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Cat-Calling: Don’t be Sexist

One of the issues and daily harassments that women have to deal with is cat-calling. This is when men yell what are usually superficial, sexist and derogatory remarks at random women passing by. Some of the worst ones involve blatant and disgusting sexual acts or innuendos, while others objectify women and focus on one specific aspect of their body. You would think it would be common knowledge not to harass someone, especially a random stranger. Yet, it happens far too often.

cat calling
“Yelling at a woman to tell her she has a nice backside is, again, objectifying her and making her an object for your pleasure.” Photo from: http://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/2015/07/05/635717311775156065-116091019_attractive-woman-men-staring.imgopt1000x70.jpg

The thought process behind cat-calling is the cat-caller tends to have a skewed perspective on what a compliment is. Telling a woman that you’d like to have intercourse with her (usually said in more crude terms) is not a compliment. It’s objectifying her and reducing her from a real person to a thing for sex. Yelling at a woman to tell her she has a nice backside is, again, objectifying her and making her an object for your pleasure. Contrary to popular belief (or so it would seem), women are real people, actual human beings, and they are not there for the purpose of pleasing men. Hearing that they would be a good sexual partner does not make them feel good. It makes them feel uncomfortable and possibly worry they may be sexually assaulted.

Women like to be complimented; in fact, everyone does  it’s a normal part of being human. We like to hear nice things about ourselves. But being reduced to a single, sexualized body part or sexual act is not a compliment. It’s demeaning and dehumanizing. Women are more than just their bodies and they are not there to make men want them. A good general rule of thumb is that if you would say it to your mother, then it’s probably okay to say to another woman. If you wouldn’t say it to your mother then you probably shouldn’t say it to a random woman walking down the street.

A look into a tarantula’s sex life

Tarantulas, according to a 2013 review in the journal Arachnology, are the largest and longest living spiders in the world. Nelson Ferretti, a tarantula expert with the the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina and lead author of the review says there are nearly a thousand species alive today, and most mate in the spring and summer; although some species are known to mate only in the winter.

According to the study co-author Fernando Pérez-Miles, an entomologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, after male spiders are born and travel into the adult stage of their lives, they insert their two pedipalps or the small appendages near the front of their head with sperm. Although the insertion of the sperm is time and energy consuming, males can usually mate with multiple females with just one insertion..

During the mating season, “charged” males, or males who have gone through the insertion process, will leave the nest, so to speak, in order to find approachable females.  The male tarantulas will focus on the female’s pheromones, or chemical scents, though “it’s unclear if only receptive females produce male-attracting pheromones.” When a male discovers a “connection” or a female that has the appropriate pheromones, the male and female with mate.

“Depending on the species, males may engage in a range of different moves, the most widespread being papal drumming and body vibrations.”

According to Ferretti, “depending on the species, males may engage in a range of different moves, the most widespread being papal drumming and body vibrations.”
If the female enjoys the feeling, she will respond by tapping her front legs, letting him know that she wants him, and to direct him toward her burrow. However, in other species, the female will move towards the male instead, leaving her burrow behind. When the time has come, the pair will come face-to-face, showing and elevating their bodies and front legs to each other.

In other species, the tradition is different. The male will initiate spasmodic beats on the female with his second pair of legs, which is thought to put the female at ease and relax her fangs. In most species, the males have specialized spurs that can clasp onto the female’s fangs which elevate them into the correct immobilizing positions and to prevent bites.

Once the pair are ready, the male will place his charged pedipalps into the female’s genital opening, one to five time. When he is finished, he will leave to find other mates, that is, if he’s “lucky enough to avoid getting eaten, which is common,” Ferretti says. However, this only occurs if the male attempts to mate with a female without courting her first, that is, entering her burrow too soon or doesn’t leave fast enough after mating. Although, luckily enough for the males, mating leaves the female immobile for a small amount of time, allowing the male to get away if necessary.

Two major untouchable subjects with your parental units

Some subjects are simply not okay to talk to your parents about. Your parents gave you life, but that doesn’t mean you should talk to them about the nitty gritty, personal, somewhat inappropriate stuff. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Here are some topics you should probably steer clear from when talking to your parents.

1. Sex

Nobody willingly likes to talk about sex when it comes to explaining what it means or how to do it. Your parents obviously knows what’s going on when it comes to sex because they had you, but mostly likely, they’d rather not talk to their child about it. You should never brag to your parents about how much you’re getting laid. First of all, why would you do that in the first place? That’s just a little bit weird, but also, that topic could spark the conversation of STDs and other awkward conversations that you nor them want to endure.

Last but not least, please don’t talk to your parents about sex toys. I don’t care if your parents are the “cool parents.” It’s not cool to do that. If you want information, google it or ask a friends. Don’t tell them you’re looking to buy a nice dildo and you were wondering where you could get it. They most likely have no idea what you’re talking about and if they do they’re either mortified or confused. Don’t bring up that conversation. Just don’t.

2. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are somewhat of a better conversation than sex; however, parents can be scary overprotective so you have to be careful about how you start the conversation. If you ask any questions without prefacing it with “I’m not a drug addict or alcoholic nor am I attempting to be; however, I do have a question,” then your parents will most likely think you’re a drug dealer, pot head, or alcoholic. Just make sure they know what’s going on before you bring it up. Be nice to your parents

Don't be this kid, please.  Photo from buzzfeed
Don’t be this kid, please.
Photo from buzzfeed

These topics could be different for each person, but I think, generally, these are some good rules to follow to ensure everyone feels comfortable and not awkward when having to look you in the eyes. Be respectful and nice to your parents, it usually help later in life.

Aspirin cures cancer?

People around the world use Aspirin in their daily lives, whether it’s to treat fevers, inflammation, arthritis, or just general pain.

New studies would like to add to that list. Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands ran a multitude of tests on those with gastrointestinal and colon cancer and found that taking Aspirin after cancer treatment often increased survivability of the individual.

Through rigorous testing post-diagnosis, Aspirin users were twice as likely to survive gastrointestinal cancer than those who didn’t take the drug.

What is unique about this number is that it was determined after taking into account confounding variables such as age, sex, cancer stage, and form of cancer treatment.

Dr. Frouws, the head of research behind this project, came forth stating that he wants to change the medicinal formula that we as a nation have come to accept. The formula we currently have is that medicine should be personalized, which leads to an extreme increase in price and a decrease in effectiveness over the general population.

Dr. Frouws thinks that we need to reverse this idea and instead of personalizing medicine, we need to take a step toward the generalization of medicine.

image1 (2)
Photo By: Danielle Johnson

The benefit of a cheap, well established, and over-the-counter drug such as Aspirin is the key to treating the masses. It’s because that Aspirin isn’t a personalized drug, it can treat a larger group of people all while focusing in on the treatment of a select individual.  

In today’s modern economy where the number of middle class citizens increases daily, this is a step in the right direction. There has to be a trust between government grade pharmaceuticals and the citizens of the country or infrastructure begins to falter. We see people on the news like Martin Shkreli, who bought out Turing Pharmaceuticals and raised the price of the drug Daraprim (a drug used to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis) from $13.50 to $750, receiving colossal backlash from the general population. We as a nation can’t have people doing that because it breaks the bridge that took years to set up which is why this study done by the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands is so vital to the progression of medicinal science.

Fifty shades of GTFO

By now, you’ve either seen Fifty Shades of Grey — or you haven’t flushed $9 down the drain and ruined your stomach for sex.

(Oh, SPOILER ALERT for those of you who still intend to see it; stop reading now, you poor, unfortunate soul.)

For those like myself, who had the misfortune of seeing this abysmal excuse for soft porn, let’s examine all the reasons why we shouldn’t wish the sight of this shitshow on our worst enemies.

Firstly, there’s the overt and condescending phallic (that means penis) symbols. The concept is completely taken over the top after Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s first meeting, where the shy young woman literally takes a cold shower in the Seattle rain.

Of course, the incredibly terrible decision to not make significant changes to the characters, scenes, and writing brought the movie’s potential down to a frighteningly disappointing level. Development of characters may have existed, but it was hard to see past the giant leaps in time and the speed at which couples began to form for no apparent reason.

But the only reason not to see this movie that really matters, in this reviewer’s opinion, is the sex portrayed in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Whether or not you’ve ever been curious about, or even involved in, BDSM, let’s make it very clear that what Christian’s up to is no such thing. While he has much of the right equipment (frankly, a little too much), Christian’s idea of what a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship is fifty shades of fucked up.

While Christian Grey may have the right tools for BDSM, he does not have the right mentality.
While Christian Grey may have the right tools for BDSM, he does not have the right mentality. Graphic from NY Daily News.

Clearly, both leading characters have emotional issues that require serious professional help. However, the D/s relationship has stereotypically been an outlet for those who are not otherwise able to find expression for their more dominant or submissive sides. Though it isn’t unbelievable that Christian would want to Dominate in the bedroom as hard as he does in the boardroom, it seems unusual. However, this is explained to some satisfaction by his six years of abuse by an older woman, starting at the age of 15. While he describes it as a consensual sexual relationship,  15 isn’t a legal age of consent —  for any of the activities he and “Mrs. Robinson” got into.

Movie-Christian also doesn’t seem to understand the finer points of this subculture he considers himself an expert on, including one of the most basic principles: aftercare. Book-Christian did (at least at first) remember to help the inexperienced Anastasia through her first recovery after a spanking. Unfortunately, the director must have felt this wasn’t very sexy and chose to omit the gentle caressing of Anastasia’s offended bottom after she cries to her mother.

The most important thing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (and, in large part, the book) left out about BDSM relationships is that it isn’t about being “fifty shades of fucked up” — it’s about an intimate and mutually beneficial relationship. No sex needs to occur (though it’s very nice) in order for a couple to engage in a healthy BDSM relationship.

Let’s stress  “healthy,” as E.L. James and the movie both fail to represent any hint of a healthy relationship between the overly timid Anastasia and the controlling, possessive (to the point that he gets jealous before he’s even asked her out) stalker Christian. The man is clearly a nutbag and should have been arrested — not a turn-on.

To sum it up, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie ruined an almost tolerable collection of porn scenes that happened to fill in with the worst writing ever published — and it illustrated an abusive, terrifying relationship that misrepresents an entire subculture and will turn you off of any form of sex for some time.

Netflix Pick of the Week: Don Jon

Don Jon's addiction to porn. Graphic from The Credible Hulk
Don Jon’s addiction to porn. Graphic by The Credible Hulk

Welcome back, Highlanders! As the semester begins, you’re sure to be overloaded with homework to do and textbook chapters to read. What better way to inevitably put all of that off by watching something on Netflix?

This week’s Netflix Pick of the Week is none other than the indie-rom-com-dram “Don Jon.” It’s a 2013 film that was written and directed by its main star, Joseph Gordon Levitt. It boasts a star-packed cast, with Levitt as the titular character, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Tony Danza.

In this film, Levitt stars as Jon Martello, your typical Jersey macho man who only cares about a few things in life: “my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn.”

All though he has an active sex life, Jon can only seem to find his satisfaction through the world of online porn. As the film progresses, we see Jon’s obsession take over his life and relationships, and ultimately destroy the love between him and his girlfriend Barbara Sugarman, played by the ever-perfect Johansson.

Make no mistake, though – this movie isn’t about a man’s obsession with the seedier side of the Internet. This is a movie about learning how to love someone else and gain the ability to have deep, meaningful relationships with other people.

This film is poignant and witty, slightly obscene and altogether original. You don’t want to miss out on this first project from JGL.

Do you always have a Plan B?

It’s funny how people don’t understand what others go through. People don’t want to understand. I find it so odd when a guy looks at a girl and says, “You forgot to take your birth control? How could you forget something like that?” before getting pissed off and walking away. He’s not the one doing something to prevent pregnancy and the girl is the one doing something that he also wants. Continue reading Do you always have a Plan B?

Don’t pop pills; knock boots

Headaches and migraines are common occurrences in today’s society. We often cling to those ibuprofen pills and in hopes that they will provide relief. Other remedies include using ice masks, drinking caffeine and sitting in the dark. The one remedy you need to try out incorporates both exercise and stress relief. That remedy is sex.

Continue reading Don’t pop pills; knock boots

The friend zone: You’re there for a reason

I am so tired of guys complaining about being put in the friend zone.

As a woman with … let’s call it ambiguous sexuality, it makes me mad to hear guys complain about how they’re “too nice” to find someone. It’s not true. The thing is, many women will tell a guy he’s “too nice” in order to avoid hurting his feelings when she’s not interested in him. Yes, it sucks, but it makes a lot of sense.

Continue reading The friend zone: You’re there for a reason

Weekly Time Wasters: Cybersex and other strange things

Well guys, we’re in the home stretch. One more week to go and then the dreaded finals. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching the Time Wasters every week as I’ve had making them. This will be the last installment of the Wasters of the year and unless one of my fantastic writers picks it up in the fall, the last one ever. I’m leaving my section in the very capable hands of my second in command, Brandon Leatherland, who will also be taking the reigns of Radcentric. I wish you all best and luck on your exams–make sure you come back in the fall for more exciting articles, reviews and exclusive content that will rock your socks off. Cheers. Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Cybersex and other strange things

Sexy aliens? Science says probably not

We humans (or at least, the geekier specimens among us) seem obsessed with human-on-alien action. From the countless conquests of Captain Kirk to the untamed Na’vi beauty Neytiri, science fiction is replete with tales of uninhibited extraterrestrials that know just how to get our motors running.

But is it really likely that even if we’re not alone in the universe, our galactic neighbors will want to pay conjugal visits? Probably not. Continue reading Sexy aliens? Science says probably not

Summer safety tips

As summer approaches, college students start chomping at their proverbial bit, ready to break free from the confines of spring semester. While a bit of cutting loose does everyone good from time to time, there are some things you should remember so that summer fun doesn’t become summer regret soon after. Continue reading Summer safety tips

Print it, baby!

How would you like to take your wildest, most outrageous fantasies and turn them into custom sex toys? Turns out, science will let you do that.

As 3D printers continue to edge closer into mainstream life, new possibilities are opening up for lovers of gunsmodel trains and even sex toys.

Is your turn-on a toy for your intimate areas shaped like Justin Bieber or Hello Kitty? Fear not, Maker Love (a company that hosts a forum for sharing sex toy designs for 3D printing) has designs for those free on their website. Continue reading Print it, baby!

Iceland considers banning Internet porn

The government of Iceland recently announced that it’s studying ways to ban Internet pornography in their country. They have set the precedent to be able to do so because printed pornography has been banned there for many years and strip clubs were banned two years ago. The reasoning behind these bans is that these institutions exploit women and threaten the mental health of children.

Having freedom of speech so engraved in my mind because of American culture, it’s difficult for me to fathom that a modern government would have the audacity to try to ban such a form of expression, even if some find it objectionable. I understand there are circumstances where women are taken advantage of or even coerced into participation, and I acknowledge that it’s certainly possible children who are exposed to pornography may develop negative side effects. However, just because bad things could happen ought not to be the litmus test for what is acceptable and what is not. Continue reading Iceland considers banning Internet porn

Wacky science: Orgasm oddities

It’s explosive. It’s disappointing. It’s confusing.

These are all answers one might get if asking different people to describe the experience of orgasm. Given the range of possible experiences summed up in that one word, it should come as no surprise there are some curious, unusual, and just-plain-weird aspects to orgasms. If you’re faint of heart, you may want not want to venture further into this article. Continue reading Wacky science: Orgasm oddities

Dan Savage: Radford gets intimate

Dan Savage, best known for his sex advice column “Savage Love” and the It Gets Better Project,came to Radford University on Sept. 25 to answer students’ questions on sex and relationships. The hour and a half Q&A started off with a big laugh to a question that was “R” rated. To put it delicately, it involved the anatomy of the “behind” and what fluids can be released from it. The show was indeed an adult show. Continue reading Dan Savage: Radford gets intimate