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On This Canvas

I wrote our names with rocks
And placed them perfectly
On top of the red clay.

I can’t write our names in sand.
The waves destroy my creations:
Castles, moats, and especially names.

I can’t write our name in the sky.
That lasts less time than the sand.
A mere wind will destroy my creation.

But here, we may be safe.
On this vast canvas that I have claimed
Our names scar the earth.

Each stone was perfectly selected,
Spelling out our promise to each other
For the world to not destroy… just yet.

Sculpture relocates to Covington

If you’ve walked by the Covington Center recently, you may have noticed some artwork outside that wasn’t there before. A sculpture was recently installed in the front of Covington to better display the monumental work of art. Originally located between Young and Preston halls, the sculpture, Monumental Holistic XXII, can now be much more easily appreciated. The sculpture is one of a series of sculptures by noted international artist Betty Gold. Continue reading Sculpture relocates to Covington