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Rough times for NFL refs

I’ve been watching football on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights since I was about ten years old. Originally, I just wanted an excuse to eat hot dogs in the living room with my dad, and not get off the couch for hours at a stretch; these days however, I really do enjoy getting wrapped up in the drama and excitement of my favorite teams’ weekly games. Of course, since I cheer for the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, and Washington Redskins, this is not always the most satisfying or rewarding pursuit, but team loyalty can and should trump all (and for what it’s worth, none of the three have disgraced themselves yet.  In fact, the Vikings are currently leading their division, so I am a fairly happy camper, though I do always worry that new Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is going to break, on account of his age and history of serious injuries. But enough about me). Continue reading Rough times for NFL refs