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These are a few of Whim’s favorite things

Here at Whim, we decided to list our favorite things to help those who are still fighting through finals week.

“The bendy straws at Papa John’s in Dalton make my day.

Watching Netflix on my phone between classes really relaxes me.

The mural of an old guy in Porterfield by the side entrance never fails to inspire me.”

-Danika Padin

“It’s a beautiful place to live and study. I feel like I’m walking through a postcard every time I go to class.

You can do whatever you want to do academically, because there are resources to support you work and professors who care about your success.

People who want to be here love it here, and their passion shows in their work. It’s infectious, and it’s inspiring.”

-Rachel Klein

banquet selfies“The professors are incredibly knowledgeable and only want the best for you.

The diversity of students here is amazing (and it’s not too hard to get accepted), so there are all types of people here.

I love how close everything is in Radford. Being from NOVA, it’s nice to be able to walk everywhere!”

-Erin Cafferty

“Smaller class sizes with one-on-one time with your professor.

Every type of student.

All the opportunities are available to you if you look.

Highlander rolls!”

-Rebecca Lynch

“Moffett quad, Highlander rolls, and all the opportunities outside of class.”

Whimmers a the banquet. Graphic from Danika Padin
Whimmers a the banquet. Graphic from Danika Padin

-Sydney Crawson

“My three favorite things about Radford….the small class sizes, the number of resources available to students on campus and Starbucks.”

-McKenzie Gibbons

“The professors, the community and the campus itself!”

-Janie Maitland

“I love the community. We’re always looking for an excuse to get united under a common flag and they’ve always been there for eachother when times are tough. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else.

I love student media because you’ll never meet a more cohesive group of people that will put aside their differences to make an amazing product and I love the experience of growing from a helpless lost Freshman to feeling like you have an important role to play in the community as a senior.”

-Julian Guerra

Highlanders Anonymous: Spring cleaning, professionalism, and winter weight gain

“Someone told me that my outfit was inappropriate. Are there any rules against what you wear at RU?”

There actually isn’t a dress code at Radford. Although you might be used to having one and being cautious during high school, those days are thankfully over. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear pajamas to class or wear a tinfoil hat at this point. The only thing you may want to worry about is personal. How do you want to be perceived in school? As you age at RU, you’ll probably want others to see you as a professional and respected individual. One way to communicate that is through the way you dress. Just keep that in mind.

“My house is an utter disaster and I need to do some spring cleaning. How should I get started?”

Make a shopping list to start. Write down all of the cleaners and tools you are going to need to buy at the store to get everything clean. My recommendations are cleaners that are environmentally friendly, smell good, are diverse enough to clean many surfaces and kill germs. If you go to the store and wing it, read every label carefully.

Dusting kitchen lampOnce you have everything, tidy up and put things away, while making things more organized if you can. I suggest that you consider things that will help you have more organized storage, like plastic bins with lids that can easily be stored in closets or under beds. Furniture is also very helpful to declutter your home. A shoe rack can turn a hazardous and messy looking foyer into a welcoming area.

“I feel like I’ve gained so much weight over the winter. How can I get back into shape?”

I’m no expert, but I have some tips that seem to work for me. First, you need to keep some sort of exercise journal that not only keeps track of when you exercise and what you do, but how you feel while doing it. Being able to see your progress can show you how far you’ve come and keep you motivated.

Another thing you can do is scheduling times you exercise so you make the time for it no matter what. You also have to remember that you’ll need to start back up slowly so that you don’t injure yourself. In addition, you shouldn’t just exercise; you should be eating well too. Even if you still want to eat the same junk food as usual, it’s good to at least try to make your diet more balanced. Add some strawberries to that cereal! My mother always told me that once you are able to do something for a month, it becomes a habit–whether it’s good or bad.

Winter wishes ❄

I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for the cold.Let me rephrase that: I’m not one for the cold if there’s no snow.

Is there really a point in it being 15 degrees outside if there’s no pretty white precipitation falling from the sky or laying on the ground? No? I didn’t think so. What’s enjoyable about the cold without snow? Nothing…except maybe cuddling up to a warm fire with a cup of hot tea and an intriguing book.

Snow is something to look forward to in the winter. You look forward to lying out, going to the beach, relaxing in the pool, or floating down the river in summer. What’s there to look forward to in winter without snow? You can’t ski, snowboard, tube, or even go sledding without snow. Granted, people offer indoor ice-skating, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where they have a rink. Let’s face it: winter is nothing but boring, cold, and dark without snow.

Besides it being ridiculously cold and pointless without snow, let’s talk about something else that’s ridiculous. I get that people get sun happy when the sun comes out when it’s 30 degrees outside. I also totally understand why people are so pumped about the new gym (I mean, come on, it’s awesome, clean, and you always have a place to run or lift or whatever you do). But one sunny day even when it’s 22 degrees out doesn’t give you the right to walk to the gym in your booty shorts (girls) or your cutoffs (guys). No one, I repeat, NO ONE feels bad when you walk across campus from Light Side to go running and you’re shivering because you have HALF of an outfit on. Please have some common sense. Sunshine does not always equal warmth. I know, being in my third year at RU, we can all agree on that last statement. Most of us have walked to class being blinded by the sun reflecting off  2 feet of snow. I can’t stand cold without snow and I can’t stand when people can’t grasp the concept that it’s BELOW freezing outside. So sleep with your pajamas inside out, flush ice cubes down your toilet, do a snow dance, I don’t care — just wish for snow with me please. And to those who think it’s “cool” or “fun” or “an adventure” to wear zero clothes to walk to the gym, wear some sweats or a hoodie. Didn’t your momma ever teach you that’s how you catch a cold? Oh, and don’t forget to cover your head; you don’t want to let all that heat escape.

Watch Out for the Apple Watch

The year 2015 already promises to be one for the ages – speaking of ages, who hasn’t grown up laboriously asking themselves the “age-old” question, “when will someone invent a device that not only keeps me on schedule every day, but also keeps me in touch with everyone I know 24/7, and keeps my life going in the right direction at all times?” I know I have, but in just five short months, it appears that this will no longer be the reality we all live in. Apple has promised to release the remedy for our deepest desires come 2015. They call it: The Apple Watch.

It's the future! Graphic from The Escapist magazine
It’s the future! Graphic from The Escapist magazine

The Apple Watch will possess the same appearance of a traditional watch, but it also promises to be “so much more.” With more than a million different faces to choose from, Apple Watch takes customizing to an unprecedented level. It will look how you want it, when you want it, and even how you feel you want it. Distance, inconvenience, and wasted time will no longer be relevant with Apple Watch. Its abilities include: subtlety perception, physical touch simulation, emotion detection, automatic time-zone updates, and, most importantly, the ability to never let its users waste another second of their time.

Whether you’re eating, running, or sleeping you’ll have a companion with Apple Watch. If you find yourself stumbling over your words in a conversation, or simply do not have time to type or say them, Apple Watch enables you to artistically express yourself with a few swipes of a finger. It will even learn what you’re thinking. If you’ve been trying to get into that healthy exercise routine, but can’t seem to sustain motivation, Apple’s got your back! It knows your capabilities, and desires. It knows your fears and your frustrations. When your encouragement level is running low, Apple is there by your side.

So if you’ve been longing for something to perform the mundane tasks of your everyday routine, to fulfill your desires for a hassel-free life, and to keep you going in the right direction all day every day, the wait is coming to a close! In 2015 comes the Apple Watch.



Zombie Prom: A dead dance?

On Oct. 25, hordes of the costumed undead descended to the basement banquet hall in Muse for one of Radford University’s most time-honored Halloween traditions: the annual Zombie Prom. “Hordes” may be a bit of an exaggeration; in fact, many attendees (most of whom were self-described Zombie Prom veterans) remarked on the event’s shrunken size compared to years past. Continue reading Zombie Prom: A dead dance?

A short temper for longboarders

Like most students who live on or around campus, I walk to each of my classes. However, there’s another breed of people who don’t — the longboarders and skateboarders. I don’t know about you, but nothing bothers me more when a boarder comes riding up behind me and comes a little too close to either hitting me or running over my feet.

Continue reading A short temper for longboarders

Highlanders Anonymous: Romance, threesomes and ambiguity!

Question: “There’s a girl that I like that just got out of a long relationship and doesn’t want to see anyone at the moment. What should I do in order to win her heart or at least make her give me a chance?”

Answer: It depends on why she’s telling you that, whether you’ve asked her out or not and whether or not it looks like she’s trying to friend zone you.

Continue reading Highlanders Anonymous: Romance, threesomes and ambiguity!

Smoking on campus: It’s complicated

As college students, we all love those days when the weather is beautiful and we’re not dreading class (for once). Then all of a

Not a very healthy habit. Photo by Sydney Crawson.

sudden, your face is engulfed with a cloud of smoke. I don’t know about you, but nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than sucking in a giant breath of cigarette smoke. Of course students have the right to do what they want with their body; I’m not telling anyone to stop smoking. However, I find it rude to puff away on a busy walkway, especially during class changes. Waiting a few minutes to smoke away from a crowd would be the best idea.

Continue reading Smoking on campus: It’s complicated

RU Home for the Summer: Springfield, Va. (Fresh Prince remix)

It’s no secret that I love Radford and have adopted it as my home away from home, but my first home was Springfield, Virginia. To be honest, there isn’t much to say about Springfield since it’s the kind of town where nothing ever happens (though our DMV was the one that gave the passports to two of the 9/11 terrorists). Continue reading RU Home for the Summer: Springfield, Va. (Fresh Prince remix)

Otakudon: 5 reasons you should try out RU’s anime club

Did you know RU has an anime club?

Not many people do. It’s not widely advertised. That’s a pretty sad thing, because the Otakudon (or the “anime fan dojo”) is actually a pretty awesome club, if you’re into anime, or even if you aren’t. Here are five reasons you should try it out that have nothing to do with anime.

1.) You can get tons of volunteer hours by getting involved with the anime club.

How can you get volunteer hours from an anime club, you ask? The anime club participates in a lot of cultural events, like the Fair of Nations and the International Banquet. They do qualify for volunteer credit, depending on what you’re doing. You can contact the Anime Club’s sponsor for information about individual events. Continue reading Otakudon: 5 reasons you should try out RU’s anime club

BTO vs. Pinkberry: Radford restaurant reviews

BTO Self-Serve Yogurt is quite popular among Radford University students, but does it actually deserve its reputation?

Mmmmmmmmmm. Photo from Creative Commons.

The answer is maybe, depending on what you’re looking for. BTO does have good frozen yogurt, and it also provides a hangout place that’s off campus and alcohol free; but the yogurt at BTO is comparable to the yogurt at Pinkberry in both price and quality. Continue reading BTO vs. Pinkberry: Radford restaurant reviews

Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction

When the former president of the American Marketing Association resigned, the organization desperately needed someone to step up to the plate. That’s when RU junior Geena McDaniel decided this was a perfect opportunity for her to take control as the new president of the organization. Continue reading Moving the American Marketing Association in a new direction