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The effects of recycling

From one non-recycler to another, the documentary film Tapped, is sure to change your perspective on how not recycling affects the Earth. This movie examines recycling and how our health and world around us is affected by taking this action seriously. Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to recycle and that by recycling we can help our planet. Yet, every month there is enough aluminum thrown away to rebuild the entire commercial air fleet. This doesn’t include all of the other materials that aren’t recycled. Continue reading The effects of recycling

TerraWhat? TerraCycle

Nowadays, there are so many different ways that people all around the world are helping to clean up the environment. The top ten things you can do to help are:

10. Replace your single-paned windows with double-pane windows.
9. Use a reel or electric lawn mower.
8. Go “mostly organic” in your lawn and garden.
7. Plant trees in your yard and community.
6. Use drip irrigation systems in your garden.
5. Use compost instead of buying chemically enhanced soil.
4. Use a low-flow showerhead.
3. Change as many bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent bulbs, or LED bulbs.
2. Lower your home thermostats.
1. Prevent energy leaks at home. Continue reading TerraWhat? TerraCycle