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Be the bigger person—You’ll be more successful


In life there will always be people who want to push you down for whatever reason. Maybe they’ll make fun of the clothes you wear or the people you associate yourself with. Or maybe, they’ll make fun of you for taking selfies at a baseball game you attended with your sorority sisters.

This past week some sisters from Alpha Chi Omega, at Arizona State University, attended an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game and were made into a joke. They spent a good chunk of the game taking selfies and laughing with one another. They were made fun of for having fun.

The sorority was publicly offered free tickets by the Diamondbacks to a future game as a “we’re sorry” gift.

sorority1When handed an opportunity to yell, scream, and generally cause hell for the news reporters who mocked them, they took a completely different approach.

They asked that the tickets be donated to A New Leaf—a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims.

They were given an axe to beat Fox News with, but they didn’t take it. These ladies chose to be the bigger person and forgive the obnoxious reporters instead of choosing to hurt them the way they had been hurt.

This is absolutely the best way to respond in such a situation. Not only do you come out looking like a classy, kind, and caring person (or group of people), but you end up making the people who ridiculed you look ridiculous in comparison.

We can learn a lot from these ladies about responding to hurtful words in our daily lives. The instinct we have is to be as hurtful as possible to mean people because you want them to feel the way that you did. This is understandable, but will only lead to you looking as cruel and petty as they do.

Never respond with fire when you’re put in a situation like this. Never stoop to the level of your opponent. In your professional life, responding in a hateful way will always come back to haunt you.

If you always take the high road, you’ll rarely get mud on your boots.