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We need to grasp our opportunity to have a POTUS like Bernie

When President Barrack Obama was elected, some critics claimed that his voters wanted him in office because we felt it was time for a black president. Not only is that criticism completely inappropriate, it’s very inaccurate. President Obama has done things that I don’t necessarily agree with, but he’s exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Now that Hillary Clinton is running for POTUS, many are claiming that the amount of support she’s received is due to the novelty of the idea of a female president. For once, I agree with this statement. Having a female president is something I want to see before I die, but I don’t think that Hillary has what it takes.

Hillary’s opponent in the race to get the democratic vote is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has worked as a public servant almost non-stop since 1972. I think it’s important we use the term, “public servant” when referring to Sanders because that’s what he is. Unlike most “politicians,” Bernie has remained steadily committed to serving the public. Hillary on the other hand, has flip-flopped on her opinion of many topics.

During one of Sanders rallies, the crowd cheered, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” to which Sanders humbly replied, “no, us!” This is incredibly symbolic and telling of the kind of person Sanders is. Sanders truly has a drive to serve his citizens and live amongst them, not above them. Even our current president hasn’t lived up to that standard of moral excellence. Sanders is the only candidate that can truly relate to the general public, as he uses public transportation and flies coach.

"Hillary? Mmm. No. Just no." Graphic from The Washington Post.
“Hillary? Mmm. No. Just no.” Graphic from The Washington Post.

So what about Hillary? Where does she stand with the public? To put it simply, she doesn’t. Hillary can’t relate to the public. Hillary has consistently been in the spotlight and proved herself disappointing. While Hillary tries desperately to relate to voters, the desperation is palpable. While Sanders considers himself “one of us,” Hillary has an air of arrogance about her that makes it seem that she believes she’s above her voters.

Sanders knows he couldn’t have gotten this far in his campaign without his voters. While he shows appreciation towards his supporters, Hillary gives off this vibe that she’s trying to prove why she “deserves” to be president and that we “owe” her. No one deserves to be president, they truly earn the title and their actions in and out of office show whether or not he or she is a good representative of our country.

While the idea of having our very first female president is exciting to many, I don’t believe that type of thinking is progressive at all. If we do elect a female president, she should live up to the standards we’ve set for male presidents as well. Sanders should be the obvious choice, especially when we considering all he’s seen in his 74 years, which have been very full of experience. We will have many chances to elect a woman as president, but we will never have another Bernie Sanders.