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In The Dark

Silence hangs in the air like an axe.

The clock tick-tick-ticking closer toward the witching hour.

Gradients of darkness give shape to the room.

A black mass in the corner waits, quiet and knowing.


A face with two sets of eyes stare,

One a ghastly green, the other a blazing blue,

Never blinking, always watching.

High above it waits, eternal.

“Never blinking, always watching.” Photo from: media4.giphy.com

The axe falls by degrees, a slow draining drip of dread.

Whispers, voices, leak through the wall,

Crawling along the ceiling and echoing,

Loud enough to hear, muffled enough to hide.


Scratches dig deep into the door,

Claws dragging long grooves.

Just wait, wait until the night ends

And the blood red light leaks in.

Graduate in style

Come May, the seniors of Radford University will have their moment of glory when they will walk across the stage and receive a diploma from RU. This year, instead of the same old black robes, RU undergraduates will walk in style in red graduation robes to commemorate RU’s Centennial. Students receiving their graduate degrees will still wear the black robes. Graduates will have the option of purchasing a robe that has the RU Centennial emblem embroidered on the robe for a small additional fee. RU administration chose to make the change to graduation attire to celebrate and acknowledge a point in our university’s history as an establishment that has assisted in higher education for 100 years. Making a fashion statement by a change of color will even more emphasize the importance of the Centennial.

There are mixed feelings from seniors around campus about the change of attire.

“I was planning on wearing a sash from my sorority during graduation, but the color combination will look horrible, so now I am torn about whether to order a Greek sash or not,” said a senior in Delta Zeta.

It is true that not all colors of sashes typically worn by members of Greek organizations will match. Generally turquoise (Zeta Tau Alpha), yellow (Alpha Sigma Tau) and purple (Phi Sigma Sigma) will not coordinate the best with the new color of the robes like they would black.

Other students are quite supportive of the color choice.

“I like that the university is promoting the Centennial in a unique way, I think it’s a cute idea,” said Nicole Pham, junior at RU. Though there will be many seniors graduating this year, RU has three other years of students following behind the class of 2010.

Since the robes will be changed back to black there are neutral opinions on campus as well.

“I honestly don’t care,” said sophomore Glenn Hastings. “I mean, it’s great for this year’s graduating class, but after this year it will go back to the same black robes as usual so it will not affect me at all.”

Having red robes instead of just the regular black will definitely make a statement and cause people to take notice that RU turns 100 this year. So here’s to RU’s 100th Birthday and a century of students graduating to become successful members of society. Congratulations to the spring graduating class of 2010!

Cover and story photo by Kasey Sutphin