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Snapchat, Rihanna, and Domestic Abuse

Recently the mobile app Snapchat has gotten into some hot water after having an advertisement for a mobile game called “Would You Rather”. The advertisement show one of the more offensive questions on the game, asking if they rather hit Rihanna or Chris Brown. If you are not aware, Rihanna was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Chris Brown several years ago; he beat Rihanna and tries to push her out of his car. Photos came out during the incident that show the bruises on her face.

Snapchat should have known that this advertisement was offensive to both Rihanna and domestic abuse victims. It makes light of a serious problem in America, and belittles the trauma Rihanna went through. Many were reluctant or unwilling to believe Rihanna when the original event occurred, and she had to fight to get justice when it should have been given to her. But, instead, there is a ridiculous game and an offensive advertisement on a national multimedia app.

While Snapchat is facing major backlash for showing this advertisement, and they should, many also seem to be ignoring the actual game that created the advertisement and that particular “would you rather” choice. Snapchat has many users threatening to delete the app for good, and their stock has fallen significantly since, but the actually game is all but falling into obscurity. The mobile that made the advertisement in the first place should also be dealing with backlash, not just snapchat, especially because offensive choices like this part of the norm for them.

Neither apps should have made light of the of Rihanna’s past or domestic abuse victims. Both should face backlash for it, and while Snapchat, as a much larger platform that influences many more people, should face a larger backlash, the “Would You Rather” app needs to face some form of reprimand as well.


Cover Photo from Entertainment Tonight

Snapchat’s new update

Snapchat released a new update, called Chat 2.0 on Tuesday March 29, unveiling 6 new features to add new practical services to the app.

This update, for me at least, wasn’t easily recognizable, except for one key feature — an auto-lay function for Stories. The auto-play function allows users to view each story back-to-back. Personally, and for some of my friends, this feature didn’t go over too well. I like to click on each video one-by-one, to view the stories I want to see, in the order I want to see them. The look of the feature isn’t preferable either, you can barely tell who the story is by because of the small header in the upper left hand corner.

However, after searching through the rest of the updates, I can faithfully say that this update has a lot more going for it. First of all, Snapchat lets people send video and audio messages, and even make voice calls — watch out Skype.

Snapchat’s new voice call feature. Graphic from http://money.cnn.com/

In addition, you can also set up a video call with multiple friends on Snapchat. They can either put on their own audio or video, or simply watch the lifestream and message to the group. Anything you film in the video call, however, can’t be saved or downloaded to your phone.

On top of the new Stories and chat features, Snapchat also revealed brand new stickers, which you can use when sending messages or chatting across the app.



Snapchat has been pressed to stay in the social media and network competition because less and less people have been spending time on the app. Getting people to use the app and keeping their attention can be hard to do, but I believe, if they keep releasing useful services through updates on their app, Snapchat can continue to grow.

However, Snapchat has a huge competitor coming close in the race. On the same day as Snapchat’s new update, Tuesday March 29, Instagram made an announcement stating that the time limit of videos uploaded to Instagram was raised from 15 seconds, to 60 seconds. Time will see if this is announcement will become an advantage for the platform.

Additionally, every single one of Snapchat’s features exist on other platforms including Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype and WhatsApp. However, having all of these services inside one app could prove to be an advantage for keeping people on Snapchat.

Read before you accept Snapchat’s new terms and conditions

Snapchat reserved the right to store and use all selfies taken through the app, so if you think that picture you’re about to send is temporary? Think again.

Now if you use the app, you’re submitting to the app doing whatever it wants with your photographs. What’s more, you are also granting Snapchat permission to use your name, likeness, and voice anywhere in the world, with no restrictions, permanently.

This means that the photos people take, thinking they are temporary and private, could appear on Snapchat’s promotional material, or even on their social media accounts.

Snapchat's logo isn't the only thing that's new. Graphic from The Binary Trend
Snapchat’s logo isn’t the only thing that’s new. Graphic from The Binary Trend

If you don’t know what Snapchat is, it is a video messaging app created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Kind of sounds like a nice barbershop trio.

Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of friends. These are known as ‘Snaps’. They’re supposed to delete automatically after a set amount of time, from one second to 10 seconds; this is unless the other user chooses to screenshot the ‘Snap’.

Snapchat is also used as a news platform by media companies, including Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, People, and more.

According to Snapchat, in May 2014, the app’s users were sending 700 million photos and videos per day.

In the beginning, Snapchat claimed that all the photos sent on their app were automatically deleted from its servers. The appeal of that was that the photos only lasted for 10 seconds or less, unless the person you sent them to decided to screenshot them.

If they did screenshot it, you got a notification, telling you who took a screenshot of the “private” sometimes self-destructing photo.

Now Snapchat has changed its terms and conditions so it owns every photo taken through the app.

Snapchat told the FTC that the images are never actually deleted from a user’s device, and it’s possible to recover the images.

The app hasn’t suffered from the scandals, it’s currently reported to be valued at 16 billion dollars.

Evan Spiegel, the co-founder and chief executive of Snapchat, has spoken about what the purpose of the app is. He said: “Historically photographs have been used to save really important memories, major life moments, but today, with the advent of the mobile phone and the connected camera, pictures are being used for talking. Now photographs are really used for talking, that’s why people are taking and sending so many photos on Snapchat.”

Will you choose to continue using Snapchat, or will you delete like many others have?


The new snapchat update will slap you in the face

Have you ever wanted to puke rainbows? Maybe turn into a scary devil monster? Or even get slapped in the face? Well now you can! The new snapchat update has been making dreams come true since September 16, 2015. The update comes with seven new, fun filters and they are adding a different one every day. They added a new face-recognition technology that allows the new filters to match up to your face perfectly, making new effects more fun and realistic. Snapchat is becoming more technologically advanced and is now a popular social media app in the entertainment industry.


Not only does Snapchat have new filters, they also have a new trophy case. The trophy case is accessible by clicking on the ghost icon at the top of the screen and then clicking on the trophy icon. It contains 16 possible trophies to win. However, they are all mysteries. You won’t know how to win a trophy until you meet the unknown requirements each trophy needs. Oooooh….mysteries. People are going crazy, sending the weirdest and most random snapchats in order to win a trophies.


Along with the new filters and trophy case, the new update includes a new loading icon at the top right of every story. It looks better and more sophisticated allowing snapchat to be taken more seriously. It is important when it comes to design features, to make all effects, icons, and text look cohesive and professional.

Snapchat is all about having fun, letting all your friends see what you’re up to day-to-day, and being easy to use. The Snapchat app now explains what all the emoji’s next to your friend’s list mean. This new update is somewhat hidden in your settings menu under additional services. Not only can you now learn what the emoji’s mean, but you can also change the emoji next to your friend’s names if you’re worried about someone snooping in your phone or if you don’t agree with the emoji given to your best friend. Feelings can get hurt when it comes to these important BFF emoji’s so make sure you pay close attention to who snapchat says is important in your life.

Have you ever clicked on a Snapchat from someone and then accidentally clicked off of it too soon? Or have you ever laughed so hard at a snapchat and you really wish you could see it again? Well luckily for you, now you can.

Snapchat has allowed for more than one replay a day for only a small charge. I personally would rather save a dollar than see a snapchat again, but if you are dying to see that hilarious rainbow-puking dude again, go for it! The Snapchat app loves to make people happy and who are they to get in the way of replaying your most embarrassing moment over and over again.

The Snapchat update is all the rage everywhere we go and they continue to become more technologically savvy every day. They can only get more advanced and more popular from here on out.

New Snapchat update causes outrage

Ever since its popularity skyrocketed a few years back, Snapchat (a picture sharing app that only allows recipients of a photo to see it for a certain amount of seconds before it vanishes), has been the cause of many a breakup, thanks to its infamous “best friends list.” This list made it possible to see who your significant other was sending pictures to and receiving them from — a problem because Snapchat’s notorious for nude picture trading. Back in January, a Snapchat update got rid of the best friends list and allowed cheaters everywhere to once again “snap” their illicit lovers without the fear of getting caught.

Snapchat is taking criticism. Graphic from Wikimedia Commons
Snapchat is taking criticism. Graphic from Wikimedia Commons

Now here we are in spring of 2015 and a new update has rattled girls all over the internet. If you go to your Snapchat “friends” list, you will see an emoji beside some  friends’ names. These emojis all mean different things about your Snapchat friendship status with the person. The golden heart means that you are each other’s best friend; the “grimace” face with  bared teeth, means that you and the person each have the same best friend; the smile indicates someone  you frequently send pictures to; the face with the sunglasses means that you and the person both have a close friend in common; the smirk means that you’re their best friend, but they aren’t yours; and the fire means that the two of you have snapped each other for however many days in a row are listed beside the flame.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why this is a serious problem. All of the mischievous snappingthat had been going on between the “best friends list” feature disappearing and the new update has been made public. So now there’s only one question: did the creators do this on purpose to expose infidelity?

Buzzfeed’s Carley Washa’s recent article, “Definitive Proof Snapchat Is The Biggest Snitch of All Time,” described the update as “literally like Snapchat brought back the feature to show which cheaters took advantage of the update.”

Whether or not the minds behind Snapchat intended to create pandemonium remains to be seen. After all, despite its reputation, Snapchat isn’t the only social media site to have a hand in aiding cheating lovers– Facebook and Tinder have been in the hot seat too. Hopefully these updates will show users that no matter how secretive they think they’re being about their affairs, these sites can reveal everything with one click. If nothing else, this update should teach people that privacy involving the internet is not a thing — and to be more discreet with their online actions.