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Spring Grass

The grass is growing green again,
Tall and dark and spread thick across the earth,
Nature’s carpeting.

The grass is growing green again,
The brown and yellow of winter is gone;
Spring is here at last.

It comes in fits and starts,
One day hot, the next so cold,
But the sun shines more every day.
As the nights grow shorter, warmer,
The grass is growing green again.

New life is rising,
Giving color to the world,
Which was so barren for so long.

The trees are budding white and pink,
The flowers blooming in rainbows,
The grass is growing green again.

The rains balance the sun,
Feeding life and cooling earth,
Washing away the woes of winter.

The grass is growing green again,
As life begins anew, fresh and thriving,
A temporary state of being, true,
But such a pleasant one.

The Life of A College Dog

Iris, an Austrailian Shepherd/Catahoula Cur mix, just turned into a one-year-old pupper on January 25th, 2017. I adopted her at four weeks old. Since then, she has grown into a stunning, albeit sometimes vexing, addition to my family. Alongside her three kitten siblings, Iris is ready for anything. This is the journey of a college dog, week by week.

Iris lets me know she's ready to go.
Good morning!

Iris wakes me before the alarm, shoving her leash in my face, demanding to start the day. The screech of a whiny dog isn’t the most comforting thing to be woken up by, but it’s better than poop on the floor. Always stay positive!

Iris poses perfectly for a candid shot in front of Young Hall.
Iris poses perfectly for a shot in front of Young Hall.

Following her wait for mom, Iris goes for a walk around campus. The sun is shining, the breeze is careful, and Iris is feeling fresh. She runs around Moffett quad and then rests in front of Young Hall, which makes for a great candid shot.

Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ
Iris showing her love for pork at Due South BBQ

If you don’t like barbecue, leave now. Iris doesn’t need that negativity in her life.

Iris's best friend accompanies us on our journey for quality BBQ.
Iris’s best friend accompanied us on our journey for quality BBQ.

After begging for a taste of our food, Iris and her BFF pose for a photo with a giant pig BBQ pit.

Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.
Love story between a waterfall and a pupper.

Fast forward past the disaster of having to tear her away from the smell of cooking food. We find ourselves at Falls Ridge nature preserve. I cannot stress to you the difficulties I faced while taking this photo. Picture yourself splashed by mud, almost trampled, and herded into the water to play. After running around for 20 minutes (no joke), she finally sat for a beautiful nature shot.

Falls Ridge features an 80-foot waterfall, varieties of plant and marine life, and great hammocking spots. So, you should visit. But wait, there’s more!

Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.
Iris enjoying her second hike at Ellett Valley Nature Trail in Christiansburg, VA.

For the small price of one more minute of your day, you can see more cute pictures of my pupper!
Iris’s parents, being dumb college kids, forgot water and had to go to the gas station. We noticed Ellett Valley Nature Trail, secluded and small. Why the hell not, eh? Iris seemed to love the smells and environment.

BFF in hand, she's ready for dinner and a long nap.
BFF in hand, she’s ready for dinner and a long nap.

Perfect end to a perfect day. Let sleeping dogs lie!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

Why I’m Staying For Graduation Even Though I’m Not Graduating Yet

Photo of Kristen Jameson, Photo By Caitlin Horan

Last spring, I stayed for graduation even though I was only a sophomore. I stayed because I had some friends graduating and they convinced me a few more days at school wouldn’t hurt me because it was summer and I would be going home on vacation anyway. I’m very glad I ended up staying because I had a great weekend with some friends that I barely get to see anymore. This spring I will also be staying for graduation again even though I am a junior now and still have one more year before it’s my turn to graduate.

Most students are eager to be done with exams and head home for the summer. They are tired of being around the same people and they’re ready to go home to their families and homemade meals. I believe that sticking around for graduation is worth the sacrifice of a few extra days at home. It can be a hard decision choosing to stay at first because you just want to get home and think about summer and not having to do schoolwork or being anywhere near school. However, if you do stay you will find out that it was worth your time.

There are a bunch of families of the graduating students that come up for the whole weekend and it’s nice meeting everyone’s parents and siblings. Getting to hear stories from your friends’ childhoods and how or where they grew up is funny and interesting. Another perk of staying for graduation is the cookouts that everyone has all around at different apartments and houses. There’s a lot of food and desserts around everywhere and everyone is in a great mood because the parents are happy and proud of their kids graduating and the kids are happy and proud of themselves for graduating.

I couldn’t imagine not sticking around for graduation anymore. It’s something I’m looking forward to but also sad about because some of my best friends will be graduating this year. It’s a melancholy time celebrating graduation but it’s worth staying the extra few days and postponing the end of school year spring drive home for the summer.

Spring Baseball Games

Now that the weather is getting warmer and sunnier it’s a perfect time to spend the afternoons outside. One thing I love doing when it gets to be around spring time is attending our school’s baseball games.

The field is really nice and there are stands or you can bring a blanket and sit in the grass on the side of the stadium. The games are long which means you can either spend the whole day outside or you can stay for a little while and enjoy the nice day briefly.

Some may think baseball is boring but you don’t have to go just to watch the games. You can go with friends and just enjoy being outside and the baseball game can be something to occasionally look over at and a good conversation starter.

“If you haven’t been to a baseball game before you should definitely try to go to one.”

They also have concessions at the fields so you can go and enjoy those with your friends. At half time they usually do games where you can win a variety of prizes and rewards. Certain games are active where you end up getting on the field and playing something against another opponent from the crowd and whoever ends up winning gets the prize. The prizes are normally something like a t-shirt and the games are all friendly and fun. They also have games where you stay in the stands and they put the camera on you and have you dance or make a face to win prizes.

The players also have walk out songs that play right before they go up to hit. Each player has a different one and it’s fun to wait and listen to see who picked what song to get them pumped up for their turn to hit. It’s fun to sing along to the songs and there’s a variety of songs from country to rap to EDM.

Overall the spring baseball games are a lot of fun whether you like baseball or not they’re a great experience and a great way to spend a nice, sunny spring afternoon. If you haven’t been to a baseball game before you should definitely try to go to one before you graduate because you will have a great time.

Brrr! It’s cold out there

The phenomenon has lasted since the beginning of my middle school career. The winter is coming to an end and there’s that one random day of warmth. The temperature has somehow skyrocketed from 20 degrees or less up to a roaring 65! People tend to freak out when this happens. They see the glimmer of hope that all of this is going to be over. The cold is going away! No more snow!

However, this is just a fluke;the cold comes back full force later that week, or worse, the very next day. Now 65 degrees really isn’t even that warm-in my humble opinion-but that doesn’t stop us. Students break out their summer dresses and shorts, attempting a bizarre ritual where we try to force the cold season to end by sheer willpower. This happens every year, without fail.

People try so hard to force a new season to begin and move on to something else. We know we can’t though. We have to take things one day at a time and let them run their course. You should really enjoy each season, one at a time. For one thing, you catch colds and have them spread across campus when you don’t dress appropriately for the weather. Also, you’re rushing through your college career.

snowEven though college is a trying and stressful time for a lot of people, it’s also an experience that will impact you and your choices for the rest of your life. You can’t simply skip that. Take everything one day at a time and get as much as you can out of this before you’re on your own in the big bad world. In the blink of an eye, you’ll have graduated and be responsible for taking care of yourself and building a career.

There are just so many things you can do in college to maximize your experience. Even if you feel like your workload is large, clubs can be a lifesaver, an oasis. Clubs can provide the mental break from all of the homework and planning that you are constantly busy with. Clubs can also provide you with connections and strong friendships that can help you later on in life.

Highlanders Anonymous: Spring cleaning, professionalism, and winter weight gain

“Someone told me that my outfit was inappropriate. Are there any rules against what you wear at RU?”

There actually isn’t a dress code at Radford. Although you might be used to having one and being cautious during high school, those days are thankfully over. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear pajamas to class or wear a tinfoil hat at this point. The only thing you may want to worry about is personal. How do you want to be perceived in school? As you age at RU, you’ll probably want others to see you as a professional and respected individual. One way to communicate that is through the way you dress. Just keep that in mind.

“My house is an utter disaster and I need to do some spring cleaning. How should I get started?”

Make a shopping list to start. Write down all of the cleaners and tools you are going to need to buy at the store to get everything clean. My recommendations are cleaners that are environmentally friendly, smell good, are diverse enough to clean many surfaces and kill germs. If you go to the store and wing it, read every label carefully.

Dusting kitchen lampOnce you have everything, tidy up and put things away, while making things more organized if you can. I suggest that you consider things that will help you have more organized storage, like plastic bins with lids that can easily be stored in closets or under beds. Furniture is also very helpful to declutter your home. A shoe rack can turn a hazardous and messy looking foyer into a welcoming area.

“I feel like I’ve gained so much weight over the winter. How can I get back into shape?”

I’m no expert, but I have some tips that seem to work for me. First, you need to keep some sort of exercise journal that not only keeps track of when you exercise and what you do, but how you feel while doing it. Being able to see your progress can show you how far you’ve come and keep you motivated.

Another thing you can do is scheduling times you exercise so you make the time for it no matter what. You also have to remember that you’ll need to start back up slowly so that you don’t injure yourself. In addition, you shouldn’t just exercise; you should be eating well too. Even if you still want to eat the same junk food as usual, it’s good to at least try to make your diet more balanced. Add some strawberries to that cereal! My mother always told me that once you are able to do something for a month, it becomes a habit–whether it’s good or bad.

Spring: the underrated cousin of the seasons

Summer and winter are grossly overrated. As much as I love basking in the summer sun and the fun of preparing for Christmas, spring deserves more credit than it gets.

Spring is a magical time of year. Dead grass and trees slowly begin returning to their leafy-green glory and flowers create a brilliant, colorful scene as they peek their heads out of the ground. Many poets have written about the glorious return of life during the spring — but in modern times, spring seems to be the most underrated of the seasons.

Spring is also a wonderful time for self-transformation. As we shed our heavy winter coats and begin to sport sandals and shorts, we can also grasp the opportunity to make changes and grow in our lives. Spring cleaning has become one of my new favorite yearly rituals. I recently felt an enormous amount of stress due to school. I would sit in my room for hours looking at the mess of papers, trash and old clothes I never wear any more. So, I started to clean. I filled a large storage container with things I didn’t need or want anymore, and prepared it to be donated to Goodwill. As I packed those things away and removed them from my room, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

Just as leaves fall off trees in the fall and grow back in the spring, I believe people go through similar seasons. We end the year with New Year’s resolutions, start fresh and grow as people. It’s easy to feel lost at the beginning of a calendar year as you set new goals and prepare to make changes, but in the spring, those changes can be seen and felt as they emerge from within ourselves.

Although I literally shed the weight of extra items in my room, many of the changes spring can bring are intangible. Perhaps you started a new skill and were just losing faith in your abilities- spring is a wonderful time to hone those skills and begin to see results. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in Florida and am inspired more by the sun than the cold of winter, but something about the warmth of spring seems to kick us into gear as we make changes.

There’s a reason many DIY and at-home projects are started in the spring- it’s because everything’s fresh. Just as nature is replenished and things grow, we find ourselves wanting to do the same.

Spring is an exciting time of year. No matter how much you love winter, after the holidays it’s easy to yearn for warm weather again. This year, as the tulips begin to bloom, take time to think about the changes you want to make and start taking steps toward reaching those goals.

15 ways to enjoy the upcoming Snowpocalypses of 2015

With the recent blizzards and arctic temperatures, it’s easy to feel that all hope is lost and there’s nothing to do but wait miserably for spring. In the meantime, though, there are small glimmers of hope for us dwellers of Radford. Fret not, because there’s still joy to be found and fun to be had (even in the dark corners of your dorm or apartment) as you shelter from the cold. There are many activities you can partake in which will fill your heart with the wonder you thought only the warm embrace of spring could give you.1. Bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

This will not only make you feel warm and happy, but getting the oven going will make your apartment warm as well.

  1. Make it a coffee date.

-Invite your friends, crushes, or neighbors over for some coffee, hot cocoa and shenanigans. You might even want to…

  1. Add some chocolate,caramel, or peppermint liquor to your hot cocoa.

-This speaks for itself.

  1. Have some snuggles.

-Unless your love is nonexistent or far away,  in which case curl up with some stuffed animals and the remote.

  1. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
  2. Board games.

-Time to take it back to your childhood for a bit. Or, if not, I recommend “Mad Wishes.”

  1. Card games.

-I don’t care what anyone says – I still love Go Fish and Uno.

  1. Catch up on homework.

-Yeah, it sounds boring, I know. But catching up on homework or even getting ahead on homework is such a relief.

  1. Order in.

– It sounds awful to encourage ordering in when the snow is too deep to drive in. But these are delivery money-maker days. If they’re still offering , give a fat tip and rest peacefully knowing you helped them out the business.

  1. Work it out.

-I recommend downloading daily workout apps or “Swork it – Lite” if you’re having gym withdrawals. It’llll make you feel productive and keep you warm in case your house gets a tad nippy. There’s also the choice of having spontaneous dance parties.

“There’s nothing better than reading up on or researching new things that might interest you.”
  1. Read or do research.

-There’s nothing better than reading up on or researching new things that might interest you. Even taking a bunch of online personality quizzes just for fun can kill surprising amounts of time.

  1. Use being locked in as an excuse to get to know your neighbors, friends, or roommates a littlebetter.
  2. Practice a skill.

-Cooking, writing, typing, baking, sleeping – the important things in life.

  1. “Spring” clean.

-It really is nice to de-clutter one’s life/closet/home/fridge.

  1. Play in the snow!

As long as it’s not yellow.

Enjoy it, RU!

Will spring be our doom?

Some students are drowning in paperwork right about now, but if they were to get up and take a breathe of sweet, sweet air, they’ll see that they’re almost home free. RU’s fall semester is already winding down. Although, it may not seem that way with all of the stress of midterms and last minute projects to be done. Now, we all need to take a collective deep breath, because the close of fall semester means selecting spring semester courses.

photo (2)
“Now, we all need to take a collective deep breath, because with the close of fall semester means selecting spring semester courses.”

To try and tone down your stress level and make your life a little easier, go and hunt down the professors before the fall semester ends. Get your chance to speak with some of the more difficult professors you’ll need to impress next semester. Also, talk to your peers that have taken the classes you need for your major and get some useful advice. There’s no reason to go into spring blindly; see what you can do to succeed in the future.

Getting the classes you want and coordinating your schedule is stressful as well. Will you get the ones that you want, when you want? What about your club activities, work, and social life? Think these things over so that you don’t have a chance of your graduation getting delayed. Be prepared to survive.

As a freshman, you might not really care, because you aren’t sure what your major is, but be wary as well. What if the easy class gets filled up too quickly and you get the professor that gives pop quizzes every time you meet, just for fun? Talk to everyone and learn about what’s up ahead so that you can be prepared. If you’re taking a course or two during Winter-mester, it goes by very quickly. Make sure that you stay on top of the work so that taking the courses isn’t like peeling off a Band-Aid in slow motion. Rip it off fast!

With all this stress and aggravation, remember that there will be rest soon. For those of us mere mortals, winter break will be a time of major relaxation. Once Christmas shopping is done, of course. Then, once spring semester has begun, there’s also Spring Break to look forward to. Then, Summer is just around the corner.


Why I went home for Quadfest

It’s finally here! Radford University’s annual holiday of police presence and high school students crashing on your futon has arrived just in time for Easter. That’s right, as the Radford University student body desperately clings on to whatever scraps of its “party school” reputation it has left, the university and police force prepare to deal with the thralls of out-of-town visitors and freshmen who simply don’t know any better. However, there is an increasingly large amount of students, myself included, who like to keep their interactions with SWAT teams to a comfortable zero. This isn’t a matter of “I don’t like to go out” or “I don’t need to party to have a good time.” Rather, it is a matter of high risk for a low reward. Continue reading Why I went home for Quadfest

Spring fever: How it really works

Spring has long been known as a time of blossoming and virility. As young Bambi learned, “Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.”

While spring fever may be hard to define in exact terms, scientists have figured out that it involves our circadian rhythms — what some have dubbed our “internal clock” and which syncs up with Mother Nature’s cycles. Continue reading Spring fever: How it really works

Spring TV preview

While the network television schedule is beginning to wind down, that doesn’t mean that there will be a lack of quality shows in the weeks to come.

Thanks to the upgrade of great original programming by cable and premium cable networks over the last decade, people are no long stranded in the dry spell of horrible summer programing. Continue reading Spring TV preview

Bikini clad and proud

If girls want to tan on the quad, they have that right to do so! Photo from Creative Commons.

Walking to class, I overheard several women comment on the same subject: other women. This is something I hear almost daily: girl on girl hate. Really, there isn’t a point if the other person isn’t hurting you, but women seem to make girl on girl hating a sport. They don’t just chat negatively about other women, but call women derogatory names like “slut” and “whore” simply because they are lying out in their bikinis. I suppressed the urge to yell, “Do you not realize how hot it is? If they want to strip, let them and don’t say a damn thing about it!”  Instead, I tuck my head down and head to class. Continue reading Bikini clad and proud

Radford’s bipolar weather

Here at Radford University we want to see blue skies and yet, most of what we have seen lately is gray, cloudy, cold winter-like days.

Do you ever get unmotivated to go to class and just want to sleep all day? I feel that sentiment. Lately I’ve seen winter and spring weather that just boggles me. Almost two weeks ago, we had a beautiful Saturday, nice enough to go fishing, and then the following day involved sledding. What’s the deal with that? The weather just can’t seem to make up its mind and April 4 was a perfect example. It’s April now, so doesn’t that mean “April showers bring the May flowers”? I thought they meant rain showers, not snow showers. Continue reading Radford’s bipolar weather