows it was you. Senior pranks are usually a result of out-of-the-box thinking by the cleverest minds in school. Here are some examples of good senior pranks.

Two years ago, a really great prank happened at Hidden Valley High School in Roanoke was when the seniors got the master key to the school. That night, they snuck into the building and stole all the chairs from every classroom and then stacked them up in the school forum. The next morning, everyone in school spent half the morning searching for the chairs, and when they finally found them, all of the chairs were stacked in a huge mountain in the forum. It took the rest of the morning to take all the chairs and get them back to the classrooms. The seniors got caught, but they got out of trouble by saying that they wouldn’t return the key unless they were let off the hook. If they didn’t return the key, the school would have had to have every lock in the building replaced.

Another good senior prank was one that occured a long time ago at Roanoke Catholic High School. The idea of the prank was that it would take years to undo. The seniors took multiple alarm clocks and hid them all over the building, setting them each to go off at different times each day. It did indeed take at least four or five years, before all the alarm clocks were found. Whoever thought of that must have been pretty brilliant.

At some really nerdy schools where all the students there are complete brainiacs, senior pranks go way beyond the limit of what you’d expect. The principal would come out and find his car on the roof of the building. How do the seniors pull that off, you ask? Well, being as smart as they are, they’re able to disassemble the car, and then reassemble it on the roof, which is a very amazing stunt to pull off. Another good prank that has been discussed, would be one that would involve any beverage, as well as a lot of cups. You line the cups all the way down the all, fill each of them with any drink of your choosing, and then staple them together. Another good prank that has been discussed is taking something that smells bad, such as dirty laundry, dog poop, or even rotten fish, and hiding it in the school air vents. That would take the school days, even weeks to find.

So senior pranks are the result of the seniors saying “we’re ready to get out of here, but want to leave our mark before we go.” It’s a good concept as long as you don’t carry it too far. Also, unless you’re clever like the guys who were involved in hiding the chairs, don’t plan on getting caught. That was a prank that can never be done again, because that school installed security cameras all over the building as a result.

Senior Hall Freeze

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