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Lamour’s caters to college students

Lamour’s is a popular shop on Main Street that sells a variety of items: rings, clothing, purses and materials used for hemp knitting.

You have likely seen the owner selling merchandise outside the Bonnie. She brings her dogs, which often attract many people. She’s one of the sweetest people on the planet. Even though she’s not a local (she’s from California), she knows many of her customers by name and treats them with respect and compassion. Returns – even returns that happen because of silly mishaps or an unknown copper allergy – have a no-questions-asked policy unless the product itself is damaged. She gives you full store credit for everything you have to return, and if the problem is a lack of equipment – like, say, with the incense she sells – she’ll direct you to stores that sell the equipment. Continue reading Lamour’s caters to college students