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Highlanders Anonymous is back!

Have any questions you’re embarrassed about or make you feel uncomfortable when you ask aloud? Are you having relationship problems? Do you have any pent up sexual anxiety that you want to get off your chest but are too shy to voice aloud?

What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.
What secrets do you have to share? Image from Creative Commons.

You’re in luck. The Whim staff is pleased to announce Highlanders Anonymous is back and will begin this week, under the Life section.

Highlanders Anonymous is a place where Radford University students can turn with all of their unanswered questions. Continue reading Highlanders Anonymous is back!

How to deal with stress

Deep breathing slows your heart rate and helps calm you down. Photo from Creative Commons.

You’ve got projects to work on and deadlines to make, upcoming tests that you need to study for, and not enough hours in the day to do what you need to do. Cram sessions and copious amounts of stress are inevitable. During the semester it’s easy to get bogged down with the heavy load of coursework along with the other demands that we all have, such as jobs, family and friends. So how can you manage your stress without having a meltdown? Continue reading How to deal with stress