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Stress overload

When the going gets tough, the tough curl up in a ball and cry. Graphic form ethanandkayli.blogspot.com

As the final weeks of the semester are winding down, we all look to our lord and savior Jesus Christ for some guidance. When that doesn’t work, we drown our sorrows in alcohol and too much Netflix. We always hope that our responsibilities will disappear at the end of binge watching “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” but unfortunately, the second you turn off the TV and realize it’s 6 in the morning and you have a test in 2 hours, you begin to panic and hope by taking a nap on your textbook the information will be forced into your strung out brain. The stress of being a college student while also being a general person is way too much to handle, most of the time.

I don’t understand why all college classes insist on throwing 14 papers, 23 tests, and 8 project at us within the last three weeks of class. Do they expect us to finish all of these assignments on time as well as actually turn in “A” worthy work? I’m not sure if they remember what it’s like to be in college, but they have to know that it feels impossible. On top of all of that, we have to find jobs for the summer, schedule our classes for next semester as well as possible summer classes, deal with a brother who’s trans ( maybe that one’s just for me, but still.)

We always get lectures from our parents about when they were our age they were working 7 jobs, walking 3 miles in the snow to get to school, and still managing to be student body president. First, we all know that’s a load of crap. Second, the cost to get an education is much higher now, not to mention how much the availability of jobs has gone down. The generation above us just don’t get how high the expectations are for us, how we have to continue to reach for the American dream, but what is the American dream anymore?

The stress can become way too much to handle. Sometimes it’s not about the amount of work we have to do, but it’s about what is expected of us. We have to achieve all A’s while maintaining a job that pays for rent and food as well as being a part of multiple extracurriculars and volunteer at an animal shelter in our free time. I just wish the older generation could calm down and try to understand the struggle we go through instead of lecturing us about how they had it so much worse. Stress can be dangerous and the high expectations need to stop if they want us to truly succeed in life.

Destination relax

The flip flops have officially resurfaced on campus. That’s got every student thinking about one thing: summer vacation. Although summer vacation is a time of relaxing and recuperating, sometimes it’s hard not to just sleep and become permanently attached to the couch over those three upcoming months. So, what does Virginia have to offer you this summer?

A dip in the water will do you some good on  hotter summer . Just remember to drink plenty of water if you’re hiking to it. Cascades Recreation Trail is a great place that’s close. It’s only a two mile hike to the chilly waterfall and is a popular destination for locals and college students. Some other places you can check out are Lake Moomaw, Cave Springs, and Fairy Stone.

Personally, I’ve been to Lake Anna. It’s in a very quiet, nice, and clean area. There are some fun things to do for kids and you can walk all the way around the lake. There are nice trails and walking areas surrounding it. Harpers Ferry has a nice river and is a hot spot for hiking. The town has a very historic and rustic atmosphere. It’s definitely a great place for a day trip of hiking, fishing, feeding geese, wading in the river, and watching  trains go by.

Another destination is the Shenandoah Valley. You can camp by the Shenandoah River at night and hop in your kayak in the morning. The river has some frequent cow visitors, but the experience is great. Just make sure to go when the river level is at the right height.

Virginia.org has some great suggestions for you this summer. It lists 13 awesome different camping sights, which include: Camp Outback, Outlanders River Camp, and Lewis Mountain Campground at Luray.

Photo by: Sydney Crawson




Five reasons why you should take up yoga

Many people don’t see yoga as a valid workout because yoga is a relaxing and fairly stationary exercise that isn’t on par with other routines (such as jogging or lifting weights). However, this notion is very wrong. Yoga has many wonderful benefits for both the body and the mind, all while working up a sweat. So “become a tree” and read these five reasons why you should take up yoga immediately.

1) It’s an incredible stress reliever.

Students are just generally stressed this time of year. Sure, the weather is getting warmer and the sun is sticking around longer, but the impending doom that is finals week is right around the corner. Stress is a very dangerous thing. It can mess with sleeping and eating habits, causing one to rapidly gain or lose weight. It can raise blood pressure and mess with heart function. It can even cause anxiety attacks which are highly alarming. All of this trauma can be dramatically alleviated by as few as20 minutes a day of yoga.

2) It boosts your immune system.

While the worst of the winter has passed, it’s very common, for college students especially, to get sick this time of year. With everyone opting to stay up and finish papers or study rather than get a full night’s sleep, there’s bound to be a cold or two that will catch up with even the most health conscious of people. Yoga can help keep you from missing too much class so close to finals by relieving stress (which leaves the immune system vulnerable to viruses), opening up airways (to improve breathing,) and draining nasal passages (to avoid sinus infections).

Photo of Radford student. Photo by: Caroline Leggett

3) It helps you focus.

Yoga goes hand in hand with meditation, which centers around the practice of clearing one’s head and focusing on breathing. This mental exercise, if done frequently enough, can significantly improve your focus for studying and being more alert in class.

4) It makes you happy!

By increasing serotonin levels in the brain and improving the immune system, yoga makes you feel better inside and out — therefore making you a happier person! If that’s not enough of a reason to give it a try, I don’t know what is.

5) It helps you sleep.

Relaxation techniques used in yoga are proven to help you get a better night’s sleep, which any college student knows is invaluable. Having a better night’s sleep will improve every aspect of your life, from your academic performance to your social life.

In addition to all of these benefits, yoga is also terrific for building strength and burning calories. So grab a yoga mat and head over to the gym to grab a class schedule.