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Why I went home for Quadfest

It’s finally here! Radford University’s annual holiday of police presence and high school students crashing on your futon has arrived just in time for Easter. That’s right, as the Radford University student body desperately clings on to whatever scraps of its “party school” reputation it has left, the university and police force prepare to deal with the thralls of out-of-town visitors and freshmen who simply don’t know any better. However, there is an increasingly large amount of students, myself included, who like to keep their interactions with SWAT teams to a comfortable zero. This isn’t a matter of “I don’t like to go out” or “I don’t need to party to have a good time.” Rather, it is a matter of high risk for a low reward. Continue reading Why I went home for Quadfest

Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Welcome back to another kick a$$ edition of the Time Wasters. This week we have sad truths and one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Unfortunately, this will publish after the great festival that is Quadfest, so my original idea of a special drinking edition is sadly not going to happen. In lieu of this I found ninjas, which are almost as cool. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Austin’s Grill and chainsaws

Quadfest: Nothing but trouble

I will be plain: I don’t like Quadfest. People come from all over Virginia to party in our little college town for a weekend and then leave. In their wake, they leave behind broken windows, damaged property, burned dumpsters and a soiled reputation. Those who are willing (or gullible) enough to open their houses to social activities find their homes quickly flooded by people they don’t know and soon after they are answering a knock on the door from the cops.

I’m not against partying and having a good time, but what irks me about Quadfest is that the point isn’t inter-collegiate interaction or camaraderie, but a school versus school drinking match. Inevitably this leads to masses of out-of-town kids wandering our streets drunk out of their minds. The police write hundreds of tickets, a lot of people spend the night in the drunk tank and the pictures of the aftermath make Radford University look horrible. Continue reading Quadfest: Nothing but trouble

Radford could benefit from Quadfest

Whenever one hears the word “Quadfest,” one would think partying, drinking, music and trouble. Ever since Quadfest moved off campus in 2006, many people have looked down upon it, as they just see it as a weekend of drunken college students acting like animals. I think the City of Radford could benefit from the events of Quadfest in many ways. Continue reading Radford could benefit from Quadfest


Photo by: Holly Collins
Evan Wecksell (right) and student Ricky Kresslein (left), perform as a team in an act called