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Toxic Masculinity and Men’s Emotions

We talk a lot about how sexism affects women, but sexism is a double-edged sword. It not only has massive effects on women and how they go about their lives, but negatively impacts men in ways we tend to ignore. For example, consider young boys of about 12 or 13 – what emotions do they openly show? Do they hug their friends?

Now consider girls of the same age, and the difference is astounding. Young girls are very physically affectionate with their close friends; they openly share emotions and are seen showing a much wider range of them. Young boys are limited in their expression because of how our society views masculinity. Showing sadness is a sign of weakness, and elation is seen as caring too much. This leads to many problems with boys growing into men and the way they have relationships and show emotions later in life.

Many men in adulthood don’t have close friendships with other men the same way women do with other women. This is detrimental to their emotional and mental well-being and also causes issues when they get into relationships with women. There is a stigma in our society that only women can show emotions; therefore men may only show deep emotions to their female partners. This is unhealthy, and women must handle a lot of extra emotional labor because of this. Men must withhold their feelings until they have a female partner to share them with and feel vulnerable in front of. This is one of the leading reasons men have higher rates of suicide than women; women have built emotional support systems, while men are made to suffer alone or put the burden on only one person.

The stigmas surrounding men and their emotions need to come to an end, and putting value in those emotions is the first step towards that.


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The Stigma Surrounding Divorce

While marriage is not something that is on the mind of many Radford University students, it nonetheless hangs over us like a specter. Many people around college age, particularly women, are expected to get married sooner rather than later. It often seems like one is expected to get married as soon as they turn 18 or 21. For that matter, if someone has any sort of long-term romantic relationship with another person, they will often get asked, “Do you plan on getting married?” But the thing no one even wants to mention is the prospect of divorce.

There is a lot of societal pressure to stay married once you are, regardless of how bad the situation gets. If a couple does get a divorce, then everyone silently judges them. People think one or both of them must have done something horribly wrong, that they just did not know how to handle marriage and that it is their own fault for getting married in the first place. But why is that? Why can a married couple not just come to the conclusion that they are not happy together anymore and amicably split apart?

Divorce has long been seen as this terrible thing that only happens in dire circumstances, (as if marriage is the best thing that can happen to you and divorce is the worst thing that can happen), but that simply is not the case. The stigma surrounding divorce needs to be removed; people need to understand that getting a divorce does not make you a bad person and that you can get one simply because you’re not happy in your marriage. People are not required to be miserable because they married the wrong person. Life is a lot of trial and error and given the massive amount human beings that exist, there is a good chance that the first person you marry will not be the person to make you happy for the rest of your life. Which is not to say you cannot marry that person on the first try. Just know that you are allowed to be happy, and if that means getting a divorce then that does not make you a bad person.



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Legalize marijuana

Let’s talk about weed, shall we? Marijuana, Mary Jane, Green, the list of names goes on and on. Weed is the one drug that the most people want to become legal. Half of drug arrests in the United States can be attributed to marijuana. 88 percent of those arrests occur for simply having the drug. If weed were to be legal, petty arrests like those wouldn’t happen, preventing lives from being ruined for crimes that are not violent nor harmful to other people.

Weed is not simply a drug to create hallucinations or to be used for recreational purposes. Weed can also be used to treat chronic injuries such as back and knee pain. I, personally, know someone who uses weed to treat his back pain from years of playing sports. With that being said, he still has to purchase weed illegally, because there are no dispensaries in his area, in order to successfully feel relief from his pain. Marijuana can also help those with anxiety and depression. One of my friends has recurring anxiety and he tells me all the time how he would most likely be paralysed with anxiety all the time if it wasn’t for weed. I know how these examples might sound to those who to believe in the medical uses for marijuana, but it’s the truth for many people.

Bernie Sanders loves weed. Vote Sanders 2016. Gif from Tumblr
Bernie Sanders loves weed. Vote Sanders 2016. Gif from Tumblr

I don’t understand the stigma around marijuana. I understand the side effects it has and the dangers those can cause, but from what I’ve seen first hand, the pros outweigh the cons. If weed was given the same laws and rules as alcohol, I don’t see where the problem would be. Of course, like alcohol, there would be those who abuse its use, but with anything, no matter how it affects the brain, someone will abuse it; it’s inevitable, but those few people’s choices shouldn’t affect the larger population.

Maybe sometime in the future, weed will become legal and people will be able to see the positive effects it has to the mass population. Jails will stop being overcrowded and people’s lives won’t be ruined for minor offenses. I think only good will come of legalizing marijuana, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Online dating: Is it really that bad?

Online dating is an excellent way to meet people outside of Radford University.

Yes, there are plenty of great guys in the area, but sometimes it’s better to go outside the general area to look for your mate. It’s also good if you’re terrible at meeting people in your day-to-day life. Screw the stigma — online dating is an excellent way to meet new people, and it’s more convenient than you’d believe. Continue reading Online dating: Is it really that bad?