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Five TV shows that have the best music

What makes a good TV show? Awesome characters? An intriguing plot? Cliffhanger season endings? To me, it’s the music that makes a show. Music is so important to set the emotional tones and to be honest, great music makes me love a show ten times more than I would if the show’s creators had questionable music taste. Here are television shows that have some of the best music of all time (in no particular order):

How I Met Your Mother contains great music to get into. Graphic from Series Addict
How I Met Your Mother contains great music to get into. Graphic from Series Addict

1) “How I Met Your Mother” (Available on Netflix Instant)

In my humble opinion, “How I Met Your Mother” has the best of everything in TV show history, including amazing music. “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic,Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect” by The Decemberists, “Waiting for An Invitation” by Benji Hughes– all of these amazing songs made appearances on this show plus a million more. We’re talking nine seasons of pure musical genius.

2) “Gossip Girl” (Available on Netflix Instant)

For some strange reason, people think “Gossip Girl” is lame. I don’t understand that mentality. It has sex, scandals, and terrific music– what more could you want? Featuring songs like,Photograph” by Air, “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack, and “Signs” by Bloc Party, the show has introduced me to a lot of obscure bands that I may not have listened to otherwise.

3) “Vampire Diaries” (Available on Netflix Instant)

This is one instance where every time the show puts out a new soundtrack, I just buy it because I know it’s going to be great. I love the dark, edgy songs that they play (thanks to the show being about vampires). Check out “Bloodstream” by Stateless, “Down” by Jason Walker, and Digital Daggers’ cover of the Tears For Fears song, “Head Over Heels”.

4) “Degrassi”

Degrassi has some of the best music in television history. It has some pretty terrible songs as well, but mostly the creators were really on it when choosing the soundtrack. The show introduced me to “Model Homes” by In-Flight Safety, “Straightjacket” by Stef Lang, and “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” by Stars (a Canadian indie band that became my favorite band because I heard this amazing song on “Degrassi”). Bonus: I don’t usually like songs written exclusively for TV shows, but the “Degrassi” original song,Here Today” by Flashing Midnight (a fictional band) is really, really good. Also, never forget that “Degrassi” gave us Drake.

5) “American Horror Story” (Available on Netflix Instant)

I love “American Horror Story,” 50% for the show and 50% for the music. The music is really, really awesome. It’s dark and twisted and haunting and it just stays with you, like the plots and the characters do. Some of my favorite songs from the show include, “For Everything A Reason” by Carina Round, “Flickers” by Son Lux, and “Harsh Realm” by Widowspeak.

If you’re interested in finding more amazing music from these shows, you can find whole playlists that usually include at least 90% of what is played on the show, on either YouTube or Spotify.

A simple CD review: “Garden State” soundtrack

The Garden State soundtrack album cover. Photo from Creative Commons.

For the past couple of years, I’ve come across some CDs I could listen to all the way through without skipping any song. Sure, there are songs I don’t listen to often like if I’m driving in a car or just doing homework with music in the background. Nonetheless, this is certainly one of those albums. It might take a couple tries, but once you understand the concept of the song, you’ll appreciate it. Here’s the playlist for the CD if you care to individually look up the songs.

1. Coldplay – “Don’t Panic”

2. The Shins – “Caring Is Creepy”

3. Zero 7 – “In The Waiting Line”

4. The Shins – “New Slang”

5. Colin Hay – “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You”

6. Cary Brothers – “Blue Eyes”

7. Remy Zero – “Fair”

8. Nick Drake – “One Of These Things First”

9. Thievery Corporation – “Lebonese Blonde”

10. Simon & Garfunkel – “Only Living Boy In New York”

11. Iron & Wine – “Such Great Heights”

12. Frou Frou – “Let Go”

13. Bonnie Somerville – “Winding Road”

The first song is Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic,” which actually fits right into the movie. I’m not going to spoil it for those who don’t know the movie, but this song’s title fits in with the scene, because the main character, Andrew, finds out some information that is quite unsettling.

Everyone might recognize the two songs by The Shins. “Caring is Creepy” is a song where you wouldn’t know what the lyrics are talking about, unless you go to my favorite lyrics website, which is very trustworthy and has thousands of artists in its library.

There’s a song in between the two Shins songs, “In The Waiting Line” by Zero 7. I’m not too thrilled about this song, however, it seems to fit well between the two songs. It’s very trance-like, and it’s a song to zone out to and just ride it out.

The song after that, Colin Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You,” is a very slow, meaningful song. It’s very touching because only Colin Hay is singing with an acoustic guitar as the sole instrument. All I can say is this is one of those songs you’d play to a significant other or a dear person who is close to your heart that you have no idea how you’d live without.

Cary Brother’s “Blue Eyes,” to me, is the “Brown-Eyed Girl” of the other color. It honestly touches the heart and it’s basically saying that the singer would do anything to help this girl out because he loves her.

Remy Zero’s “Fair” is certainly the song that gives me goosebumps on this album not only because of the way the guitar is played, but also the emotion that Remy and his band portray in this song. It’s quite captivating and most certainly strikes the biggest chord in me.

Nick Drake’s “One of These Thing’s First,” Thievery Corperation’s “Lebonese Blonde” and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Only Boy In New York” are the songs where you zone out because they seem to mesh together into three parts. Nick plays this song in a way that would be perfect in a car, just driving around and enjoying the scenery. Theivery Corperation’s song is very trippy because the instrument, possibly a mandolin, is being played throughout. Simon & Garfunkel, well, are Simon & Garfunkel. Simple, but meaningful. I enjoy this song for that sole purpose. Nothing else can explain this song but those two words.

My favorite song is “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine. Personally, I used to be able to play this on the guitar, but I think it’s two guitars playing at the same time. I personally love this song because of the lyrics, and this is the original “Such Great Heights” to me. Sure the Postal Service is a good band and all, but it seems way too complex with the electronic sounds and effects. This song is made to be soft, meaningful and filled with heart.

Frou Frou is quite the underdog here, with her song “Let Go.” What attracted me to this song in the first place is the incredible bass line when the chorus picks up. I began to respect the entire song, the simple saying of ‘let go’ is certainly one of the better sayings if something is troubling you and you’ve tried everything to fix it, then you just have to ‘let go’. It grew a little bit on me, but once that chorus hits I think you’ll get goosebumps.

Bonnie Somerville’s “Winding Road” could possibly be the best ending song to an album ever. It signifies that life is a ‘winding road’ filled with twists and turns and in the end you’ll find your way home no matter what you stumble across on your journey.

The whole movie is very thought-provoking and this soundtrack compliments it and makes it sound beautiful, wondrous and even spiritual. You could say the movie is wrapped around the soundtrack, or the that the soundtrack is wrapped around the movie. Either way, one cannot live without the other. The soundtrack itself tells a story through its songs, but once you see the movie, the soundtrack will bring the movie to life.