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Celeb n00ds: Merry XXXmas

In the wake of the massive leak of celebrity nude photos, there has been plenty said on all sides about whodunit, who should apologize to whom and the problem that is the Internet and our privacy. For those of you who don’t feel like wading through article after article to get caught up after residing under that rock known as class and studying let’s play some catch up.

Firstly, let’s realize that while everyone’s intrigued by the thought of admiring or picking apart their favorite actresses’ usually hidden assets, voyeurism is a crime. At the end of the day, looking at someone naked without their consent is known as a sex crime. It isn’t perhaps comparable to rape, as some anxious tweeters and status-updaters have cried, but no beuno nonetheless.

Is looking at these nude photos really hurting anyone? Graphic by Layla Dobos
Is looking at these nude photos really hurting anyone? Graphic by Layla Dobos

Why shouldn’t you look at them, though? According to Reddit’s attitude, once digital content exists, it should be free for everyone to see, right? Here’s the thing: when you victimize women for their sexuality, you become their abuser. Sure, JLaw and the rest may never know you exist and may never find out you were one of the hundreds of thousands to see their naked bodies — they may even have revealed more in photo shoots and movies! However, you’re perpetuating a culture that shames women for their sexuality. It’s humiliating to think that you don’t have full control over your own body.

Secondly, who’s the villain (or hero, depending on which side of the fence you’re on) that got hold of these precious photos and decided to just give them away?

It seems almost pointless now to be trying to find a mysterious pervert in a sea as vast as the Internet, but the FBI and several of the sites that (willingly or not) hosted these photos are on the trail. So far, we know that a sub-forum of 4chan (a lawless land in an already loosely policed universe) called AnonIB was the original dump site of the nudes. A user known as OriginalGuy has been blamed for much of the leaked photos. He is, however, merely one of the group who collected these photos over months, and likely had nothing to do with the actual hacking required to steal the photos.

OriginalGuy is receiving criticism from his community (AnonIB) for either leaking the photos or for not dumping even more. It seems that this leak was in response to a loss of value as more and more of his collection was acquired by others. In a frantic, frustrated move he decided to put a stop to the underground action by going public — very public.

Since his original upload, the photos spread to Reddit and beyond, downloaded back to personal computers and swiftly hunted down by “The Man.”

Celebrities have both confirmed and denied the legitimacy of the photos. They’ve apologized and voiced their outrage. There’s been tears, curiosity and — let’s be honest — much fapping.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this scandal is how the photos were originally accessed. The iCloud’s being blamed, as well as their customers flippant regard for security measures. Apple has officially stated that there is no great flaw which allowed the leak. Instead, the tech giant blames weak passwords and a lack of employing their two-step verification system.

Regardless of the debates and scandals involved, this summer has officially gone out with a scandalous shout.

Twitch plays Pokémon and so does the rest of the Internet

In the most rapidly growing fad on the Internet right now, an anonymous Australian Reddit user started live streaming of a modified version of Pokémon Red. Members of the chatroom can input commands to control a bot. This group-play of a traditionally single-player game is at the center of a self-proclaimed “social experiment” known as “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” Continue reading Twitch plays Pokémon and so does the rest of the Internet

Internet detectives

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the Internet community came together via sites such as Twitter, 4chan and Reddit to scour video recordings and pictures to try to aid investigators in finding the identity of the bombers. They searched for suspicious people in the videos taken before and immediately after the bombs went off. They magnified pictures to try to find people with backpacks that matched the description of the backpacks the FBI believed held the bombs. One Internet user believed he had reconstructed the scene using pictures to the degree that he knew where one of the bombs went off within an error of two meters. Continue reading Internet detectives

Trolling 101

For those who don’t know, trolling is provoking someone for attention and annoyance. To troll, you must get under your opponent’s skin, get into their mind and truly tantalize their brain. The act of trolling can be done to anyone — friends, people in your community, and complete strangers across the globe. Since you can potentially troll anyone you’ve seen in person or that has a computer, there are right and wrong times to decide to troll. Trollers must pay attention to who, where and why they troll because aggravating the wrong people can be devastating for their future.

Troll face, cool face, problem face. Photo from Creative Commons.

I troll. I mostly troll my friends, they will troll me back and there will never be any harm done. But recently I have noticed people trolling others on campus — people they don’t know.

Why are people fascinated with trolling on campus? I understand the concept, I’ll participate in trolling and I’ll geek out on the result. But like I said, I will only troll my friends. I am not going to say that there are a set of rules or that there is a proper method to troll, but frankly you’re in college; you shouldn’t be so naive.

Troll cartoon. Photo from Creative Commons.

I have heard and witnessed professors and students trolling on campus; yes, professors join in this, too. Everyone, act professional. Next time you decide to aim a laser out the window of a campus building at a student or terrorize Food Lion customers by shooting a laser outside your house, do not tell the world about it. It’s not funny, nor will it make you seem cool. Doing stupid acts like that just shows how low you will go for attention.

As I type, I can think of numerous ways and situations to mess with students on campus and make their life hellish, but why would I want to do that? I am here for school, just like every other student, and I want to leave doors open for my future.

For goodness’ sake, if you must troll, then troll with people online! At least if you troll online you won’t have to see your opponents every day. There is a growing abundance of blogs and hosting sites for you to use your trollface and baffle complete strangers all over the world.

My favorite is hearing about people trolling on websites like Omegle, 4chan and Reddit. Omegle hosts online chat rooms between complete strangers. Omegle doesn’t have user names, nor will you ever know who you are talking to — that is unless they straight up tell you. 4chan is a website based on discussion boards of any and all topics. The Random section, /b/, is infamous for trolling and creeps alike. In fact the first two rules in the Rules of the Internet are “Do not talk about /b/.” Then we have Reddit, the most normal of the bunch. Reddit is a social news site where users can post, vote and view articles, photos and discussions. Reddit, I feel, is the safest and most of the trolling there is very soft comparatively.

Trolling is not a bad way to pass the time, just think before you act. Keep your head up, be confident and you will troll more people for longer. If you find yourself being trolled, just remember rule 14 of the Rules of the Internet: “Do not argue with trolls, it means they win.”