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Mr. Flubber

Mr. Flubber

You thought it was funny,

To rhyme my name of Glover,

Which I have a heritage with,

With a term to remind me

Why I can’t decide on what shirt to wear,

Why people grab my chest,

Why that girl smacked me on the backside,

And discuss what bra size I was,

Calling me Mr. Tiddies,

When I was only 10 years old,

When maybe the reason,

I was overweight

Has to do with the fact I wasn’t fed as a baby,

I didn’t find it funny,

I was just mentally,


And spiritually wounded,

And why these marks on my stomach remind me

Of my messed up childhood.

Thank you,

No sarcasm,

Because you reminded me each day that I should not chew gum,

And that I should starve myself,

And that today I’m not fat with an “f”,

I’m phat with a “ph”.

Mr. Flubber


Fluttering, falling, fading,

Once green leaves stained yellow with groundless fears,

Buffeted and shaken by rains that once

Wouldn’t have even been noticed.

One by one the leaves die of terror,

And the branches are left bare.

But instead of doing anything,

The tree lets it happen.

The more the leaves fall,

The less strength there is to hold on to the ones left.

The wind tries to help,

Tickling branches in ways the tree once loved.

But without leaves, the wind feels harsh and exhausting.


“One by one the leaves die of terror, And the branches are left bare.” Photo from: www.staticflickr.com



Branches snicker, snap, and groan

At the innocent wind.

The bare bony fingers reach towards the sky,

Scraping against the blue in desperation.

But the sky never says anything,

And only the rain that was already coming

Responds to the cries.

Soon there is nothing

To protect from the coming ice,

And all that remains

Is to do


Yoga for men?

This is for all you guys out there looking for exercise in all the wrong places. If you’re looking for a type of exercise that is focused on strength training, stretching, and improving the body, then “broga” is the place for you.

Broga is a type of exercise designed for men that combines the basis of yoga but specifically targets strength training, avoiding traditional yoga poses.

Basically, it is a type of yoga that allows men to get stronger without the intimidation of having a woman out do them. “Broga celebrates the physical over the spiritual, and strength over flexibility. Experts say it sets men free to flex tight hamstrings without hearing invocations to Hindu deities or feeling inept next to a woman twisted like a pretzel.”

Broga classes allow for men to have their “guy time” by being able to “set their yoga mats down and talk about upcoming NFL games.”

Men typically have tighter muscles than females because of their ability to gain muscle faster, making it more important to obtain flexibility and stretch out muscles. Broga allows for the focus on the male form, doing exercises that are particular issues in physicality that men face.

warrior pose
“Broga is a type of exercise designed for men that combines the basis of yoga but specifically targets strength training, avoiding traditional yoga poses.”

One man stated “that he had tried [traditional yoga], as part of a rigorous workout program marketed on TV, but didn’t like it.”

It was a common theme among the men that traditional yoga was too hard for them saying “That’s a rough introduction to yoga.” Along with the consensus that traditional yoga is too hard, most men feel uncomfortable practicing Hindu rituals, chanting, spirituality, and exercising around candles. They would rather focus on the physicality of the practice rather than the spiritual side of it.

Broga was created for many reasons but one of the most important reasons it was created was to ensure men felt comfortable and not threatened while practicing yoga. “I like yoga, but I hate taking it with women because it’s so intimidating. They’re so good at it.”

No one likes to feel embarrassed while exercising, especially if it’s something that you like to do. Feeling discouraged while doing something you love is a terrible feeling, even more so when it could threaten someone’s masculinity.

Overall, Broga is a cultural phenomenon that is expanding all over the United States. They even have their own websites and studios making it easier for men to get in shape in a way that is nontraditional to masculine culture. Broga is also changing the way society views masculinity and is a new opportunity for men to get in shape.